Sugar, Rebecca - Something Entirely New Lyrics

Where did we go? What'd we do?
I think we made something entirely new
And it wasn't quite me, and it wasn't quite you
I think it was someone entirely new

Oh, um, well I just can't stop thinking

So, um, did you say I was different?

And you hadn't before?

Of course not
When would I have ever?

I'm so sorry

No, no, don't be

And now you're here forever

What about you?

What about me?

Well you're here too
We're here together

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Sugar, Rebecca Something Entirely New Comments
  1. Lukas

    Giant Woman + Stronger Than You=

  2. MintGreen

    i swear to god steven universe has the better songs than disney, CAHNGE MY MIND!

  3. TheUnordinaryGuest

    Me when i join bloxburg: (this vid) When i join adopt and raise a kid: DaTE Me Or ME kILl yOi dUm FArT

  4. greg universe

    I love rebecca singing

  5. Altora music

    this is great i love it

  6. TaeUniversestar

    One of my favorite songs from the show ❤💙

  7. it's a bear

    "And you had it before..."
    "Of course not!"

  8. Katelyn Bee

    Rebecca would have been an ideal choice for sapphire as well

  9. Juan Olmos

    porque los dislike?

  10. Ben Tommi

    I like this one way better then the show. This one feels way more peaceful trying to get statements through to each other

  11. Sayhi 123

    this video got more likes than the real song THATS AMAZING

  12. alexandrite

    What program animatin thing are they using for this?

  13. Mami Tomoe

    I need to find the strumming pattern for this.

  14. Dwale

    People may be cool but they'll never be Rebecca harmonising with herself cool

  15. OceanJasper

    Wait, who runs this channel, it can't be Rebecca's brother, because he's named Steven. It can't be her husband, BecsusSe she's lesbian??? WTF

  16. HonkYourChomp

    This was gourgous

  17. DonTouchPeri


  18. Sofia Gonzales

    I love Rebecca Sugar and everything she does.

  19. the distinguished boi

    I'm not sure what's the actual line but I always hear "and you had it before?" lenny face

  20. Lidia Martinez

    *humming intensifies*

  21. Potato peeler


  22. Capri Draws

    Entirely new is actually Stronger that you, you think that there is part of giant women because it's guitar song (duh)

  23. Lose Yourself


  24. Aster Dale

    the video title is so ironic

  25. trashy twink

    I have a friend that hates Steven Universe. I should find better friends, lmao.


    D e f i n i t e l y .

  26. Jadon Michael

    so... um

  27. Nimick

    this is such a sweet song ; v ;

  28. Goose

    Rebecca's singing is so amazing. You can really hear the feelings in the song. WE LOVE YOU REBECCA

    CodeNameContent -Second Channel-

    This is her fathers YouTube channel

  29. Joseph Toth

    tabs pls

  30. no mms


  31. Grey

    ahhhhh this is just so cute


    im such a massive lesbian?

    no mms

    kickinest same

  33. Nicky Pc

    ¿what's are the chords of ukelele? (sorry, my inglish is so bad)

  34. Rusty Shakleford

    I've never made anything entirely new in my life.

  35. Alexander Newman

    My favorite SU song. It's so dreamy and romantic, and the scenery is so beautiful ^_^

  36. Victor

    What they use to make the drawing and make theme move :)

  37. Random Jack

    I actually listened the "Giant Woman" part :)

  38. King Ice


  39. Calista T-T


  40. Xx_PaigeC._xX

    This is the best cartoon of all time. I love it so much

  41. Esse Canal morreu

    34 homeworld gems disliked this

  42. Emma

    YOU SURE REBECCA DOESN'T PLAY SAFFIAR? With a bit deeper voice she could pass for saffiar

  43. SingeingFeathers

    the humming in this track always slays me

  44. spooky dude

    i love this song so much i cant bear it but the parody version makes me die

  45. Charlo stop


  46. gang mom


  47. Ewerton animações flipaclip

    ohohoh demai

  48. Cauli ¡POWER!

    My friend told me that this is just a show and the songs aren't really good.


    lol both my friend and art teacher hate Steven Universe. They said it was "too sad" and there's also the fact that they HATE anything romance. Eh. It's their opinion

    Faith Omoniyi

    One of my friends say Steven Universe is overrated, some of my friends don't watch it, and others liked it but I didn't watch the show yet

    uncle lover 1978 11 years ago

    Evening Dim nigga has assburgers

    What’s Up Jesus

    trashy twink sigh. I don’t see why but I respect the opinion. But still why. Steven Universe is the GOAT

  49. theater

    Your nose sounds stuffed...

  50. Cristopher Andrade

    if only love was similar to sapphire's and ruby's love (and if we could fuse it might make it nicer)

  51. Okiyuko -

    Look at those gal pal best friends

  52. SteveGuyCP

    So sapphire had stronger than you tune since they met. I wonder if ruby did the lyrics for her.

  53. Ack Ack


  54. Opal

    We need more songs about the best character in Steven Universe, so MORE GIANT WOMAN!

  55. daisy silva

    this is such a beautiful song

  56. chriistalgem

    me encanta tu filosofia de amor rebecca,eres uns persona muy sabia.

  57. bluck dumbimond

    Full episode Earthlings please

  58. WasabiKitKat

    6,666 likes. Huh.

  59. Gold 50

    0:26 ILLUMINATY COMFIRMED! coz one eye

  60. IveeDoodle

    I used to always sing this song with my favorite person. And now whenever I hear it, it makes me sad..

  61. Tusskie

    this show is amazing. I have no clue what goes on when making a cartoon, but whatever it is, keep it up.
    a future design artist

  62. Wild [ Wildwings777 ]

    Love this :3

  63. JaketheDoug18

    im still waiting for that musical episode

  64. V4pourize

    who's smoky quartz

  65. Amisha Chaudhry

    ████──▄──────────▀█────────█────█ Look son
    ███──█──────▀▀█───▀█───────█────█ a good song!

  66. Irma Rodriguez

    this is soo cool and so nice and also rebecca is such a good singer owo

  67. Jonah Pililaau

    tbh, this sounds like their talking about them getting pregnant

  68. Aris Kolaretakis

    cartoon network wouldn't be the same without Rebecca

    Alex Haney

    +Monkeh King (Edits and other junk) well Adventure time saved Cartoon Network, Rebecca worked on it before Steven Universe

    Mismatched Socks

    Monkeh King have you seen the pilot infinity train. its so good. it has so much potential. its on youtube(hint hint nudge nudge)


    ou im check it out

    chaotic good

    Aris Kolaretakis cn would be *_DEAD_* w/out her

    uncle lover 1978 11 years ago

    Evening Dim Nigga

  69. Susana pinto

    somebody have the achrod in ukelele of this song?, thxns! <3

  70. its holiana


  71. Vanilla Rose

    Rebecca sugar's voice sounds a bit like saphire

  72. Isaiah Molina

    I just noticed that Rose's hair is bigger than garnet lol

  73. FuzzyPanda962

    I still get chills when she hums the "stronger than you" melody. Even more so when Ruby and Sapphire sing it in the show.
    Great work!

  74. Smart Wiz Genius

    Ruby had a sash?

  75. Stemara Bella the Cat

    are we ever going to see rose and garnet fuse or ruby and one of the gems fuse or sapphire and one of the gems fuse or amethyst and rose fuse

  76. CrazyAnimators

    0:28 she drew this so much better in a rough draft than the actual animators did in the show imo.
    Nothing against anybody, but it seemed kinda... unnatural in the show. Like I said, that's just me though.
    But yeah, this video is awesome! Thanks for the upload. Yourself and Rebecca are both pretty great ;D

  77. sam mcburney

    the humming will always be my favorite part of this song

    Carly Garza

    it makes me cryyyyyyyy

    sam mcburney

    @carly garza it's really pretty :D

    Francisco Soto Villegas

    _"...And I'm stronger than you..."_

  78. Christian Schmude

    0:30-0:45 ............... oh? Oh! umm... goodnight everybody...? XD

  79. Aednat Teare-Mercure

    How ironic that I flock to lovely couple songs to deal with a rough break up...heh. Oh well. Great damn song, Rebecca. Keep on workin' on your show, it's great.

  80. J Hamron

    My previous theory about Ruby and Sapphire had been that they were members of two warring factions of gems that happened upon each other.

  81. Noeh A

    rebecca's father, YOU ROCK thank you for uploading these videos

  82. Kyōki y Fukūshu :3

    este vídeo tiene más vistas que subs

  83. Bobby Lollands

    my only weakness is to listen to Rebecca Sugar sing songs with her ukelele, as I go into a deep calm spell which ends only when the song ends

  84. mel


  85. mel

    When i have ever i so sorry no dont be now your here forever what about you what about me?Well we're here together

  86. mel

    And think it someone entirely
    new oh um did thing so Did you say i was diffferent and youhad it before of course not

  87. mel

    And it wasnt quite you or quite me

  88. mel

    Where did we go what did we do i think we made something entirely new

  89. Emma W

    and strong in the real way

  90. trevin lol

    Sounds better this way in my opinion

  91. HQ Sykes

    not sure if this is common knowledge but how, where, do you even get all of this content? it's amazing!


    "Robsugar" uploaded this. Any hints?

    HQ Sykes

    +Kawaii not really, anyone can use that name, i doubt your real name is kawaii, and mine is surely not Q, maybe he's he brother, husband or maybe he's just someone from CN or anyone from the team, i remind you making a tv series takes hundreds of people


    @Harley Q Nope. This Is Rebecca Sugars dad

    HQ Sykes

    +Kawaii oh, ok, question asked then i guess, thanks for taking the time...and the content is still awesome

  92. Jason TYDM

    So good😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  93. Nova Imperius

    Suggestion For Steven Universe
    Two new Crystal Gems named Aquamarine and Carnelian,more advanced technology and more humans and Gems.

  94. NYAN CAT

    when they started to hum the stronger then you music I almost started to cry

  95. Faisa Awow

    By the way how does it feel to have a whole show made about ?😋

  96. Faisa Awow

    I love your sister also the backgrounds you create they are so beautiful talent must run in your family

  97. lol troll

    When SU is still on hiatus and we don't know when its coming back (catbug voice) REBECCAAAAAAA

  98. Stefhon Walker

    i honestly would love a episode that was nothing but a black and white storyboard, i mean wow. its so pretty but rough