Sugar, Rebecca - Stronger Than You Lyrics

This is Garnet
Back together
And I'm never going down at the hands of the likes of you
Because I'm so much better
And every part of me is saying go get 'er
The two of us ain't gonna follow your rules
Come at me without any of your fancy tools
Let's go, just me and you
Let's go, just one on two!

Go ahead and try and hit me if you're able!
Can't you see that my relationship is stable?
I can see you hate the way we intermingle
But I think you're just mad cause you're single

And you're not gonna stop what we've made together
We are gonna stay like this forever
If you break us apart we'll just come back newer
And we'll always be twice the gem that you are

I am made oh-oh-oh-oh-of

This is who we are
This is who I am
And if you think you can stop me
Then you need to think again
Cause I am a feeling
And I will never end
And I won't let you hurt my planet
And I won't let you hurt my friends

Go ahead and try and hit me if you're able!
Can't you see that my relationship is stable?
I know you think I'm not something you're afraid of
Cause you think that you've seen what I'm made of

Well I am even more than the two of them!
Everything they care about is what I am!
I am their fury, I am their patience
I am a conversation!
I am made oh-oh-oh-oh-of
And it's stronger than you
And it's stronger than you
And it's stronger than you

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Sugar, Rebecca Stronger Than You Comments
  1. Dương Nghé Nick

    Why is it quiet and weird?

  2. girrafe gillman molly

    I love this don't get me wrong and Rebecca is my idol but I do think Estelle's was better

  3. MoonDustShine

    Sp.. Sing up I can't hear you

  4. Miguel Eduardo Mendoza camacho

    cool yes

  5. Roadhog The Wild

    This is bad.... Estelle sings much better. It looks like she used horrible Microphone/She sings bad. Idk. This sounds horrible


    +ANGEL REYES GOMEZ It was an opinion. Dont get all mean about it.

    miku ne

    Rebecca wrote this so she is the best but i prefer estelle's singing too😅



    Belle D.

    Roadhog The Wild
    1.The micriphone is bad
    2. The music is too loud
    3.she's and Ángel and sings better than you

  6. Diyo豆、


  7. Lindaysha Spain


  8. Tai

    Rebecca has such lovely voice!

  9. Lulu

    Her voice is soooo pretty!

  10. owl

    'I won't let you hurt my planet'
    It's confirmed, Garnet owns Earth.

    Also Rebecca has an amazing voice.


    @Wolf Child111 :o

    Emi Garo

    Actually Pink Diamond a.k.a. Rose Quartz Owns the Earth

    girrafe gillman molly

    emporres garnet I guess also yes I know im miss spelled


    @Emi Garo r/woosh


    @Emi Garo ma'am, (or whatever gender, I don't judge) please leave your spoilers at the front door, thank you.

  11. Soranthio

    Omg rebecca you can't this sing holy cow no please.

    JaDae Barlow

    Well she did soo


    Before I start all comments I say am I really Bob Jones?

    Why would you say that? You have a worse it's most likely.

    spa aleks (chuck)

    She gave it a different melodic tone. Her voice is beautiful. I dont see the problem here.

    Emily Pearce

    Well, I thought it was pretty. Her voice is so soothing.

    Belle D.

    1.The microphone is bad
    2.The music is too loud
    3.she's an Angel and sings better than you

  12. Moon

    Aww.. I wish Rebecca did the "LO-o-o-o-ove, lo-o-o-o-ove." .. You know when Garnet's voice goes higher pitch for the first "Lo" :(. I was waiting on it D:

  13. Moon

    This is what it would sound like if Sapphire herself had sung Stronger Than You. Garnet's voice isn't as soft and melodic (well it is just not as much as Sapphires) because Ruby is thrown in there. Garnet kind of... speak-sings it. You know like singing but you sound like your talking melodically instead of actually singing xD. I LOVE Garnet's voice though, please do not get me wrong <3

  14. pinktuto

    Looof :vv

  15. Adinda Gunawan


    She sounds like a vocaloid!


    @Adinda Gunawan Yes. The program (as far as I know) is PC only.

    Adinda Gunawan

    @Soos DK2 ohhh. Thanks man


    @Adinda Gunawan And, how is it? Did it work?

    Adinda Gunawan

    @Soos DK2 I haven't really downloaded it yet. We haven't gone to a place with good WiFi


    @Adinda Gunawan :/

  16. abixandxherxyoutube

    First comment

    Padparadscha Sapphire

    +Gamergirl Yo were 6th ...

  17. Jor-el

    No offense Estelle, but I like Rebecca's better

    Luísa Cabrita

    no estelle version is better

    Brylee Logistics

    I like both

  18. The Android

    i'm not stupid thank you very much and I know this isn't rebecca and maybe u are stupid bob this is a comment lot a voice mail -_-

    Bill Dorito

    Um well it is Rebecca singing

    Bill Dorito

    Also who are you talking to?


    @The Android It is Rebecca... she makes a demo of most of the songs that are on Steven Universe. Pearl's song "Strong in the Real Way" and "Do it for Her" both were sung by Rebecca before Pearl's voice actress sung it :/. Please do some research.

  19. Ste Gabriel


  20. Cħeяяч Qυαятz


  21. Qi ro

    Can u make the song that steven sang on full disclosure?

  22. kads

    omfg heck yes

  23. ReapersCrow

    I've been waiting so long for this

    B- MO

    I knew people were waiting for this one and Rebecca released the demo for it a while ago but I was having problems with the audio and stuff, but it's here now and I'll also be uploading the Estelle version in a little while. :)

    Nicholas Graveline

    @B- MO Just starting watching Stephen Universe. My wife and I LOVE IT!!!

    Great work, Rebecca! It's an amazing show!