Sufjan Stevens - Mr. Frosty Man Lyrics

It's time to tango with the frisky, frosty Frosty Man
He's got a temperature of negative degrees again
He likes ice cream and Yo La Tengo with the jammin' pants
You got to cool it with the hipster costly Frosty Man
He's chillin', illin', thrillin' with the Mr. Saucy Pants
He likes to keep it real, he likes to talk a little sense
He's got a friend called Coolio, Vanilla Ice, and Ice Cube
Banana split and frozen pie and Mr. Frosty Pants

Mr. Frosty Man
Frosty, Frosty, Frosty, Frosty
Frosty Man

Don't get his goat, he just might melt, and then he gets all mean
When summer comes, he sits beside the air conditioning
But, Mr. Frosty, don't be bossy, winter's coming soon
And when it snows again, Frosty

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    Por momenti and dad

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    WT?.... Like is me ;) xdxd


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    Está hermoso 😃

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    Hardcore this amazin

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    Hands down one of the coolest music videos I've ever seen.

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    Frosty if he joined the military

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    Rip child

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    I watch this when I was 6 and I had nightmare


    Video gateli cok

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    fuck this video

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    El niño se quedó solo con los zombies abajo creo que el también murio
    F por Mr frosty man

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    I felt bad for the snowman, Santa and the parents I was shocked

  23. Gretchen Tolentino

    Santa is late because is almost day

  24. Gretchen Tolentino

    Santa Claus

  25. Gretchen Tolentino

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  26. GABOXI234 :v



    It's very scare

  28. Endless Negativity77

    Whoever dislike ld this video is one of the zombies.

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    YouTube quarta sangue você é muito burro para fazer essas assassino ou é um burro um lixo

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    I love your half-bloody but excellent animations with vast detail and a great background story greetings from Mexico :v

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    This the best thing I ever seen

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    Maybe the radiation killed his family an he just imagined this all.

    isaac Bluer 16

    Good point

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