Styx - Queen Of Spades Lyrics

Day into night she's with me
How sweet is her warm embrace
Safe in the scent of jasmine
So safe in her gold and lace

Mornings I find, she's left me
So cold so alone, but aware
I try to escape, she finds me
Oh run though I may, she's there, there, there, there, there...

Luck is a lady whose smile is as cold as a stone
She'll bring you things, many things you might never have known
But when your die is cast she'll have the final laugh at you
She'll lock you in a duel, where you come out the fool

Beware of the Queen of Spades
Her black widow's curse might find you yet
Beware of a love that you will regret
Her love means only your death

Day into night she's with me
Turn of a card, she's there
The first time is free, you know
But from now on, pay me, me, me, me, me...

Beware of the Queen of Spades
Her black widow's curse might find you yet
Beware of a love that you will regret
Her love means only your death

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Styx Queen Of Spades Comments
  1. MrSilksoul

    DDY's vocals are so Damn good on this song.

  2. Troy Macgill

    Definitely reminds me of a very dangerous girlfriend from long ago. I deduced that there was a good chance I would eventually wake up dead with her around...

    I R O N G R A Y

    Try my rock channel..bro.

  3. Kevin Nelson

    If Styx was one of the 12 nominated groups of on line voting for the 2020 class , they'd win or SHOULD win hands down!

  4. Stefan Riemann


  5. Roger Summer

    You will never hear anything like this again

  6. Doobie1975

    Killer song by Styx, to me "Pieces Of Eight" was Styx's last truly great album, their best era IMO was from "Equinox" to "Pieces Of Eight"

    I R O N G R A Y

    I have a rock music my site.

  7. Dave L

    This song is about the Jezebel spirit, which is sadly very real. Look out. If she targets you, you're in deep trouble.

  8. Andrew Heredia

    The Treachery of a “GOLD” digger!!🧞‍♂️🤡🔥

  9. Paul Sweet

    I wonder if he found out he was a cuckold hahahaha

    Dave L

    Dennis lets Suzanne sing in his band, so maybe..

  10. John Smith

    Their best song.

  11. Traci Breland

    It's good hearing this song. I'll never forget playing this album over and over, staring at the album cover wondering who the lady was. Lol. Of course it was the 70's and I was totally chilled and buzzed...

    Dave L

    Better days, for sure.

  12. Robert Rauch

    One of my faves in high school !

  13. Greg Ross

    I think I saw her blink.....great tune!

  14. Harry Nelson Jr

    The (pieces of eight) album is great ! One of there best songs "Queen of spades"

  15. juan ruiz

    They’d play this when we’d go rolling skating , forget full speed ahead

  16. BK Bland

    There's a Bigwall climbing route on the face of Half Dome in Yosemite, CA. called the Queen Of Spades. Super serious route. One could die quite easily.
    I believe it's named after the song.

  17. Michael Crawford

    Great Styx song, can't stop playing it

  18. Larry Smith

    I went Nuts after She Put me in Jail.I rolled my 2002 Protege 5 with 5 Barrie Cop Cars Behind Me North of Barrie Ontario in May 2003 long Weekend.The Cops Beat the Shit out of Me.LOL.I wouldn't Change a Thing.She made Sure I couldn't see the Kids and the Cops Made Sure I got An Impaired.Maybe I should of Sued the Cops.Probably Still Can.LOL.

  19. Larry Smith

    This Song Reminds Me of My Ex Wife.LOL>

    World Coming Down 5779


  20. Ima Owner

    Lived in Memphis, TN for 3 years and many of my coworkers would spend nearly every weekend in Tunica MS gambling at any of the nine casinos there.
    20-plus of them would go on a typical weekend and they would never gamble together or travel together in any fashion. At the weekly Monday morning sales meetings they would all discuss how much money they won that weekend. Not one of them ever reported a loss and acceptable winning amounts were between $200.00 and $600.00 One morning two of us were at the office extra-early and discussed how the gaming went for her that weekend.
    During her rambling it came out that she actually spent $600.00 to win the $200.00 winnings she began her tale with; all the while telling me what a ´winner´ she is and how wonderful the Christmas Eve buffet was. She was married with 4 kids and was alone at the casino on Christmas eve,
    losing $400.00 and pretending to win $200.00. Sad, as at work she was a really nice person.

  21. Tim Clasen

    i always had a crush on the woman in the middle from 1978....wanted to kiss her lips ....

  22. Duane McClure

    This is one that doesn't get the recognition it truly deserves! Love this..and I got to see it live - all 5 original members! Now they've split 2 ways, with Dennis DeYoung doing his verion and Tommy Shaw doing his - both called Styx! You HAVE to have both! It isn't the same if you don't. You're only getting half the picture. Both are MAJOR contributors, with both giving it two different sounds - always knowing it's still Styx. They put on a fantastic show too! It sounds great live! No fancy studio needed! That takes a truly remarkable band and very few can make that claim. The last time I saw them was for "Return to Paradise Theater". 3 solid hours of just them! No warm up. None needed! They have enough to do as is! If you get the chance to see them back together like I did..DO IT! Well worth the money you spend. They deliver!

  23. jay quelin

    Anybody else think the Queen of Spades is black tar heroin??

  24. Connie Saltzman

    Styx carried me thru all the hardships of being a teenager into an adult. Love them and thank you for keeping me sane ! Most beautiful music !

  25. Greg G

    Always loved this tune...VERY under rated song AND band.

    Day into night she's with me
    How sweet is her warm embrace
    Safe in the scent of jasmine
    So safe in her gold and lace

    Mornings I find, she's left me
    So cold so alone, but aware
    I try to escape, she finds me
    Oh run though I may, she's there, there, there, there, there...

    Luck is a lady whose smile is as cold as a stone
    She'll bring you things, many things you might never have known
    But when your die is cast she'll have the final laugh at you
    She'll lock you in a duel, where you come out the fool

    Beware of the Queen of Spades
    Her black widow's curse might find you yet
    Beware of a love that you will regret
    Her love means only your death

    Day into night she's with me
    Turn of a card, she's there
    The first time is free, you know
    But from now on, pay me, me, me, me, me...

    (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha you lose...)

    Beware of the Queen of Spades
    Her black widow's curse might find you yet
    Beware of a love that you will regret
    Her love means only your death

    Beware of the Queen of Spades
    Her black widow's curse might find you yet
    Beware of a love that you will regret
    Her love means only your death

  26. John Smith

    Tommy shopped in the little boys section when shopping for clothes.

  27. John Smith

    Riffs and solos in the style of Ace.

  28. John Smith

    Forgot all about this song! I was like 13 when this album came out and I bought it.

  29. David Cavan

    Amazing song. DeYoung's voice has gained even more strength and confidence than he had on Castle Walls (from Grand Illusion), which was so damn powerful in it's own right..

  30. Zathrus Pridham

    Luv me some STYX

  31. Elomar

    Haaaaaaaan,lay down

  32. Harry Nelson Jr

    This is a great STYX song ! But then the whole album is great !

  33. Eamon Horahan

    one of the BADDEST rock songs ever from styx. they could throw it down with the best of them. if you could forgive the sappy dennis de young "radio hits" then ,if you gave the rest of the band a chance...... then your ass got rocked off and then some! styx could rock your ass off !!!!

  34. Peter Warner

    the great old days of decent rock beats the shite we have to put up with nowadays

  35. MasterWitchDoctor

    Dennis Deyoung was a very very good singer (hes no Freddy Mercury or Robert Plant) but hes a flaming libtard and complete ass hole that got thrown out of the band on his head. Since Styx hes done very little or nothing, now with all that being said ENJOY IT IN GOOD HEALTH!!!

    Wooded Acres

    Not to argue at all, but I strongly disagree. Freddie and Dennis were not screamers like Plant was before the early 70's, or Steven Tyler, or Daltry, or of course the man...Ian Gillan, or even Jon Anderson, but in the realm of THEIR music they had no equal. When you listen to Queen of Spades, Grand Illusion, Castle Walls, Suite Madame Blue....CLEARLY, no one on this planet has ever come close to Dennis. No one. The same with Freddie ...have you ever listened to the entire It's A Kind Of Magic album? Freddie with Queen, like Dennis with Styx have no equals in their particular field.

    Steve Thorne

    closet?? if it werent for tommy and jy it would have been broadway totally

  36. Eamon Horahan

    if you can get laid to this band today...... you have been married for quite a while..... you have an awesome wife..... and teach your kids why they are possibly here in the first place!!!!

  37. Eamon Horahan

    the absolute best hard ass effort that styx ever did. so deep.... so cool... so many times I got high/ laid to this song/band......... good times.

  38. bpsitrep

    Love getting on YouTube and going to through great music of the 70's, makes one feel GOOD again.

  39. Misticmyst73

    This is by far there most heaviest tunes!!

  40. Fred Pinnix

    Underrated is an understatement. This song is the epitome of Rock and Roll to a generation of loyal fans.

  41. steven

    one of my favorite songs. Stoned on old weed. LOVE early 80"s

  42. steven

    one of the best songs.

  43. Matthieu Buso

    The best song of Styx...

  44. My Future Mistress

    God,i love that ending-CRANKED! anyone who doesn't like STYX can STYK it up their arse. i saw this tour in Montreal,outside and the keyboards were so shrill,the wax melted out of my ears!

  45. Eamon Horahan

    I was 17 when this came out...... and then my mom not only bought me the album..... played on her magnificent Magnavox console stereo...... she got tickets for me and my brother to go to see them in 1978!!!! go mom!!!!

  46. Jeffrey Richardson

    jodys confession
    a mutation too mention
    bay path detention

  47. kevin nolan

    when i want to listen to a great styx song pieces of eight, the grand illusion and equinox are the albums i play while the album kilroy was here collects dust .

  48. Michael Wernett

    I grew up in the 80s but this album and The Grand Illusion were in HEAVY rotation at my house, this was part of my mom’s cleaning music on Saturday mornings, so I was doing dishes and dusting the house and mopping the floor to this stuff for years. Styx was the first concert I ever attended during their Edge of The Century tour, right after John Panozzo died and Tommy Shaw came back. I was blown away. It was at that concert when I suddenly realized my parents were really cool. Now I’m 37 and suddenly this is my favorite song on this album. Holy shit. This stuff will NEVER get old. Now I play this stuff for my 16 year old daughter and her eyes get big. “Dad why don’t they play music like THIS anymore?!” Because they can’t, my dear.

  49. Tinker Tailor

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  50. Ricky Parker

    Why isn't this played on radio now instead of SHITTY Journey Bon Jovi and Eagles songs????

    Debra Kadabra

    Funny you should mention that. I should pull this one out of my bag of tricks on my online radio show (When Music and a Gamer Unite, Sundays at 7pm US Central; I'm HUGE into the deep cuts of classic rock albums. Always have been.

    Josh Frey

    Because you live in city w/ radio DJ 's that don't know shit about good music!

    Josh Frey

    I'm kinda spoiled in Phoenix

  51. Ron Humm

    My Favorite Styx song!!

  52. Marion Cobretti

    dear god when that riff kicks in... just mind blowing

  53. Frankenstein lives

    From start to finish one of my all time favorite songs, period.

  54. Overtime Freak

    I'm a great Styx Fan from Germany. Love the power oft Shaw, Young and deYoung. This is a magic track from a magic album

    Joseph Nickell

    '77 and '78 such a great time. I was 9 and 10 yrs old. Still have them on vinyl and still listen to them today on CD or mp3. Magic!

  55. ChucksterOLove

    I have loved this song since I was probably 10 years old! Still rocks just as hard today as it did then. This song is a reminder that Styx could rock with the best if them...🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  56. itkojecockot

    the intro is just hauntingly beautiful......

  57. ksjoyjespeace

    12 string masterpiece !!!!!🎼🎸🎹🎤🥁🎶

  58. High Plains Drifter

    Possibly their most UNDERRATED song ever, which is hard to believe, considering that of their many outstanding albums, Pieces of Eight really was the best. As many others have already said, this song must be cranked up to fully appreciate it. Simply put, it's a beautiful masterpiece. The zenith of '70s prog rock by the quintet from Chicago.

  59. Jeffrey Richardson

    douglases mustang
    dont ever join a bad gang
    jodys mike the same

  60. thorodinfreya1

    Puchkin likes this.

  61. Gary Klafta

    That hard to escape from. I know I went though it myself.

    Joseph Nickell

    Gambling or drug addiction? I always thought it was about addiction.

  62. James A Wallace

    I still have my Pieces of Eight album and wouldn't take anything for it!!!!!


    Good lad!!!

  63. James Ramsey


  64. Frank Mick

    I so miss these tunes...........

  65. Tomi Kazi

    Absolute perfection.....Power four from STYX....."Man in the wilderness"," Castle Walls", Queen of spades"  'Suite madame Blue....." Then the magic was gone.......#BanMrRoboto

  66. stev stevhoov

    THESE CLOWNS have kicked Dennis out of the band ,..... people should not support them ,..they should not buy their shit or go to their concerts,..... THAT REALLY SUCKS ,..that they did that,..


    Styx at their absolute best..great intro..fantastic middle..exceptional outro.

  68. David Maneti

    Fantastic song and band

  69. ZeKe2704

    One of the best bands ever. My house-gods, no doubt about it. They did - if I remember it correct - 4-5 totally amazing records in a row back in the seventies. I love them. But I must say, they are best live.

  70. Thomas R. Skidmore

    This is definitely one of the darkest songs Styx ever recorded.

    shaking like tremolo

    it's about heroin, so yeah.

  71. DV DODDS

    John Ponnozo was such a very underrated Drummer

    Andre Searles

    Johnny Ponnazo from the rock group Styx👍

  72. d9inger

    I was 14 in 1978 when this song was released. I always thought it was about being infatuated with a woman that kept you at arm’s length, wouldn’t let you get close but wouldn’t let you get away either. Late 70s version of the modern day “friend zone”. Maybe because I was living it….. Kick ass song none the less

    Geils Sila

    Maybe Suzanne (Dennis' wife) can fit the bill

  73. James A Wallace

    Wow what a great song, Queen of spades is one of my favorite all time great rock songs, one of the things I like about it is that it moves from soft melodies to hard drive in distortion with an ever changing dynamics!!!!!!🤘

    James A Wallace

    I still have my original album and wouldn't take anything for it!!!!

  74. Luis Carlos Davila


  75. Goran Simić

    Congratulation you are the beautiful

  76. Richard Deleon

    Styx is as a cartoon band as any.


    But what a great cartoon band!

    Joseph Nickell

    Cartoon bands don't write songs that stand the test of time and become classics. These guys were/are true professionals.

  77. David Cavan

    Dennis DeYoung's voice is magically powerful with piercing intensity as it blends with his keyboards.

  78. bajageorgia88

    masters of the intro!

  79. kinks fan 1966

    Four of the biggest selling Greatest rock n roll masterpieces in a ROW !!

  80. Michele G

    Dennis sounds like a mad man with laugh.

  81. Dawson Lee

    One of the most underrated songs ever written. Just epic. Certainly their best.

  82. Christopher Hughes

    Once long ago...we almost got squashed by a train...w/this on Stacy's new Pontiac...

  83. Starbird Avenger

    The pinch harmonic at the end of the solo fading into the main riff at the end is a great transition.

  84. Charles Hackbarth

    Difficult to deny Dennis DeYoung's vocal range on this one; and the rocking tempo that JY and TS include in the middle, then back to the haunting combination of the guitars and the synthesizer at the end....masterful to say the least.

  85. J-Wolf17FTW

    1:53 You'll thank me later.

  86. Martin Stelter

    My first band (1980) tried to play this ...

  87. Ed C

    One of the greatest “rock” tracks ever laid down

  88. Wayne Oneal

    Ill take tommy shaw anyday

  89. Ron Nebinger

    Can't get myself to a Styx show today without Dennis DeYoung not in the band. He WAS Styx period.

    Geils Sila

    not anymore.Besides Tommy an James were 2 more voices of Styx, not just one.

  90. Tyler Brown

    Such a good ass driving song. That gallop in the pre-chorus is perfection.

  91. Peter Warner

    great band for there time

  92. RedElephantStampede

    Obviously a JY song

  93. Chris Damon

    One of my favorite Styx songs. This one rocks and it never gets old.

  94. Derek Roberts

    Play this song to any metalhead who.never heard of Styx. They'd love it!

    DocDoomClassic 52

    Hell yes. Especially that last solo.

  95. Luis Carlos Davila

    This music had an impact in my emotional life like nothing else.. along with other bands.. they help me kept miself togueter!

  96. Ricky Parker

    this is theatrical melodical kick ass rock and roll! peace Ricky Parker😎

  97. Terry Reid

    ya know the vocals are so mesmerizing!!! as well as a lot of the 70's vocals from the great rock bands of the era i.e. kansas, journey, styx, etc. now a days wtf!!! what happened!!

  98. PsyOp Cop

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