Styx - Heavy Metal Poisoning Lyrics

What the devil's goin' on
Why don't your turn that music down
You're going deaf and that's for sure
But all you do is scream for more

Get the lead out go for broke
Pop your pills and drink and smoke
Shoot those chemicals into your vein
Anything to ease the pain

Heavy metal (heavy metal) poisoning (it's a poison)
A toxic wasteland (got a toxic wasteland) in your ear canal (in your ear canal!)
Overloaded (I'm overloaded), suffering (yeah!)
Overloaded (overloaded) on sex and drugs

Everything is black and white
You are wrong and we are right
First we'll spank your big behinds
Then we'll twist your little minds

I'm Dr. Righteous (I'm Dr. Righteous), and I'm here to sing (yeah!)
That heavy metal (heavy metal) is poisoning
It's a music wasteland, that destroys the young (yeah!)
They're overloaded (overloaded) on sex and drugs, sex and drugs, sex and drugs
And rock and roll!

sterces eht sdloh nataS

I'm Dr. Righteous (I'm Dr. Righteous), and I'm here to sing (yeah!)
That heavy metal (heavy metal) is poisoning
It's a music wasteland, that destroys the young (yeah!)
They're overloaded (overloaded) on sex and drugs, sex and drugs, sex and drugs
And rock and roll!

Heavy metal (heavy metal) poisoning (it's a poison)
A toxic wasteland (got a toxic wasteland) in your love canal love canal!)
Overloaded (I'm overloaded), suffering (yeah!)
Overloaded (overloaded) on sex and drugs, sex and drugs, sex and drugs
sex and drugs, sex and drugs, sex and drugs, sex and drugs, sex and drugs
"Righteous! Righteous!..."
"Shut up!"
"...Righteous! Righteous! Righteous! Righteous! Righteous! Yeah!"
"Shut up! Shut up!"

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Styx Heavy Metal Poisoning Comments
  1. Psychedelic Trainwreck

    Best YEAHHH's ever

  2. Mr. Logic Pants

    I grew up on Styx and even though I listen to more "Metal" music now than stuff like Styx, I still play their cd's and always will. All of us who grew up on this kind of music have been so lucky to have it. Its such a big part of my life.

  3. acrovader

    Retarded song with terrible vocals.

  4. Man fred

    This guy should talk to Shredder

  5. Chris Van Tuyl

    I was definitely overloaded on sex and drugs and rock and roll... OK OK - just drugs and rock and roll. I didn't score a lot with the chicks.

  6. Chris Van Tuyl

    The book burning scene is Dodger stadium parking lot.


    Maybe this is one of the main reasons why JY and Tommy refuse to play anything off KRH album

  8. Monsterbass

    Great song! I love ham and cheese! Long live JY!!!

  9. Beach Boys

    I know that most Styx fans dislike the album Kilroy Was Here, but it's not that bad.

  10. Flamestar320 power to the people

    I'm aware of the cheese of this song. But cheesiness is great at many times. I like James Young's vocals in this song, it's very fun trying to sing along with the "yeah's" that he sings out.

  11. bloodrunsclear

    He's not a very good enemy of heavy metal when he seems to be encouraging people to play music and take drugs XD

  12. Thomas Castrovillo

    This is by far their worst!

  13. Ugly Bastard

    Thanks todd for introducing me to this masterpiece

  14. Hoot Gibson

    Fucking Awesome!!!

  15. Βασίλης Τριανταφύλλου

    Kilroy was here

  16. Jonathan Bullas

    1:10 All I hear at that part is Deep Purple’s Burn.

    “All I hear.... is BUUUUUUURRRRRRRNNNNNN!”

  17. Doug McAuliffe

    This might be the cheesiest album of all time but damn it’s got some catchy songs

  18. Matthew Loewen

    Todd in the Shadows brought me here

  19. Flavia Vassallo


  20. Autumn Noxx

    @2:50 - the moment when JY wanted to follow Tommy away from the band. LOL! Still though, everything he does is SO COOL!!!! Even this song/video! :-P

  21. curtis price

    Love it !!!!!!!! This song rocks hard !!!!! They don't make them today like they used to "and thats for sure !"

  22. Blue Diamond

    First track from their 1983 Album " Kilroy Was Here" which also includes " Mr. Robotto" and " Don't Let It End".

    Matthew Loewen

    False: "Mr. Roboto" is the first, and this is the fifth.

    Blue Diamond

    Leftmont Rimose i meant first track of the vynil lp on the b side, i should've been more specific.

  23. Roosevelt McCarter

    What album was this taken from? Caught In The Act, Paradise Theater or Kilroy Was Here?


    Kilroy was Here

  24. Jose Frederico

    Is that Jack Black on 2:11?

  25. Overtime Freak

    Great music, Styx are very powerful.

  26. Friendly Ghost

    For a guy who didn't like the concept thing, JY certainly seems to love to ham it up here. He's great at it, actually. Fun song and video. Love those 'yyyeeeeAAAAAHHHH!!!!'s.

  27. crusherbmx

    I've had this song stuck in my head for over 30 years, yet this is the first time I've ever bothered to find it and listen to it....I've passed up used record stores, thrift shops, Napster, Kazaa, Limewire, 13 years of Youtube and who knows what I've finally fixed that problem.

  28. David Rosenberg

    Tommy finishes his solo even though he is apprehended. That's dedication.

    Ali Salverson

    He avoids capture, actually

  29. Twisted Trails

    I luv that the guy @4:04 is wearing a Maynard Ferguson t-shirt! Long live MF!

  30. Alexander Falarski

    It feels like Styx colaboraded with Richard O'Brien to make this song for Shock Treatment or something, but it didn't get used.

  31. Chris Close

    Looking back, a couple of decent tunes on the album, but this was fairly awful :-)

  32. Snopelol

    You know you're dealing with one hell of a ham when the guy's mouth is basically an all-consuming trapezoid.

  33. Emil Rodriguez

    No way! Is that a young Jack Black in 1:40?

  34. CrispyBacon

    I think this is one of Tommy's best solos. It reminds me a lot of his solo on Vince Neil's "You're invited but your friend can't come" (the superior first version)


    CrispyBacon Except it wasn’t Tommy who played it

  35. Deborah Wood

    Does anyone else think of Frank Zappa when they hear this? Or am I just way too freakin' high?

  36. Joe Rich

    JY, Tommy and Chuck surely have SOME good memories of fun making all of this. JY sells his character well, the Panozzo brothers are hilarious (especially on the concert video) and Chuck did a great job voicing the Roboto’s. I always figured they just agreed to disagree as Tommy did appear in the video for “Music Time” waving goodbye.

  37. jason Robison

    I love Young's vocal style!!!! Song is so freaking fun!

  38. Dwight Littlefield

    This was the best part of the whole mess

  39. King J-rin

    Dr. Righteous Balls Harder than God. Also since I haven’t actually seen any of these comments for once, I’m going to be that guy and ask if anyone else is here from Todd in the Shadows? He’s straight up the only reason I know anything about this band beyond Mr. Roboto

  40. Psychedelic Trainwreck

    Best YEAHH's ever!!!

  41. Doc Manhattan

    Missing the reversed message at the beginning >:(

  42. Chris Paneesh

    J.Y. is awesome in this video!

  43. xelena

    This is great, looks like a lot of fun to perform xD

  44. John Mcfayden

    Styx rox!

  45. Tripper Harrison

    Funny how we look back at this and feel all warm and fuzzy ,BUT, when this album came out(Kilroy was here) , I wanted to burn my Styx albums and stalk deyoung and dropkick his ass !

  46. Stephen Lord


  47. ryantherebel

    That is some high quality cheese right there. No wonder the band broke up after this album.

  48. reignman2112

    holy shit, this album came out when i was a senior in HS, and i never knew there was a video for this song. 33 years later, i stumble across it. gotta love Youtube..

    Brett Benner

    Same here, had no idea there was a video until today.

    Kevin Denelsbeck

    It did play on MTV, back in the day. I'm sorry the album/project broke up the band, but geez they looked like they were having fun with this and Mr Roboto. :)

  49. Robin Smith

    I like theband styx the have three newbands members. But I'm still listening to the music

  50. Nicholah

    Not Styx's greatest moment with this album, but I love this song.

  51. Otto Greenleaf

    Happy Birthday today(November 14) to JY aka James Young. Cheers!

  52. Rollie Oliva Lamzon

    Murolces odro suvon sitpeoc tiunna

  53. úlfhéðnar

    this album was a direct response to the PMRC, a organizations bent on censorship. in the end they lost, but got the label warnings you see on CD's today. the good doctor here is in fact in reality based on ... al " we are all going to die in a fire ball " gore. creator of the internet (right... ). ( he and his wife tipper to be 100% correct. she spear headed it, but he used his position as a senator to let her get as far as she did. )

  54. zudemaster

    Best part starts at 00:01 - best part ends at 04:49
    You're welcome.

  55. NMA-T

    Any one have the the short film Styx Kilroy was here? I would love to see the whole thing.


    Its on youtube somewhere. Its around 10 minutes long, just basically a intro to the Mr. Roboto song. Search for something like Caught in the act Kilroy was here.


  56. Midnight Owl

    If you don't think 2:51 is the most awesome moment ever, I will fight you.

    White Wizzard LLC


    John Napoleon

    Naw 2:20 is better fool


    No its 3:13 Tommy’s finger point intro to his guitar solo. Classic.

  57. Venus Spa

    JY can bitch about this album all he wants but it's clear as day that he was having WAY too much fun in the Dr. Righteous persona!

  58. Andrew Chase

    If these self righteous assholes REALLY need to destroy guitars, how about starting with Creed's, Hinder's, and Nickelback's?

  59. Mary B. Hopkins

    JY really hammed it up when he played Dr. Righteous! LOL! I also love the fact that both Chuck & his late twin John also each had a part in it too!

  60. acrovader

    I liked this better when it was Spinal Tap.

  61. acrovader

    Terrible song. Awful video, awful vocals, awful melody.. just an all around SHITTY song.


    It's not meant to be a single. Part of the strange concept and story of the album. At least that's the purpose lol

  62. Deborah Kerns

    Does anyone know who the guy is that JY spanks at 1:56? Too hilarious!!! 😂😂😂😂


    It was Robert Romanus (aka Mike Damone from Fast Times At Ridgemont High) who'd gotten spanked by James Young


    That's NOT HIM! Seen FTARH TOO MANY TIMES. Different actor.

  63. Doobie1975

    This song is so bad and cheesy to where I can't help but like it, I'm glad they've let James Young sing this song because he's got the right voice for it.

    jason Robison

    Doobie1975 i love this tune!!! Jy just rules! Lol

  64. The UnknownCommenter


  65. John Napoleon

    this is a bad ass song. one of my favorites by Styx

  66. Adrian Reyes


  67. Dave Smith

    This is beyond awful.

    Stephen Lord

    Dave Smith
    Way beyond

    stephanie foster

    Proof people do anything & say anything to be famous. Those words???? Disgusting !!!! Their fame didn’t last long.

  68. James young

    Where's Dennis in this video?

    Ali Salverson

    He's not in the vid

  69. Old-Man Parker

    This song totally and truly RAWKS, all props to JY and sensational Tommy Shaw, but I think if your going to go so "funny and theatrical" they should have just sold the thing to Alice Cooper.

  70. Old-Man Parker

    Freicking RAWK!!!!!!

  71. Jim Mallonee

    True fact: After they were done shooting this video, JY told Dennis DeYoung "Start running, because I'm going to kick your teeth in". Dennis DeYoung has not been seen since.

    Terrence Reardon and Friends Podcast Podcast

    @Deborah Kerns, let me guess you are an Atheist and a Hillary Clinton and Obama supporter and also love KISS (namely Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons) from the post.

    jason Robison

    Mark Boyd its funny, but i love this song "Now".

    Brian j

    Dennis is currently touring. We bought tickets. He was the talent. The hits were his songs

    Jon Niz

    @Brian j I saw Dennis in May and he still sings great. He was main guy that made Styx! It is a shame they broke up here. Looking back this album was influential for its time. They should have stayed together and put out a rocker after this one and perhaps they would have been together longer.

    Mark Gillies

    The book burnings of WW 2?

  72. Jim Mallonee

    Suction is eternal.

  73. MrAitraining

    He does great "Yeahhaa!'s"

  74. DragonBat362

    (3:46): What the hell are those guys in suits doing to that kid?!


    gang rape

    Ali Salverson

    Five words; hostile makeover, MK Ultra-style

  75. brywool

    This was always a funny video. Best moment is when Tommy Shaw stands up and wags his finger at JY.

  76. b4liberty

    how about printed lyrics, or closed captioning, for hearing-impaired?

  77. zudemaster

    Those are some slick ass dance moves around the 02:50 mark!

    Cricket Lee

    Haha...Yup. Pretty Smooth. 😭

  78. ketchup143

    1:39-2:03 that young actor looks just like my uncle did in 1983.

  79. TomDenney Art

    A guitar solo so metal that you have to snap it over your knee to finish

    Old-Man Parker

    @Thomas Ambrose Denney ha!

    jason Robison

    TomDenney Art haha! Indeed!

  80. ganondorfchampin

    Love the chorus in this song. 

    Old-Man Parker

    @ganondorfchampin RAWK!!

  81. Bigarnj1

    Tommy Shaw must've been like, 14 years old when they made


    Actually, he was 29 years old at the time.

    Deborah Kerns

    @imfpredicts He was actually 29. He was born September 11, 1953, and this album was released in February of 1983. He's always had a very youthful appearance.

    Midnight Owl

    He's 63 now and I think he still gets carded at the bar.

    Deborah Kerns

    @Jimmy Hollywood Hahahahahaha! 😂😂😂
    You could be right...


    @Deborah Kerns His mustache and beard, though, hide away such pretensions.

  82. Jared M

    Goin deaf fo sore!

  83. cevansinz

    Great song.  Horrible video.  Like they think they're Pink Floyd.


    @cevansinz i got the sense that they were imitating pink floyd as well

    Doc Manhattan

    Two different concepts, though.

    The Wall is about a mentally-fucked rock star who metaphorically builds a wall and pushes everyone around him away, until he tears down the Wall, and becomes sober/sane.

    KWH is about a completely healthy rock star who breaks free from the clutches of an Antifa-style organization whose sole purpose is to take away rock music. He meets a fellow rebels and they band to save rock and roll.

  84. Renee Parrinello

    Wonderful baritone voice.

    jason Robison

    Renee Parrinello right!!!!

  85. JDtheDrunk

    Anybody else notice near the end of the video, in the crowd shots just as they start the "sex and drugs" chanting, a woman in the front row gets accidentally punched in the head by the guy beside her. Can't believe that slipped past the editing

    Old-Man Parker

    @JDtheDrunk WACK!


    +JDtheDrunk Ahahahaha! Awesome! Sex and Slugs, Sex and Slugs, Sex and .... I hope they doubled her pay and gave her two more chicken mcnuggets. LOL
    Actually, next cut second later, they have her to the right of another woman and gave her a close up to compensate for her bludgeoning. haha

    That One Guy

    Right. "Slipped through editing".

  86. meangreen69Nova

    .....first we'll spank your big behinds.....

    Vic Santiago

    Those kinky Evangelists

    Andrea Jelic

    That line always made me laugh


    then we"ll twist your F-----G minds!!!


    Not so fast. Wait till I call child protective services lol.


    @Scottscage sorry,, but that branch of the city's Dept has a 18 year back log. there now just getting to cases from 2003.

  87. Phil H

    >Thinks Rock and Roll is dangerous and destroying society.
    >Teaches about its dangers through a Rock and Roll song.

    Stay classy, Dr. Righteous.

    Mary B. Hopkins

    That's what makes this interesting, this is actually like a "Rock & Roll" Opera in a way that tells this story & the members of Styx each play a different character!

    That One Guy Listens

    But no. Drugs, drinking, and smoking are fine though. Rock and Roll is the only problem though.

    Tyler Buckley

    Phil H nope the concept of the roboto album was the government censorship of music and TV cause Paul crouch Jr did a thing on backward masking on some rock bands albums and Styx was one of the bands featured with their song snow blind I have seen an interview with Dennis De Young on this topic


    Yeah, one thing I always thought was a bit strange was that Righteous sings "Why Don't you turn that music down". Would he actually refer to Rock n Roll as "music"? Very underrated Styx album.

    Midnight Owl

    How dare Jonathan Chance play rock music in my rock song!

  88. Jennifer Lynne Lockrey

    This Album KILLED STYX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEATH TO KILROY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Kayla Oliver - Dumbest thing I’ve read all year. Bravo dummy!


    thorinbane - If you don’t know, you are just a clueless peon.

    Stuss H

    Rant about kilroy . It still sold 3 million copies worldwide


    Babe killed them


    Jennifer Lynne Lockrey Music Time did 🤦🏽‍♂️

  89. Guy Clark


  90. Judy Keeton

    I read some of these comments and I wonder... I saw this band touring with this show from this album.... Let me say this... it was no Grand Illusion... It was totally in a different direction than their previous albums and caused the band to break off and Dennis DeYoung to go his own way... he needed to.  I saw this LIVE... I own the ALBUM... It is by far my least favorite album of that entire timeframe, not  just my least favorite Styx album... I just wasn't drunk enough to think this was GOOD and definitely don't think any amount of mind altering substances would have improved it.


    +Judy Keeton I've been a fan since the 70s, own every album they every put up on vinyl, cassette and repurchased them all on CD. I thought song for song, Kilroy's a fantastic album. Not as great as The Grand Illusion, but by all means pleasant to listen to. I'm mainly into ProgRock bands like Yes, ELP, etc and even I enjoyed this album when it came out. Never understood why so many disliked it, and many of the band members themselves. It must have been more the lyrics and themes than the music. Cause their is fantastic musicianship from start to finish. And I have to say, I rarely listen to lyrics so that must be the issue or the silly concepts. But if you changed the words to every song on their best material, I'd like it equally. Even this song, very melodic, strong harmonies. It's the material after this album the band has put out where things went down hill, with perhaps a good song or two here and there like "One with everything" and a lot of filler. No filler on Kilroy. "Just Get Through This Night" still a favorite of mine. Fantastic track from Tommy & DDY. I think if people can get past a few things, their is a lot to enjoy with Kilroy. I didn't see the tour in person, but loved the Caught in the Act video.

    Midnight Owl

    I've always been disappointed by the Caught in the Act video because there's only 2 Kilroy sequences. We never see Jonathan take on Dr. Righteous so the whole thing looked very unfinished. The quality of the filmed sequences was awesome, but I really wish this was a completed film. It would have been a HELL of a lot better than the rock opera movie that ruled that year, (Chess).

  91. Judy Keeton

    more proof that Dennis DeYoung was really strange in the early 80's... may still be for all I know... I have never been a big fan of his since he went out on his own in 1984...

    Brady V

    Judy Keeton I just saw de young a year ago he's great

    Doc Manhattan

    Being a creative genius isn’t strange.


    genius. rofl

  92. ClassicTVMan1981X

    Yo, that is actually Tommy Shaw as Jonathan Chance. Although, the guitar solo he's doing is actually performed by the man who wrote this tune and sang its lead vocals, none other than "J. Y."

  93. Wanlop Maba

    I think him's Lenin. lol

  94. Sethars

    All those beautiful guitars being destroyed, and it wasn't even a "The Who" concert :'(

  95. Carl Hult

    Do you think Tipper Gore is watching this?

  96. Omar Escalante

    Is the young dude on the video Jack Black or it's my imagination?

    Jose Frederico

    yo pensé lo mismo y creo que es el

  97. kimberly longman

    I like the idea of VEVO getting a spanking That would be funny. I would laugh my ass off. :))

  98. kimberly longman


  99. gremmiehodad

    Anyone have the live version from the "Music Time" single?!!!!!

  100. ACDC7369

    probably styx's most underrated song