Styx - Pieces Of Eight Lyrics

It's six o'clock
Good morning sounds are everywhere
The warmth of spring, a gentle breeze blows through my hair

I hurry through my life never stopping to see
How beautiful it was meant to be

I'm just a prisoner in a king's disguise
Broken dreams as we shuffle by

It's six o'clock it's quitting time I'm done for the day
Out on the streets I overheard a lady say
We now have everything or so people say
But now this emptiness haunts me every day
We seek the lion's share never knowing why
Come alive spread your wings and fly

Pieces of eight
The search for the money tree
Don't cash your freedoms in for gold
Pieces of eight
Can't buy you everything
Don't let it turn your heart to stone

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Styx Pieces Of Eight Comments
  1. 大内寛

    エンディングのtommyのguitar soloは,so beautiful!!!!

  2. Lee Parker


  3. Lee Parker


  4. Lee Parker


  5. Anthony Crnkovich

    4:00-4:30: some epic guitar licks here...

  6. Anthony Crnkovich

    I call this Epic Rock.

  7. Stefan Riemann


  8. Chris Frane

    No one can replace dennis. No one.

  9. kurt krause

    Spread your wings.....

  10. My Future Mistress

    Montreal outdoors ground you know how it went down.

  11. beneathdatrees0

    That look in her eye makes me feel uneasy, like she's pissed at me or something.

  12. Wait for It

    Who does the soloing on this? J.Y. or Tommy? It's about a melodic and passionate as Comfortably Numb...not quite, but it's up there.

    Dave L

    It's Tommy. I know it from the DVD performance.

  13. Michael Harned

    Pieces of eight was the best album by styx

  14. Julius Dial

    Pink floyd is one of a kind!!their music is extraordinaire!!!

  15. Peter Warner

    what a great band this was many years ago still love the music

  16. RevJ

    Master piece! Best of the best. Rock on.

  17. Hidden Mountain Drum Covers

    Oh those 70s..

  18. Andre Sihotang

    The 2nd best STYX song after Come Sail Away. Tommy - as much as he hate Dennis - really admire this song's quality.

  19. David Klein

    This is truer now than written...'we now have everything...or so it seems. Now there's emptiness...'
    On the home look ar all those unhappy millenials...faces blankly staring into their phones.....

    Jim M

    Well put and true.

  20. Bhakti


  21. Antonio Javier Vega Santana


  22. Gale Van Vorous

    Ive always fooled myself, in regards to Lillian

  23. Kevin Stearns

    dont cast your freedoms into gold.

  24. Greg Campbell

    This song and Suite Madam Blue, pretty much sums up America today. A country more interested in being a police state to the rest of the world, rather than being a light of integrity for them. A country more interested in buying the next generation of smartphones, rather than getting to know your next door neighbor. Styx saw it back then. Yet, most people still vote for the same politicians that have the same negative attributes as they do. WE, THE CONSUMER!!!

  25. spitchill
    Funny both the song and book tell essentially the same story except in the song gold's role is reversed.

  26. Waldemar Polewacz

    Miło po latach znowu usłyszeć znajome dzwięki ,choć już nie taka sama fascynacja .....:)

  27. DealioTV

    And they did not play it live back in 79

  28. F Vids

    Tommy Shaw was is to styx as Steve perry is to journey. The best

  29. Patty Martin

    Was privileged to see them in concert three times. 77 in a small venue. 82 in an arena. 2012 outdoors. They are phenomenal musicians and seeing them perform this defined the word 'epic'. I get goosebumps every time I hear it.

  30. tony cappiello

    love styx great song

  31. Karen Reykdal

    A MASTERPIECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Luckyyy FFA

    Karen Reykdal stop just go to the nearest bride look off the edge tie a big rock to yourself and throw it down help the world

  32. coolnegative

    something beautifully disjointed about Aku Aku. a sort of boarderline of sanity and melancholy.

  33. John Pfister

    I bought this album 1978, as a (very) young man - unfortunately, one cannot find music like this today.

  34. Dj Bender

    infamous mobb «empty out»2mn18

  35. James Ramsey

    This is my medication to calm my soul.....I love these guys

  36. Dennis the menace

    fucking beautiful

  37. Vic Fernandes

    I just seen Styx again in Redding .ca August 19, 2018 fucking sick

  38. A 93

    Guitar solo ..awesome !!

  39. Marcus Boswell

    At about 4:56 there is a sound. It's like a bell being rung twice? After this it can be heard, randomly, throughout the rest of Aku Aku. Every time I listen to this song, and It's my favorite Styx track, I anticipate this small discord. I am unable to quantify how that simple rhythmic dissonance elevates this track for me.

  40. derek mattingly

    the music I love is gone


    It's HERE. Whenever you want it!

  41. derek mattingly

    where has life gone

  42. Herman Helmich

    Glad DdY quit this band

  43. Brennan Moriarty

    Systematic PEACE aligns with trustful quantities
    Sheltering women's legitimate dignity (or a dignified legitimacy)
    VALUE'$ progressive BALANCE.

  44. Mauricio Servente

    Con este tema conici a Styx, era la música de un comercial de Lee, por el año 1978 / 1979, de alli lo segui hasta hoy, su musica me ha marcado por siempre

    Ale Marco

    Qué recuerdos!

  45. Eddy Metalhuber


  46. Peter Warner

    you do not get music as good as this anymore

    Moon Nguyen

    Peter Warner hiatus kayote

  47. Michael Crawford

    love these songs

  48. Jacobs Ladder

    To my brother Allen, I love you brother and I one day we shall meet again, until then - Aku Aku

  49. M.Lewis

    Pieces of 8 are cast from silver not gold.

  50. 69ragster

    443 aku aku

  51. World Coming Down 5779

    Beware of the Queen of Spades. Her black widow's curse might find you yet.

  52. Billy Gorr,

    This is real talent not like today's music

  53. rubicon1983

    Dennis DeYoung is just a brilliant fucking songwriter and this is one of his finest moments. Spine-chillingly good.

  54. Richard Chavez

    Don't let let it turn your heart to stone

  55. Pez Zep

    Now more than ever.. don't let it turn your heart to stone..

  56. Matthew Todd Adcock

    Is that Grace Slick, China Cantners’ mom on the album cover? Looks like her.

  57. James Kirk

    Reminds me of some of Queen" music.

    James Kirk

    The group Queen

  58. james woody

    Did this come out in 1979? Aku Aku is the best song on this album. An instrumental!

    Sabbath maiden fan

    james woody 1978

    Dr Lock

    Smoke some more weed.

  59. QueenFanPiper62

    Just a Queen fan who loves Styx dropping in to say hi!

    Juan Castiblanco

    We're two.

    mella mell

    Hi Queen fan, I often pass through your neighborhood coming home to Styx after visiting the Rush part of town.

  60. onehundredstocks

    Thank You Dennis DeYoung for your words and music! Thank you Tommy Shaw for your Music: Also; Thank you too Chuck and the late John Panozzo and James Young whom together put this great song and great instrumental together! Styx, forever a Super Star Band!

  61. Michael Lamneck

    Wow, those trademark Styx vocal harmonies are amazing!

  62. RIXRADvidz

    4:50, Aku Aku.

  63. MrFluffysteel

    Just an awesome track!

  64. Jason D. Reese

    What a recording.

  65. #441


  66. Jeff Sherrod

    Always brings back memories of warm summer nights, parties, motorcycles and the ladies or just mellowed out jamming out to STYX.... good times & good memories.

    Wayne Mayer

    My memories exactly brother!

  67. Mark Byrd

    I absolutely love the tempo change with the bass, piano, and synth.

  68. Jamison Dean

    Whoever gave this song a thumbs down sux, doesnt know anything about music and can go lick a crab cause this is a masterpiece!


    Mate your an illiterate piece of trash go to hell you dyslexic piece of shit.



    Woah, dude

    Rey W

    Clackser..???? Wtf is that? Shithead.
    This song reminds me of jamming out with my dad. :)
    Also, you’re*

  69. Smackerlacker

    Aku, the shape-shifting master of darkness?

  70. stormshear

    to me their best song.. very powerful melody, message and a wide array of emotions created from pure talent. That my friends is real music

  71. Cilios ballsack

    Be sure to break all of the boxes Crash!

  72. storm bringer

    LIKE GENESIS??????

  73. Arturo Benavides

    sorry but this sounds exactly like genesis

  74. Dan Sullivan

    Sounds like something from the Paradise Theater album.

  75. drew rosecrans

    awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee song ! omg been a fan of this band since 77 styx!!!

  76. David S.

    Whew! This song just KILLS! awesome political and economic statement too!

  77. Kelly Calk

    Aku/Aku Danish for "Well Being" / "Well Being"


    Wow ! I am Danish,thanks !

    Kevin Pippin

    Aku is Japanese for Evil

  78. Kelly Calk

    8th Album (Pieces of Eight) By Styx ...... Aku-Aku: The Secret of Easter Island, By Thor Heyerdahl ISBN 0345238419 / 9780345238412 / 0-345-23841-9. Hardcover published July 1st 1958 by Rand McNally & Co.; Paperback published 1960 by Penguin Books Limited; Mass market paperback edition May 1961 by Pocket Books, Inc.

  79. jamesdeansghost55

    Their last great album

    David S.

    Of course, I deeply enjoy the cheesy ballads of Styx me, that was real musicianship...being able to move seamlessly between rock and balladry. Freddie Mercury was another king of this...He did "One Year Of Love" and "Gimme The Prize" on the very same album, 1986's A Kind Of Magic.

    Brendan Mc

    Yeah, I've always liked the message in Kilroy was here. A great middle finger for anyone who takes themselves too seriously really.

    But David, I think Pieces of Eight is Styx at there strongest. After this album they lost their edge. There were great moments on most of the following albums, and 1999's 'Brave new world' has potential, in my view, to be a great album, but a few 'ditzy' moments spoil it a bit.

    World Coming Down 5779

    Styx at their peak. The Grand Illusion tour included 3 songs off this album.
    I'd suggest that was the peak of Styx concert tours because most of Equinox was played on The Grand Illusion tour, plus new songs from Pieces Of Eight.

    hose head

    Kilroy not even close! Please!

    Lari Hull

    without a doubt. Before they became cheesy...and I like them at cheesy too, but this one was GREAT

  80. Bill Kellen

    I always wondered where Trans Siberian Orchestra stole their sound... :-) of course the vocals are MUCH better w/Styx

  81. stewartdeerfield

    Grand Illusion tour Phoenix az. 1979, awesome.

  82. George Bickford

    I love the way it flows into "Aku-Aku".

  83. Lee Williams

    Beautiful song!! Listen to that voice!!

    Luckyyy FFA

    Lee Williams Stahp it, Get some help

  84. IP Man

    ....another Example of the Talent and Voice of DDY.

  85. Ary Dias

    Show !!! Show !!! Show !!!

  86. Kim Depue

    so much depth, what a mind!

  87. YaroSz.

    ...jak wstaje słoneczko...i aż do zachodu...i nocą...
    ...ogromne ciarrrrrrrrrrry, od zawsze...

    Bill Krejci

    + YaroSz What do you mean by "huge ciarrrrrrrrrry, always....." Hmmmm?


    @Bill Krejci ...means vgood...OK

    Bill Krejci

    + YaroSz Oh! Ok, that's "ciarry!"

  88. jpasinc

    I lived in Hawaii for 4 years while in the Navy.  Use to wear this tape out on the flight over from the main land whenever I use to travel back to the islands from the holidays.  Now when I listen to reminds me of a great time in life....the calming melody and looking at the turquois water as you fly into Honolulu Airport....great song.  Thanks for the post.

    John McIndoe

    How can you hate on a album of phiolosy barking the Hobbit

    John McIndoe

    Google amu

    Karen Perkins

    Thank you for your service.  I love Styx, too.  Got me through good times and bad!

    Solving Politics

    jpasinc Thank you for your service. My new Youtube channel is pro vet. You always have a home there!

  89. skulliam4

    2:19 This is the intro to the school's news.

  90. Cheryl Wentz

    still know all the words....sing it in my head all the time when ever I hear it's 6 o clock......sets me off every time...gotta finish the lyric line! 

  91. lightningsprinter

    Pieces of eight!! The search for the money tree !! Dont cash your freedoms in for gold !!"

  92. Lisa-Dawn Baker

    This is my "chill pill song"...when I'm stressed and need to relax!!!!  Works everytime!

  93. Timothy Moore

    30 years later this song still makes me cry The best song they ever had in my book!!!

  94. orses4corses

    Best track on the album. This is Styx!

    Luckyyy FFA

    Stop it, get some help

    Keith Johnson

    agreed. Hope and grace to our future generations, or else it will be no less mean than the long past medieval times, which were quite unpleasant and dark.......

    Tom Smolen

    I always liked Blue Collar Man and Queen of Spades back when the record came out. I don't choose a favorite any more. It's all good!

  95. Lisa-Dawn Baker

    I so love how Aku, Aku just flows right in after Pieces of Eight.  Very kewl!

  96. J Mac

    Please bring back 12 string guitars!!!

    Andrew glionna

    and real talent too.

    randie bowlin

    glenn Campbell he played 12 string guitar.

    Andrew glionna

    @randie bowlin amazing guitarist

    Michele G

    J Mac
    They still exist.

    Michael Ault

    I have played one for 30 years nothing sounds like that

  97. Ricky

    Kanye West is Chicago's and Illinois' worst contribution to music. Styx, Chicago, Survivor, REO, and Cheap Trick are our best!!


    Nope. They are a Chicago band, formed in '78.

    Reene Keenie

    Plain White Tees too!


    Roger McGuinn was from Chicago before moving to L.A to form The Byrds, and if that counts, he's certainly the greatest contribution imo


    Kanye West is a no talent who latched on with the the wicked witch family.