Sufjan Stevens - Drawn To The Blood (Fingerpicking Remix) Lyrics

I'm drawn to the blood
The flight of a one-winged dove
How? How did this happen?
How? How did this happen?

The strength of his arm
The father of my last child
How? Head of a rabbit
How? Head of a rabbit

For my prayer has always been love
What did I do to deserve this?

With blood on my sleeve
Delilah, avenge my grief
How? God of Elijah
How? God of Elijah

As fire to the sun
Tell me what I have done
How? Heart of a dragon
How? Heart of a dragon

For my prayer has always been love
What did I do to deserve this now?
How did this happen?

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Sufjan Stevens Drawn To The Blood (Fingerpicking Remix) Comments
  1. 이크람

    I just love your voice Sufjan Stevens!!!!!!!

  2. Aarti Vasudevan

    What did I do to deserve this?

  3. Hogar de Nómadas

    I love this version😃

  4. Molly Carlini

    I want Sufjan to bring back the orchestra for the next album. No synth electronicy songs, just acoustic/orchestra PLEASE PLEASE SUBARU. <3
    Like Majesty Snowbird.
    Or the Avalanche Album, Seven Swans, or Illinoise! Begging.

    Molly Carlini

    I guess I need more brass/string instruments. BRING BACK THE BANJO! <3

  5. Arjuna

    Thank you Sufjan!

  6. Stinkyfinger

    Always wanted to hear songs from Carrie and Lowell without the double vocal track

  7. ArmyofOneandaHalf

    Exactly how many fingers does this man have?

  8. Chloe Kane-Willis

    Blown away. I didn't think this song could be more beautiful

  9. Cole S


  10. Katie Nanami Kosharek

    that lyric change gives this song a whole new meaning ...

    Katie Nanami Kosharek

    "the father of my last child"


    I wonder who the father of his last child is?

    im bonnie


    Katie Nanami Kosharek

    i think it's from his mom's perspective


    Brett I believe he is referring to the father of his mother’s last child, so from her perspective. But I’m not sure.

  11. william clift

    theory: this is the more fleshed-out version of this song, but the version that made the album is the "iphone demo"


    this version doesn't lend itself as much to the instrument flourish at the end of the album version. the strumming album version is also more fittingly dramatic for the subject matter of the song. but he's played live versions of the song with both the strumming and the picking together.

    william clift

    that's a good point. this version lacks that gorgeous instrumental at the end, which to me was one of the highlights of C&L and really leads well into the other songs

    Adelaide E

    i agree, the fingerpicking version is beautiful, but the strumming version fits the subject matter more. i love both versions though.

  12. Hose

    Absolutely gorgeous. Love you Sufjan!

  13. squikyspiky

    chill hsiht

  14. Saymon de César Reis

    Essa versão me fez sentir tão bem...