Sugar, Rebecca - Strong In The Real Way Lyrics

[Deedee Magno Hall:]
Why do you have to look up to her?
Aside from in a literal sense
Don't you know that a power that big
Comes with a bigger expense?
And can't you see that she's out of control
And overzealous?
I'm telling you for your own good
And not because I'm..

I could show you how to be strong
In the real way
And I know that we can be strong
In the real way
And I want to inspire you
I want to be your rock
And when I talk
It lights a fire in you

[Zach Callison:]
Who's ready to get buff?!
I don't want to see your gut
I want to see your guts!

I can show you how to be strong
In the real way
And I know that we can be strong
In the real way
[Both:] And I want to inspire you
I want to be your rock
And when I talk
It lights a fire in you
I want to inspire you
I want to be your rock
And when I talk
It lights a fire in you

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Sugar, Rebecca Strong In The Real Way Comments
  1. Queen Helen

    The vocie is littlie werid i gues

  2. jamie p


  3. FryZome

    My mind when I'm eating the food I don't want.

  4. Bittz Δ

    Pearl just want to fuse

  5. Jesse Ozuna

    Is it odd that Rebecca sounds like Steven just a TINY bit

  6. GachaShift312

    youve been signing thats dumb song
    you cant just make everything betterby signing some stupid song

  7. Isaad Lebasi


  8. Blakat014

    Wow Rebecca changes her voice to match the singing style of each character in my mind!

  9. RufRGTFan

    Lex Luthor: Mind over muscle?

    Nice animation!

  10. Pearl the rebel

    Rebecca sounds a lot like Steven

  11. Nick Santos

    Damn, I loved this 🖤🖤🖤

  12. My Universe


    Yandere Discord

    They aren't a woman. Rebecca Sugar is non-binary, use they/them when talking about them.

  13. max olden

    this is amazing holy

  14. Sebastián Ramirez

    *I'd rather not*

  15. Jeff Kittell

    Not terrible. Ukelele is horrifically out of tune.

  16. Jenna Aguilar

    Am I the only one that really liked the second time she sings "I want to be your rock" because it gave me chills holy crap

  17. Home Wild

    0:23 *_OUT!_*

  18. Azuliza-chan01

    ''I wanna be your rock and when I talk it lights a fire on you''

    Rock in which one of the ways?

  19. Tuesday Rivard

    Would love a vinyl of all her demos

  20. JSD / SapphireDragon95

    I'm telling you for your own good and not because I'm too sexy for your shirts!

  21. Gem Girl

    You can really tell Rebecca is having fun singing this song. I mean, listen to that excitement in her voice!

  22. Mayumi Garcia

    I've always loved this demo, her voice is so cute <3

  23. Val

    "I want to inspire you"
    Oh already have

  24. Bill lupin

    0:52 Folding intensifies

  25. Julien Metge

    I personally prefer this version rather than the one in the episode, especially at the end when she records her voice in different notes / tones on the same sentence "I want to inspire you (...)". I love Rebecca so much

  26. Style246

    Nice harmony robsugar!

  27. Joma L

    I want to be your rock. Well you are a rock for one

  28. Star Mars

    I just learned how to play this on ukulele XD

  29. Samantha z

    and not because I'm......

    jealous you salty bitch

  30. ♪ Ebony Rose ♪

    Pearl looks 10x saltier in the storyboards xD

  31. Alex Frandsen

    The freaking HARMONY. GAH

  32. jocean ocean

    Let's get BEEFY!

  33. Calista T-T


  34. Madeline Vlogs

    I'm totally learning this on ukulele. It sounds beautiful

  35. 69_obamaismymom_69

    Who else's is here from ceepsmcpastas favorites

  36. Mae Flowers AJ

    i want to be ur rock wut is that supposed to be a crappy pun?

  37. jayjoejeans

    rebecca omg her voice is so perfect

    kimoch :P

    pearlfect ;)

  38. Danger Milkshake

    dayum this is.. just beautiful ;)

  39. Galaxie Mädchen

    Rebecca could pull off a great Steven voice!

  40. pearl

    When I read the description, I was freaking dead

  41. Lemuel Uy

    I wnat to espire everybody

  42. Rhombicosidodecahedron

    is it me or does this seem more upbeat than the final version

  43. Joe Mama

    Give us the full episode of Earthlings

    Hibub Games

    Your stupid animating takes a long time

    baby travis


  44. KermitLeFrou

    Oh my god this gave me goosebumps...

  45. MrTNT6000

    Why does pearl blush and close the blinds

    Andrea Arias

    She was about to say "jealous" and was maybe ashamed or embarrassed about feeling that

  46. Rachel Coleman

    Wait, is this Rebecca singing?

    PronetoDeath AKA Paragraph Man

    In every single demo she is the one singing. So to answer your question, yes, yes she is.

    Katharin S.

    +PronetoDeath Games There are a few songs like Big Fat Zucchini in which it's not her singing the demo, but yeah, mostly.

  47. i said id love you to death so i must be dead

    ohh myyy godd, what adventure time song does this remind me of, help

  48. Mr. Cyclops

    still think steven is a idiot

    Death By Reindeer

    He's a child. And due to being a half gem his development is even slower.

    Mr. Cyclops

    +Death By Reindeer yeah sure keep thinking that 😒

    i killed a unicorn

    How so?

    Ceyaje (HugzTiem)

    Steven's become a strategical genius since the show began. His growth since Cheeseburger Backpack is astounding. He neutralized the Cluster with no plan single handedly. Also, canonically, he has a ridiculously high IQ and was able to score a perfect score, being beaten only by Connie, on a final exam at her school. Remember he reads a LOT.

    Poots mcgoots

    +Averis King Hey, man. Can you, like, be quiet. He's really developed a ton since the beginning.

  49. Cherry Bomb

    wow! Rebecca's voice is almost as cute as my girlfriend's... ALMOST

  50. Blue Heart

    What is Rebecca saying at 0:17 ?

    PronetoDeath AKA Paragraph Man

    I think she is saying, "Oh, this will be easy" then she said, "1, 2, 1, 2 , 3 ,4"

    PronetoDeath AKA Paragraph Man

    +PronetoDeath Games sorry she said, "Oh, the rest will be easy"

  51. fruity eel

    Rebecca is my role model in every way possible 💙✨

    i said id love you to death so i must be dead

    same (also you are LITERALLY everywhere omg)

    fruity eel

    +Phanic! At The BlurrySivan yes, I am 😂

  52. Why yes I am Kinkshaming you

    Ho sings the song sings really bad

  53. Kingdom Key

    Idk why in this song I feel that Pearl likes Steven in you know the real way cause of him being the last memory of rose and how she want to inspire him so maybe one day they can fuse and she can feel the way rose made her feel cause we know Steven has the ability to fuse but its a thought but this song make me think that but still love the song ^-^

  54. Bartholomule01

    When I first heard this song on the show it was really striking to me. I think it was the first time she show got genuinely heavy with emotions where the dynamics between the Crystal Gems are concerned.

    I really thought there was so much emotion packed into the way Pearl reacted to Amethyst and Garnet fusing. And then the song really drives that home with having jealous as a ghost lyric.

  55. Kipster

    lol at 1:43 the weight just says "A LOT"


    What an accurate measurement.


    It should have said a ton...get it? I'll leave now


    At 1:07 the boom box said "Boom Bawkz"

  56. Chris Blackford

    Man, I just love Rebecca Sugar's songs. There's a Frankness to her voice that I really like, and it even shows up when other people sing her music. I also really love what she does with Harmony. I know it sounds bizarre, but the female harmony in the Steven Universe opening credits is almost soothing to me. It's incredibly pleasant to listen to.

  57. Lettuce Leaf

    Rebecca has such a beautiful mezzo soprano voice. <3

  58. Dario Oyarzo

    I love that part where they say ''I want to be your...'' wonderful!

  59. Aguest

    "I wanna be strong in the railway!" Understandable mistake for captions.
    "Way hunt is fun" makes no sense.

  60. JayBird

    I really want more Pearl songs. Damn she's good.

  61. lilSapphireFox

    I love rebeccas voice, she should make a cd

  62. Poetry Pineapple

    This song reminds me of lisp... I don't even program lisp...

  63. Szymon Bober

    The back of the weight "ALOT lbs"

  64. Jayman493

    I didn't know you could post clips from a cartoon you work on your own channel.

  65. Anna Adams

    the weight that greg lifted said "a lot" on the side lol

  66. Bryn Stevens

    thank you Rob sugar for sharing rebbeca's beautiful music and demos with use

  67. Bryn Stevens

    come on pearl let's get beefy I'd rather not

  68. Jolie

    "why do you have to look up to her BESIDES FROM IN A LITERAL SENSE"


    @Twan Leenaers whoops i meant to write that



  69. Mario Music Warrior

    i give you a 6. 75 / 10

  70. Yandere Skitty

    That moment when you realise, that Sugalite is Nicki Minaj o-o

  71. Freakles

    But pearl, you're already a rock...

  72. tsoc13

    stronger than you in the real way.

  73. Chema Moran

    Omg I love her so much 😭😭😭😭

  74. Pugster

    can you make steven and lapes fuse?

  75. OllieMcKrollie

    The harmonies gave me goose bumps. (they were good)


    did anyone notice "SUN" at 1:53?

    the night guardian

    +Peridot The HomeWorld Gem (Smol) lol yus XD
    it says
    "SUN" lol XD

  77. Pixel Productions

    For all steven universe fans out there you should totally check out our channel and if you like it you could even leave a like or even subscribe. thanks. :D

  78. xXShizukaKunXx

    ''I want to be your rock"

  79. irlgreguniverse

    This sounds like card wars

  80. Amebaby

    subtitles "im telling for your mom girl" nice... real nice

    McKinsey Locklin

    +pegalover your flutter shy is relly cute[;


    @McKinsey Locklin thanks, but its my oc, shes a WIP :3

  81. estefanniacastillo rodriguez

    tu trabajo, me inspira ...
    simplemente es mejor que la terapia ... ;D

  82. vulture

    I LOVE YOU :3

  83. Shelly Jelly

    evil cartoon pearl plots from her lair

  84. Ralph's Creative Space

    Love this tv series
    Amazing songs and amazing characters by what I've seen which isn't much but

    garnet depends on being 2 instead of 1 so she has a strong relationship with another gem and she's strong in a literal way

    The purple one .. Can't spell her name but she's pretty much like Steven just a big more unstable with power

    Pearl is jealous of people who are better than her or have a stronger relations with rose

    Steven is just a normal kid in a weird situation
    And there are many more

  85. Luke Lucky


  86. Michelle Gonzalez

    hola Rebecca como estas, si se lo que estas pensando wtf por que me habla en otro idioma?, bueno yo hablo español y quiero decirte que admiró tu trabajo en Steven universe y me encantaría tenerte en face para ver si te gustaría considerar ideas mías del programa solo si quieres y traducire el idioma si tu no quieres hablar español ok? por favor seria lo mejor que me pudiese pasar en la vida. si no me aceptas ok lo entiendo :(, no te quiero avergonzar delante de internet.

  87. Ralph's Creative Space

    The tune of this reminds me of the adventure time song you are my best friends in the world

  88. DietColaEntertainment

    Lars: we been working out!, you just been singing some dumb song.
    Me: Oh shut up! it's not that dumb!

    melancholy starlight

    I thought that too

  89. xXShizukaKunXx

    Pringles/Porgle is Jealous of Nicki Minaj's laugh cuz she wants to laugh but she is 2serious4me

  90. RainBowCatgameing

    fuck her i am a better singer

  91. Cristian García

    “a lot", “sun". These demos are fun to watch.

  92. IneCapa

    Rebecca's Lars' voice is the best Eridan voice (?)

  93. Kilion Schwandt

    I think deedee did a better job

  94. robobananas

    Paues the vid at 0:08 : XD

  95. Anne line Kjørsvik

    the song demo is by rebecca

  96. IcyKatt 73

    Chords for ukulele?