Styx - Haven't We Been Here Before Lyrics

Haven't we been here before
Footsteps lead down to the note on the door
That says I can't stay here anymore

And haven't we felt this same way
Sure in our hearts, but afraid just the same
To say I can't stay one minute more

You might think that it's hopeless
Beyond our control
But that's not necessarily so
Can't you see there's a chance
For the daring young soul
Who's finally learned to say no

No, I won't be misused
Ignored or refused
And I won't just give up and let go

So tonight hold me close to you
And don't give up what's important to you
And as time rolls on
Nothing can stand in our way

And I believe if we learn from the past
We'd find keys to unlock every door
Dark would turn into light
We'd be strong
We'd be right

So tonight hold me close to you
And don't give up what's important to you
And as time rolls on
Nothing will stand in our way

And I believe if we learn from the past
We'd say haven't we been here before
Oh, and I believe if we open our hearts
We'd find keys to unlock every door
Hearts could change overnight
We'd be strong...We'd be right
So stay with me now
The future is ours
And we'll be the ones who go on

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Styx Haven't We Been Here Before Comments
  1. Dave Autzen

    Waitasec...was that one cop Carl Reiner?!

  2. Lee Parker


  3. TheGrubLord

    Brought to you by the same guy that did the video for Take On Me, and also the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie?

  4. Annia Squires


  5. Imaginos Desdinova

    Perfect ending to the Kilroy Was Here album!

    Jamison Dean

    Agreed! Though it didnt rock as hard as "Paradise Theater" or "Pieces of Eight", it had its moments. And all STYX albums have had its variations which Ive loved and thats why I love this album too!...You have to appreciate the musicianship behind this album cause even though Tommy complained about the direction of the band Dennis was taking at the time, he contributed two awesome ballads!..."Just get through this night" and "Havent we been here before" which really showcase not only his songwriting but his vocal performances as well!

  6. Steven Niles

    Tommy Shaw HATED this video. This and Mr. Roboto was the reason they broke up in the first place. Dennis wanted to turn every song into a broadway play while the rest of the band wanted nothing to do with it, they wanted to keep rockin!

    Jamison Dean

    Thats true that Tommy hated the direction the band was going in. But Dennis said that they woulda put out another rock album after this had Tommy stayed in the band. And wouldnt that have been interesting? I know we cant go back in time but what would have STYX's follow up after Kilroy had sounded like in 1985?!

    Geils Sila

    And stick in irrevelant love tunes and ballads. PUKE!!

  7. Henry Robinson

    Styx was really something back in the day who knows what might have been had they remained a unit.

  8. Miguel Cruz

    Mi grupo favorito desde mí niñez crecí con styx y aunque ya no estén juntos siempre los admirarse por su música y talento saludos

  9. Ed Pawley

    1983, from the "Kilroy Was Here" album. I originally saw this video on "Friday Night Videos," on NBC late night after Johnny Carson. We didn't have cable, and it was the only way I could watch music videos in the early days of MTV. The duet is great; much overlooked Styx song.

  10. Kenny G

    Saw Styx at the Hammersmith Odeon in 1979. One of the greatest nights of my life!

  11. Bread Styx

    I don't understand some of the video, someone explain?

  12. dakotaescher1

    I think the problem I had and have with this record is the sound of the keyboards and the thin production.

  13. 爺ディフェンサー


  14. Jamison Dean

    Great tune!....But knowing Tommy was not happy at this point in the bands direction...What do you think he was thinking while riding on that pendulum?...he he he

  15. rocknrollcola

    I am amazed they used an organized crime theme in this video instead of a censorship theme.

  16. Jim J

    Who is the actor who plays the detective @2:16? He looks familiar.

  17. C C

    Don't you wish James "JY" Young and Dennis DeYoung could shake hands again...

    Geils Sila

    in your dreams

    Jamison Dean

    Yes...And isnt it a shame that they wont? STYX will never be STYX without Dennis, JY and Tommy. And yet if it wasnt for Dennis' talents as a singer, keyboardist, songwriter and producer back in the early days of the band...i. e. "Lady", they probably wouldnt have got signed to a major label. Which wouldve meant JY and Tommy wouldnt have made the millions that they did. They should stop and appreciate that. Even if Dennis is strong willed you can still find a way to keep peace and appreciate what you've been blessed with financially, the great times you had and the great music you all created.

    Geils Sila

    Bull. Dennis was a tyrant

  18. Clay Rogers

    One of my two favorite Kilroy was here songs. You can see Tommy was already checking out in the video.

  19. Ben Turner


  20. Master of war

    _________༼ ◦ ◦ ༽_______Killroy was here

  21. zudemaster

    That baby at the 01:30 mark looks scared to death.

  22. clinke2007

    There were so many great music videos in the 80s. And this one, too.

  23. drew rosecrans

    is that luke skywalker singing?

  24. Irim Sarwar

    How frighteningly apropos...

  25. Dr S Pants, DDS


  26. Wesley Curtis

    Oh my god, I FINALLY found this video!.... I can't find the Don't Let it End video anymore for some reason...

    Geils Sila

    Who wants to search for Don't let it end? That tune doesn't fit the album's concept of banning rock. PUKE!!


    @Geils Sila true, but it gives them the opportunity to bookend mr. roboto by having don't let it end reprise lol

    Geils Sila

    Whoopie kriffin' do

  27. Nick Tokar

    I feel like the video to this song could be a new concept for a horror movie. the clown they kept showing scared the crap out of me. But i think this is one of their most underrated songs. The duet between these two is phenomenal.


    At this time clowns were not the avatars of horror that they are today, this started to change later in the decade. They usually represented a lost childhood from an adult perspective and/or the passage of time (since they were definitely passé at this point) from a nostalgic point of view.

    Bob Davis

    Yes…the clowns, pendulum, footsteps, window etc aspects worked well; the mafia smokestacks threatening each other should have been replaced with more sensitive and lyrically appropriate imagery. One of the best Styx songs.

    Ed Pawley

    Been listening to this the last few days for the first time in many years. yes, the duet is striking. Wish they'd done more of them.

  28. Newzchspy

    Dennis is magical by himself. Go to any Dennis DY concert lately?? Its as if you're seeing Styx 35 years ago. He WAS and IS the true talent behind the band Styx.

    Clay Rogers

    Dennis is a magician! He's held music in place for 35 years! Others have moved on.

    Geils Sila

    Not Quite. The Panozzo brothers were, may John rest in peace; Dennis only undermined their rights. Worse, he treated them like dirt, along with the other bandmates. If you ask me, he should've been a multi instrumentalist like ol' Macca and used multitrack recording to play all the instruments and be his own band.

  29. Ilovewyatt01

    Tommy and Dennis were magical together. This song reflects a small part of that. Too bad they can't work together.

    Geils Sila

    And its just as well; Dennis was a tyrant, a la Roger Waters, Paul Mc Cartney, Glenn Frey, etc.

    Jamison Dean

    Amen!...Couldnt have said it any better in one sentence...He he he

  30. Julie Adams

    The man in the brown hat entering the room at 2:16 and who hangs up his at the end: isn't that Clark Griswold's dad from Christmas Vacation who says to Clark that he's turning over the annual reading of the Night Before Christmas to Clark?  I just looked up the actor's name:  John Randolph

    Thomas R. Skidmore

    I've seen John Randolph on MASH. Never thought I'd see him on a rock music video.

  31. RedStallion2000

    The solo at ~ 2:45 sounds like Queen.  Dennis DeYoung looks a little like Freddie Mercury at ~ 3:33.  Just sayin'

    Geils Sila

    Shame on you, Auntie. What a heartless thing to say.

  32. Cam P.

    I thought Kilroy had a great concept but was not executed very well. The music is great, probably my favorite Styx album, but I think that if they just played that 10 minute video before the shows instead of the big stage production, it would have been much better for them. Great concept, but not carried out properly

    jon-michael fink

    i believe he was meant to have a love interest in it dennis


    Yeah. In the original draft, Kilroy was meant to have an estranged girlfriend and that was how "Don't Let It End" would've fitted. They wrote her out but kept the song anyway.

    Geils Sila

    Why should Kilroy have a love interest in a dystopian world that banned rock? I believed it was a man's world in Kilroy. If you ask me they should've omitted the tune in addition to the so called "love interest." Irrevelant

    Geils Sila

    Illogical. romances and the banning of rock were irrevelant and didn't go together


    When I saw them perform Kilroy ("Caught in the Act") live the first time ('83), they did play the Kilroy robot video prior to the start of the concert.

  33. Robert Reed

    The album "Kilroy Was Here" was about a future in which Rock and Roll music was outlaw.  The album was a result of the criticism of Rock music during the early nineteen-eighties.  Some of the songs suggest that the concept could have become a Rcok Opera.  Styx had broken up after the release of the album. Dennis and Tommy have long since made up.  Dennis is allow to continue to sing Styx songs.

    Geils Sila

    Go fart in your panties, Auntie, let Deb talk, she's got a right.

    Geils Sila

    From what you say, Sas, seems youre saying Dennis should've ousted his bandmates and became Styx, working as a one man band. Well I say in your dreams on that. And I say Gowan's doing a better job than Dennis did.

    Geils Sila

    And it also reawoke the band's classic prog rock/Wooden Nickel and The Grand Illusion & Pieces Of Eight days.

    L S

    Sasquatch Revealed saw them last night outside of Seattle - played a mix of old stuff and Mission. It was pretty good, but some songs I could tell they changed for Gowan's lesser ability. Don't get me wrong, it was still great, but having been a Styx fan since I was a doe-eyed little girl with posters of JY and Tommy on my wall, I could instantly hear the difference.

    Jamison Dean

    Hi Deborah, Your right in them not being on speaking terms which is stupid... But you cant tell me that Gowan is even a fraction of a vocalist that Deyoung is...Gowan is a great keyboard player and didnt even want to join the band until the money was offered...he he he, but not even close to that awesome vibrato, range and songwriting that Deyoung is blessed with...And Ive got "The Mission" and like some of the tracks in all fairness since I love JY and Tommy, but its not a true STYX album without Dennis being a part of it and It in no way compares to the classic albums like "Paradise Theater" or "The Grand Illusion" in my opinion... On the other hand, Dennis has a new song and video out which I think he wrote with the great Jim Peterik from Survivor fame, and has been working on a new album...Check it out!...

  34. Stuss H

    Styx without Dennis to myself was the day Styx died..

    Ross Harvey

    Stussy H I know how you feel. I'm one of their greatest fans. But you're wrong. I've seen them live 6 times. 4 without Dennis. They still rock.

    Stuss H

    @Ross Harvey​
    i seen styx 2012 without Dennis in uk..
    not impressed ..
    seen tommy shaw 1984
    promoting girls with guns tour.. superb..
    i am trying to say. styx as a band especially cornerstone 1979... great studio album. but the way dennis was treated when he was ill was disgusting. thats just my opinion.. james youngs solo attempt with jan hammers collaboration was utter pants..

    Deborah Kerns

    Ross Harvey ~ Agreed...I've seen them both with and without DDY, and they are great live now. Dennis is dull on stage, no energy. And of course he does those awful ballads like "Babe", which I personally never liked. It was Tommy who brought me in as a fan. But I also love JY'S Styx & solo material, as I've always liked Styx's rockin' tracks better. Many (but not all), love ballads bore me to tears.
    Lawrence gives Styx an energy they never had with Dennis. And his showmanship is first rate.

    Morticia Addams

    Deborah Kerns I agree. I was a big Larry fan before he joined Styx. He would rock a small bar just as hard as any large video.

    Geils Sila

    Like Hell it was Cornerstone was the day Styx Died. Dennis is to blame

  35. chadergeist82

    I never saw this video before. It's a little confusing to see how the video follows the song's meaning.

  36. Dan S.

    This video reminds me how bad "Kilroy Was Here" really was.  A disappointing end for a great band.


    The concept was bad. Song maybe not so great ..... But Tommy and Dennis's voice on this is amazing.



    Deborah Kerns

    Dan S. ~ Agreed...this was a poorly executed album. Except for JY's tracks and one of Tommy's,
    (Just Get Through This Night), the songs were not good. The censorship issue was totally missed, because of the ridiculous theatrics... And probably why it only sold 1 million copies. It was devoid of the human condition, and fans couldn't relate to it. Also, I thought it was hypocritical of DDY to criticize technology in this album. Because at the time, it used more technology in the recording process, then any of Styx's previous albums. Kilroy, is certainly one of Styx's weakest A&M albums. But personally, I would say
    "Edge Of The Century" is their weakest on the A&M label.

    Michele Maurin

    DDY was attempting to make a point, with the Kilroy album, and how it sounded. That point, was that technology was (however much the record companies loved it) killing the creative artistic impulse, that bands had. Beginning in the early eighties, more and more pressure, was continually being brought to bear, on various artists, in various genres, to utilize the digilog (digital) recording process, to produce their albums. (CD's) Most major recording acts, up to that time, had grown comfortable, and accustomed to, producing record material, using tried and true analog recording tech... that allowed the artist themselves, to have more control over what did, and didn't make it onto a recording. DDY believed that the newer advances in recording technology, made an album cheaper, and far faster to produce...but it sounded less "honest".

    Geils Sila

    Leave Deb alone and go French kiss Pee Wee Herman, you ol' mean Mortimer Snerd

  37. Lisa-Dawn Baker

    Michael, "So stay with me; the future is ours, and we'll be the ones who gone on".

  38. Kris Herzog

    One of the better songs off of Kilroy, sadly, the video is the only one NOT to tie into the concept of the album.
    Fitting with the theme, it's a touching song about survival when the odds are against you. Story-wise, this was the lead up to Kilroy (as performed by Dennis DeYoung) and Jonathan Chance (performed by Tommy Shaw) meeting at the "Dr. Righteous Museum for Rock Pathology" aka the "Paradise Theatre".

    Geils Sila

    Neither was that soppy STUU-----PID Don't Let It End; THAT didn't fit the album's concept AT ALL.

  39. okrajoe

    i never knew this song had a video. 


    What does this vid have to do with the song, though? All those mafia guys, and the clown - Makes no sense at all. Just show more Tommy. More Tommy. That's all. LOL

  40. Joseph Vala

    Great song ... but Dennis proves yet again how far up his ass his head was ... may be the dumbest video I have ever seen ...

    mella mell

    @Joseph Vala and B Julian-Stark.     Guys . . . Yuck. Can't you just agree to disagree about music video taste and leave it there?


    Some rock videos were never meant to make sense...

    Geils Sila

    BRAAAAAP!! On You, Dennis The Menace. You went 2 far

  41. Curtis Nash

    one of my faves by them.  Dennis and Tommy should've shared lead more often; their voices blended quite nicely.

  42. orangeblossom

    great song, awful video.

    Alice Cooper

    I agree with you on both points.  I had never seen this video, in fact I didn't even know there was a video for this song till I saw clips of it in Behind the Music and came to look for it. You can see why MTV didn't give it any play.  Dennis's tendency toward conceptual art really took a wrong turn at times, and this video was definitely one of them.  But the song is beautiful, and their voices together in countermelody are just perfection. 


    @Alice Cooper well ya may be right but i loved it all the vid and music but i'm weird.

    Neal M

    I wish i had never seen this video... good song though.

  43. Jackie Joseph

    So, it seems as though if we open our hearts we'd find keys to unlock every door. Night would ,like turn into day, ya feel me peeps. Like what it is that, doesn't that like, know what I be say'in, always happen? ya feel me, they even have themselves a word up for that, be sayin Sunrise. That's cool, to find your keys, feel what it is; it is. Happiness is, when keys get found.Then bliss is so closer, & that's chanting the Names of the Lord & you'll be free. Can't be locking that freedom because joy joy joy down in my heart for the Supreme Lord; makes us all shine and easy to love acting as godly family. Uplifting, re-awakening to our eternal self, doing inconceivably ecstatic exchanges of pure love of the Supreme One that brings value to all zeroes that follow the path of perfection. HARE KRISTE'   

  44. Freaksoftheinternet

    I love this song a lot but my favorite Tommy song is Lights.

  45. Dani Vargas

    This is my FAVORITE Tommy Shaw song!! Has been since I first heard/saw it on Friday Night Videos A MILLION YEARS AGO!!!!!

    Jamison Dean

    No you was 34 yrs ago

  46. shadeslayer2224

    its because of the fact that youtube didn't exist when all the good music was being produced

  47. Tyler

    I'd say its my fave but im stuck at a 4 way tie!

  48. Tyler

    ok Kilroy is a epic album, the story... not so much, but the music is GREAT! and Tommy Shaw always complains about the album but HE WROTE LIKE HALF OF IT!!! as far as im concerned Dennis deyoung is STYX

    Jamison Dean

    Tommy did contribute significantly to Kilroy though in a more mellow/melodic style which just just shows how amazing he is as a writer...All of his contributions though were not hits, but shoulda been, made this a great album along with Dennis and JY's songs...Collectively, they as a nucleus were magic! And "Just get through this night" is probably my fav on this album

    Geils Sila

    Dennis never was styxThe Panozzos founded it

  49. orses4corses

    If you're a true Styx Fan you like Kilroy as well. It's a brilliant album.

    Jamison Dean

    Agreed!...Though it doesnt rock as hard as some of the previous albums its still a well written masterpiece!

  50. Mr. Byte

    Awesome song, but total mismatch for the video. What were they thinking?

    Tommy needs to get over himself, as does Dennis. Maybe moreso Dennis. Tommy and JY are the rock of Styx, but Dennis was it's soul. It's just not as good anymore.

    Geils Sila

    Why don't you DeYoung freaks get over it? Good riddance to Dennis, he's a has been, he ruined Styx with his steel grip rule over a band the Panozzos created.

  51. HagbardCeline42

    It's too bad Tommy and Dennis hate each other, when they shared vocals, it was pretty great.

    Renee Cheuvront

    Geils Sila

    just as well Dennis was the American Roger Waters

  52. Sweetie Kay

    The best song they ever produced.

  53. jeff mccall

    this video was on friday night videos alot

  54. jeff mccall

    at 1:43 he slips

  55. Kriz Traska

    Stop abusing the overhead lamp, damnit ~ the star of the video.

  56. Send Me An Angel

    And people wonder why suicide rates are rising. It's getting to the point where perfectly rational people want to end their own lives to escape from the world.

  57. Bunnycoola

    How do amazing videos like this get only a couple thousand views but bitches like Taylor Swift and Bieber get billions??? What happened to the music??


    The music is great. The video - WTF?

  58. Rui Calado

    classic song from STYX,amazing lyrics,and melody,only great musicians like these guys can make music so beautifull.forever one of my favorite bands.