Sugar, Rebecca - Tower Of Mistakes Lyrics

Maybe you're better off with her
I think she's better for you
I forgot how great it felt to be us
Guess I got carried away

I had to use you to make me feel strong
But I don't care about that now
I see a tower built out of my mistakes
And it all comes crashing down

Is there something I can do
Is there something I can do
Is there something I can do
Can I make it up to you?

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Sugar, Rebecca Tower Of Mistakes Comments
  1. Miss Delirios

    I really miss your songs :')

  2. Polar_Bear

    The beginning was funny XD 0:02

  3. lolipop

    pearl is salt like the ocean (it think your better of with him not likely I think he is better off gone)XD

  4. Andres González

    It's so beautiful.

  5. Erin Pincock

    *fight song ft. Lapis Lazuli PLZ DO IT*

  6. Thorn Talon

    pearl is my spirit animal

  7. jon plays

    Great Musics (parodies)

  8. Crazy universe

    pearl is salty and thirsty af

  9. vhs kenan

    this was beautiful

  10. lazyuli


  11. Queen Melody

    what's the ep with Lars in it???? 0.0


    I believe that would he Lars and the Cool Kids. I could be wrong though.

    mr. saltyice

    Queen Melody you're right

  12. Roman X


  13. Caitlyn

    Is this channel dead

    Ei8ght Easton

    Caitlyn Seidel no it just takes a long ass time to upload for them

  14. Marcelina Ortiz

    I like this song

  15. Bubble Bender

    This song made me thirsty for some reason :P Ima get me some water now .3.

    Roman X

    We love a dehydrated sister.
    How Was the water

  16. Quanchdadanchka 2

    love it

  17. AnnoyingMiner10

    This sounds stupid, but can you do like a Lapis and Jasper song for Malachites theme song, or something like that!

  18. Laughy Sophie


  19. Amy The Pretty Weird Fangirl :3

    Anyone else thought she said "I guess you had other plans bae"? XD

    Joseph Eberly

    +Amy the SU & GF & Sonic Lover :3 yup

    Amy The Pretty Weird Fangirl :3

    @Joseph Eberly lol, yeah! X3


    +Amy the SU GF Sonic Mario & Luigi Fangirl :3 I think it was suppost to be "I guess you had other plans made"

    Amy The Pretty Weird Fangirl :3

    @❤GraciWorld❤ I know but I just heard that. :3

  20. Melanie XD

    :) les quedo precioso me encantó

  21. Michael Sampson

    thats exactly was pearl was thinking with greg around

  22. DreamspiderX

    pearl. there are many flavours.sweet flavours. creamy flavours. and out of all these you choose to be salty

    Sarah POOLAW

    Actually, what would a 'creamy' person act like? Sure, we've got salty, sweet and sour, but what about the last one? Would they be relaxed and mellow, like the taste of cream? Many questions I have.


    @Sarah POOLAW I still wonder that

  23. Ryan Nolasco

    seeing how pearl is with rose one could assume she likes rose so I came up with a episode idea
    finally understanding after all the stories about pearl acting jealous around Greg Steven accuses pearl of jealousy and liking his mom, pearl admits then Steven asks if she wants to fuse, gladly taking the opportunity pearl fuses with Steven/ Rose and Steven says that in a story Rose says every time you feel your self loving who you are,that's me loving you and Steven while fused with pearl tells her that rose loves her too but then Pearl becomes obsessed with fusing with Steven/ Rose and won't let them unfuse but miraculous y pearl admits to wanting to be with rose and apologises to Steven for keeping him trapped in the fusion

  24. Ken Kaneki

    I loved this.....specially since she's one of my favorite....and she's my gem month so I'm a pearl

    Bubble Bender

    I'm a aquamarine .3.

    Bubble Bender

    And I loved the color aquamarine before I even knew it was my birthstone... coincidence? .3.

    Fenniken Serena

    my birthstone is my favorite character Amethyst!

    Banette Lover

    Mines Sapphire :I

  25. Chara Dreemurr

    This is awesome and once again shows more of pearls side

  26. Nitany

    Please write a song about Rainbow Quartz! She's so beautiful!

  27. TheMinecrafterKirby 101

    i can relate

  28. Bethany Beckett

    I'm a new subscriber ^-^

  29. Symphony Barbera

    This was great! I love how you added harmonies and changed the rhythm in some parts to make it more Pearl. I love the lines you added at the beginning too.

  30. Ciara Devin

    But you have an amazing voice

  31. Ciara Devin

    Lyrics are okay I guess

  32. DreamspiderX

    +HAZEM AMHED Actually stevonnie,garnet have two arms too. I think the more two gems truly love each other the more human like. E.g Notice all 3 stevonnie,garnet,and rose quartz all look quite human and they all are made of a good relationship of friendship or love as opposed to Malachite, or the cluster which is bonded with anger and pain. The only exception being sugilite which is bonded by mural respect but because garnet is already a fusion and the extra 2 eyes and arms need to go somewhere. plus Ruby's Anger plus amythests short temper,her acting before thinking and her "I Don't Give a fuck attitude probably help make suggilite such a monster

  33. Sapphire foxy

    what is the episode in 0:25-0:32 ?


    I think it's story for Steven

  34. inverted fish tank

    Didn't you realize that all the fusions in steven universe have four hands while rainbow quartz have only two hands

    Hi 2018

    Garnet doesn't have four hands 😕 if you haven't figured that out yet

    Sarah POOLAW

    It shows their closeness. If two gems are close and fuse, they only have two arms it seems. Same with height, the more unstable a fusion is, the larger they are. As for eyes it differes greatly, and I honestly have no idea what determines the amount of eyes on a fusion.

    Klerberhowk The Solider

    HAZEM AHMED what about garnet+malachite?

    Dragon Blitz



    Dragon Blitz
    And smoky :(

  35. Lajoy Houston

    I l💜ve this song. amazing voice it in cretbull 👍

  36. Lajoy Houston

    dang Pearl you so thirsty rose to dang XD😂😂😂

  37. aesthetical

    Not to be negative or anything, but there's no reason to rush the lyrics.

  38. Garnet Ruby-Sapphire

    I hope I'm not the only one who realizes that I'm the only one whose song (assuming Stronger than You is my song, Strong in the Real Way is Pearl's, and Tower of Mistake's is Amethyst's) was inspired by pure love and not the slightest bit of jealousy.

  39. Onepieceofhope

    I miss Rose......definitely don't miss Pearl.

    Ryan Guanipa

    +Sugilite I am not a human either. I am a rare Sapphire gem! Thou shalt not defeat me! I can see what is yet to happen!


    @Ryan Guanipa I only recognize my sapphire. You must be from homeworld.....

    Ryan Guanipa

    @Sugilite yes. I am.


    @Ryan Guanipa Stay away from my friends or things will get ugly *summons flail* this planet is my turf!

    Ryan Guanipa

    @Sugilite Ok. *flies to Kindergarten*

  40. FireWomanPlayz

    its like when your friend is with another friend and dosent care about you any more so your sad then your friend dies_none of my friends have died but i know how people feel when they do

    Sarah POOLAW

    FireWomanPlayz Or your friend could not hang out with you anymore and just forgets about you, leaving you alonr

  41. FireWomanPlayz

    This is so sad i feel for pearl

  42. Yesika Narvaez

    Pretty good

  43. Millie Todd

    this is great

  44. Multiple Fandom Lover

    I was wondering when someone would do this song with Pearl, very awesome work as always! Love the lyrics.

  45. Tre Merry

    Can you do a song for Lars and Sadie?

  46. Raw Karrots

    GREAT video

  47. AdmiralYeetius

    Could you please make a parody of "What can I do for you" with Connie and steven

    Lapis Lazuli


    it’s katie my dudes

    +Phillip Babers I wrote one, along with an idea for an episode to go with it.
    So, Connie meets another girl and introduces her to Steven (Let's call the girl Sam for now.). So, Sam and Steven start to hang out more and more. Connie thinks that Steven likes Same more than her, since they are hanging out, but really, Steven is just hanging out with Sam more than Connie to give Connie a break from the danger. Sam is totally against all of the dangerous things Steven and the Gems do, so she prevents Steven from going on a few trips with the Gems. Connie is glad that Steven is being safe, but still sad that Steven isn't hanging out with her. Hope this makes you happy! :)

    The song:
    Maybe you're better off with her...
    I think she's better for you...
    I forgot how many others were in this world,
    Guess I got... pushed away...

    But I adore you,
    you make me feel loved,
    and I care about that now.

    And I think she was my mistake,
    and our friendship crashes down.

    Is there something I can do?
    Is there something I can do?
    is there something I can do?
    Can i find my way to you?


    +MakeshiftPicture that is a different song I am talking about the song Greg and rose sing

    it’s katie my dudes

    +Phillip Babers oh yeah, DUH! Uh, hi everyone, I'm Erin, and I forget song titles!!! XD

  48. Ghost wizard

    hey people i made a playlist of all Perfectly Vindictive songs:

  49. Bompitup


  50. MinecraftWithMundy

    *throws water on pearl*
    You sounded thirsty


    Gives Pearl a hug, you sound sad.

    Ollie B.

    @MinecraftWithMundy The singer even sounds like she needs some water! XD

    Nobody Is Here

    +Sardonyx why are you giving yourself a hug

    Captain Crunch

    :: gives lapis :: MHHM

    Joseph Forte

    She needs water to wash down the salt

  51. chimbinho

    uhuuu amazing

  52. Cyber Geek

    Thank you so much for making this.

  53. Connor Hernandez

    Omg awesome p.s bad blood (taylor swift) ft garnet plzzzzz

  54. Lara Soberanis

    Awesome song!!

    And P.S. Under 301+ Club!

  55. Minecraft Of Creeping55

    ѕσ вєαυтιfυℓ <3

  56. qq the warrior

    Did anyone else scream thirsty?! Good song btw

    nepeta vantas

    I yelled salty lol I love it to

  57. NamikoTC

    You're so fast xD i love your work
    It's beautiful!

  58. Ben E.

    this is amazing

  59. Emily Loves Cookies