Styx - The Grand Finale Lyrics

Sail Away Superstars
Sail Away Superstars

So if you think your life is complete confusion
Cause your neighbors got it made
Just remember, please, it's a grand illusion
And deep inside we're all the same.

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Styx The Grand Finale Comments
  1. bobby c

    I was 14 here in Kanada when this came out, procured it on reel to reel as well as vinyl. NO ONE then was a bigger Styx Freak than I was back then, very few might tie me but no one beats me. Same as today.

  2. bobby c

    This was the very first Mash Up ever. think about it.

    Autumn Noxx

    OMG! You're right! LOL! I love mashups! So that's why your comment cracked me up.

    bobby c

    I was 14 then, never heard a mish mash of songs from any band, ever. This was the first time and i did not know what to think of it.

    Autumn Noxx

    do a search for "mashup" on here and you'll discover there are hundreds, possibly thousands, of them. Some are truly amazing, and it blows my mind how people do this.


    Eh, Animals was out six months before GI and could be considered more of one, "could be" since it borders on the line between mashup and running theme (as was pretty much all Floyd stuff up to The Wall)

    James C

    Not sure it was the very first, but it is a great one. I also like Genesis Los Endos from Trick of the Tail.

  3. RTHA300

    who else dropped squares while lookin at that ugly ass cover lol

  4. RTHA300

    this was my shit when it came out

    David S.

    I got into Styx in 1996 and they were really important to me for about 10 years later. I still like them, not as much as then. Anyway, this was my shit in 1996. :D


    Um,I think he meant literally, ignore the troll.


    this is my great finally for the day with styx, it was great catching up on good styx songs today.

  6. Dennis Levsen

    great song

  7. Dan McElhaney

    Was the end of the concert..:(

  8. Arthur1965trudy

    couldnt agree more

  9. Arthur1965trudy

    Boat on the river is great tunage

  10. William J. Mendes

    Anyone remember Alices revisited in Chicago? These guys would play there when they were on the Wooden nickel label.

  11. 80sweregr8

    This never gets old...just a great ending to a great album by a great band of my youth.

  12. lilmike398

    Nice ending!

  13. Send Me An Angel

    yep, he played the bass violin on Boat On The River.

  14. DDDeanMachine

    @TheCharlyHorse I thought I noticed that!!!!

  15. Rowdyrecords55

    I love that signature DDY-Shaw-JY vocal triad... Soooo great

  16. Clash the Stampede

    @MangoTux haha i was referring to the musical aspect of it...and the words are almost the same, with an extra "please" or two in there.haha

  17. MangoTux

    @TheCharlyHorse "So if you think that..."
    "We're all the same"
    This song mirrors the Grand Illusion to an extent that they are similar, but no so similar as to experience two good, different songs.


    Yes, in the same way that Paul McCartney & Wings' "Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five" had a bit of "Band on the Run" at the fade, and Billy Joel's "Where's the Orchestra?" containing "Allentown" at its fade.

  18. Send Me An Angel


  19. kinkyirishman


    Shit dude not just classic, but one of the best albums ever made. Screw the classic part. Styx rocks, pure and simple, not like a bunch of the whiney disney crackhead brats that are so damn popular now.

  20. Dan Mc

    this was an AWESOME concert! Glad God let me be there..:)

  21. Anime Wolf

    thanks for the trip back. still good stuff!

  22. Clash the Stampede

    notice the guitar solo at the end is the same as the theme used in the song Grand Illusion. Like, note-for-note. Another key, of course. about a tritone apart :P

  23. QuietBob

    this looked much better when i was 12 LOLZ


    i was 29 or 30 oh wel, i was in county lock up when this shit dropped, i did catch the decatholon tour off this jank though. used to get tore out the frame on this record

  24. Send Me An Angel

    beautiful way to end a beautiful album

  25. TheRisingforce2000

    this one and equinox are my favorite

  26. TheTherese3

    O.K. You need a fade on a seminal piece.So you make a fade coda very ,very Good!

  27. AdamasMst

    @stimpp One of the best song in their repertoire

  28. justin bowen

    i think it would of have been great is this was first was the same name just to confuse people :P

  29. galaxian Chuck

    @DrDougMusic1 You really have to listen to the meaning behind each song... and yeah, it can get pretty deep sometimes. Castle Walls, or Man in the wilderness... mindblowing what these guys came up with. This is a classic reprise from them! THANKS AGAIN STYXFAN93... as always, you rock!

  30. TuberOnTheLoose

    @cvhf650 Chuck never threatened to take John Entwistle's place as "the Jimi Hendrix of bass players," but he has some really stand out bass lines over the years with Styx. He did some that punctuated the melody more than drove the song, and as you correctly pointed out, sometimes less is more. The "Man of Miracles" album in particular strikes me as bass heavy in a very good way.

  31. Dr Doug

    Always was sad to hear this song... meant the end of the album. Can't understand how many folks aren't touched by some of their music!

  32. Diastavrones

    What a great way to end an album.

  33. cheekygirl1972

    great song.