Submersed - At First Sight Lyrics

You're looking so beautiful
standing in the light
I've waited for this night
for my whole life
I reach to grab your hand
I take it into mine
Our hearts become numb
Our hearts have become one
And I'll wait for you
If our worlds falling down
cumbling to the ground
And I'll wait for you
If our worlds falling down
crumbling to the ground

With this honor
On weak knees I stand
strengthened by your hands

As the music starts to play
that look upon your face
I see whats in your eyes,
you see whats inside mine
We see our life together
we feel it as we dance
Theres rhythm in our love
its rhythm from above
And Ill wait for you
If our worlds falling down
crumbling to the ground
And Ill wait for you
If our worlds falling down
crumbling to the ground

With this dance our life begins
With these steps love has no end
With this dance our life begins
And Ill wait, and Ill wait

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Submersed At First Sight Comments
  1. Terri Brummett

    Such a beautiful song

  2. Bryan Lenihan

    This is the perfect love song

  3. Blossom Corvus

    Not bad. :] Christian or not I don't care. Good music is good music.

  4. Josh Press

    dislikes? i guess 3 people are blind haha

  5. InTheMist03200

    I swear I've heard this somewhere before!

  6. Brandon Appleton

    Christian band?...

  7. IrishMorgenstern

    They just don't make music like this anymore. Submersed, Cold, Tonic, Wallflowers, Eve 6, generation was blessed with some great bands who were killed before their time...

  8. IhatemidgetsXD

    i dont care am gonna say it...sumbersed rock...the 2 negative votes were made by blind fools...please please please reunite submersed!

  9. Mr. John Eevie Dean

    what's wrong with Christian rock?

  10. warnock881

    Ive tried looking, I cant find it. If you have any luck can you please tell me :)

  11. Richard Dupasquier

    I think I have3 found my wedding song!!!!!

  12. Maxwell Griffin

    Cant wait till they release "See You In Heaven"

  13. jrfan07

    christian band or not, their music is incredible :)

  14. MoveAlongGirl

    @brittc123 Awww that's so sweet! <3 You're sooo lucky to have such a romantic boyfriend. :) How cute! I can't help, but be jealous of you. Take good care of him, he's rare. :)

  15. William Haynes

    @AlignedwithChrist , that's all good and fine, i used to be pretty religious, though now i'm pretty much just accepting of anything that promotes doing the right thing, not that my opinions matter. but anyway, lol that comment was more in response to how the person who introduced me to this band described them than religion... i'm cool with most legitimate religions that promote good ^_^. heres to not arguing about that silly stuff!

  16. Grandma Auntie

    To all of you wondering, yes this is a Christian band mostly because they have a song called O Holy Night. But i don't really care... they still have good music.

  17. shikamru5

    to my baby girl katie~<3 I LOVE YOU WITH EVERY CELL IN MY BODY<3 u are my beautiful princess,the stars try as they might they can never out shine the light in ur eyes,the sun no matter how hot it may get can never bring me warmth they way u can when u hold me in ur arms.the deepest part of the ocean is far to shollow to express how deeply i love you,and try as hard as everyone wants my love for u will never fade for u are my light in a dark room,you are everything baby and I LOVE YOU SO MUCH~<3

    Bryan Lenihan

    shikamru5 ❤❤❤ relationship goals

  18. William Haynes

    wait... is this christian rock? the end middle sounds way christiany

  19. hippiehatr

    put down the crack

  20. Julio M. García B.

    a song of them ?? deny me ... this song don't match with me XD

  21. Lucas PrsGuitars

    the best song of Submersed, Lucas from Argentina

  22. David Post

    best song by Submersed by far

  23. Yarik Baibok

    No words.. It's just too amazing.

  24. Adrian Dąbrowski

    ja dziękuje <3 co za piosenka. tylko uswiadamia mi to w co nie wierze.

  25. Furrfoot

    yeha i guees she does..shes got me to smile little froggy ;p

  26. Furrfoot

    then i met some one special and im healin slowly but im healing!:)

  27. Furrfoot

    i felt exactly like this at teh prom..but th moment passed so fast..she broke up with me before the prom and all i can say is my worlds fallin down...

  28. mischifischi

    god is great ;)

  29. MarmotAdvocate

    Sweet tune!

  30. Furrfoot

    every time i listen to this song it reminds me of the first time i saw my gf and held her hand and promised her that i would never hurt hur and always love her..* this is *our 2 song* love u AnGeL

    Bryan Lenihan

    Furrfoot Goals

  31. Tyler Drumm

    Probably my fourth fav Submersed song


    Bryan Lenihan

    What are your top 3

  32. Connie Chung

    I freakin' love the all the guitar solos in thi song...especially the intro part.
    This song is amazing. <3 Can't stop listening to it. Thanks for posting!

  33. submersedrox

    Amen! :)

  34. submersedrox

    Answers is now up. :)

  35. killerdog42

    sigh much as this is pretty gd 'hard rock' its just not as gd as the first album :(