Styx - Double Life Lyrics

In the dark so all alone
Slowly reach for the telephone
A message waits just for you
A secret place, another rendezvous

It's not always honesty
That is the best policy
But little lies can give you away
Though you'll deny it if they say maybe you're just

Leading a double life
Friends in the daytime, strangers at night
Leading a double life
Can it be wrong when you know that it's right?

The other side of the Berlin Wall is
Not far enough to avoid the call
Somebody knows, somebody's seen
Somebody knows right where you've been
And that you're just

Leading a double life
Friends in the daytime, strangers at night
Leading a double life
Can it be wrong when you know that it's right?

Nowhere to hide, though we both might try
I'm schizophrenic, and so am I
Double life, a double life, a masquerade
You know we all live a masquerade
I know you're out there!

Leading a double life
Friends in the daytime, strangers at night
Leading a double life
Can it be wrong when you know that it's right?

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Styx Double Life Comments
  1. meangreen69Nova

    This song could've easily been radio air play

  2. Cameron Clarke

    "I'm schizophrenic and so am I" might be the funniest line in any styx song ever

  3. Daniel Gomez

    I searched up the lyrics to this song on Google, but they wrote down the Wrong lyrics about this song. Once I found it on some website from Google.

    So can anyone tell me the lyrics of this entire song, because I really want to know what this song is all about.

    I'm wondering if this song is about dr. Righteous determined to find Kilroy, because mr. Righteous believes that he's out there somewhere. And that Kilroy will finally be caught and put back in prison

  4. Michael Fox

    A song and album that was WAY ahead of it's time..and still is! Classic STYX. What a great band!

  5. john pettigrew

    Who else is listening in 2019?

  6. Carrie Fawcett

    I love this track but i really feel the chorus could have been better, stronger. Hmmm🤔

  7. ClassicTVMan1981X

    He also played the guitar/synthesizer on a few tracks from 1979's _Cornerstone_ album: "Lights," "Why Me" and "Eddie."

  8. legasiguy

    One of their best tunes!

  9. Morgan Grey

    James and dennis is what made styx ....without them i doubt we would hear this music today.

  10. Kimberly Taylor

    One of my favorite songs from this album. Sometimes I feel like I live a double life :(

  11. ogam5

    ....rarely is the uncommonly FOREBODING aspect of Stygian sounds - OBVIOUSLY true with THIS schizophrenic number, called to more than CURSORY attention - but from Pieces Of Eight THROUGH to Brave New World (even BEFORE, on the RCA releases) an undercurrent of prescience, ALONE made them EXTREMELY vital.....MUCH of what the 3 principal songwriters warned of, has INDEED since come to pass.....

  12. onehundredstocks

    Words and Music : James Young! This is my Favorite Song by James Young! I like this song even more than 'Miss America'! But Just Barely! 'Miss America' is my second favorite song!

  13. Chanibear 777

    This is an awesome song I first heard it at the age of 4 and never understood but loved it.

  14. The UnknownCommenter

    Im schizophrenic and so am I

  15. drew rosecrans

    awesome song!! takes me back!!

  16. MrSilksoul

    You know, for as much crap people talk about concerning the Kilroy album, when I look here on YouTube Its at a minimum of 80% thumbs up for the songs individually. Aside from it not catering to the hardcore rock fans, can you actually say that this album sucks? There's not one song on this album that is garbage.

    Alley Keosheyan

    @MrSilkSoul ... I agree! I think the whole album was underrated/underappreciated. IMO it was a case of right time/wrong place. DDY should have done this one as a concept album or even a theatrical production independent of Styx, who felt like they were dragged along for a ride they didn't want to be on.


    My first Styx album, love every song and have no regrets.

    Michael Mcfarland

    It wasn't the album. It was the theatrical tour that fans complained about. Wasn't their usual tour show. Was a whole live action play set around the songs

    Michael Mcfarland

    Waaay ahead of it's time for a tour

  17. Arya Elysion

    Can it be wrong when you know that it's right?

  18. Deborah Kerns

    Mournblade 1066, I agree, JY doesn't get nearly the credit he deserves. He to me is what holds them together. Styx' music would be a little on the bland side with out JY. People can argue all they want about Dennis, but I personally would not be a fan if it were all Dennis all the time. Dennis is too mellow for me anymore.


    Personally glad Dennis is gone... Shaw and Young really made the rock ROCK!

  19. onehundredstocks

    Happy Birthday Today To James Young born on this Day November 14, 1949.

  20. Deborah Kerns

    And Kilroy was hardly a cash cow. It only sold about 1 million copies initially, which was less the the four previous albums. They were booed off the stage on more then one occasion during the Kilroy tour. Plus in the beginning of that tour they were losing all kinds of money.

    Deborah Kerns

    +TJRROCKSPONGE Plus if you go online it even says the same Kilroy isn't even mentioned as one of their multi platinum albums. And Cornerstone has less sales then Paradise Theatre . As of now that is.


    @Deborah Kerns 1983 was the year of The Police, Men at Work, Def Leppard, Iron Maiden (who rule), Van Halen and Michael Jackson. Ironically, A&M was home to Styx, Supertramp and The Police. The Police outsold Styx and Supertramp's releases. All 1970s bands were suffering except for Genesis (who sold more and more each album with 1983 self titled being their biggest album up to that stage), Rush (Signals continued the Top 10 and Platinum winning streak), Van Halen (who had their winning streak continue with Diver Down), Judas Priest (who broke big with Screaming for Vengeance), Journey's Frontiers did big and KISS (who came back once they got rid of makeup and released Lick it Up their first Platinum seller since 1979). As for other 1970s bands in 1982/83 frame, Pink Floyd's last album with Roger Waters (and what many called their farewell album) called The Final Cut (and only one without co-founder/keyboard player/songwriter Rick Wright) sold a 1/10 of The Wall (though it went Platinum and ironically Kilroy kept TFC from Top 5), Supertramp's swan song with Roger Hodgson entitled ...Famous Last Words... sold 1/6 of Breakfast in America, Bob Seger and Tom Petty barely sold a million copies with their albums The Distance and Long After Dark respectively. Queen tanked with Hot Space. AC/DC bombed with Flick of the Switch. Bad Company, The Eagles and Pink Floyd all disbanded.  

    Deborah Kerns

    TJRROCKSPONGE~ So what. We are talking about Styx, not anyone else. What do they have to do with Styx's album sales, nothing. People didn't buy Kilroy simply because it wasn't well received by the fans. Look at the comments on YouTube, see how many fans say how much they hated this album. Many of hard core Styx fans say it all the time.

    Deborah Kerns

    TJRROCKSPONGE - I looked it up (again), Kilroy went to number 3 on the billboard album charts. But, it still never sold more then 1 million copies, as it's not listed as one of Styx's multi platinum albums. Even Cornerstone they have listed as only selling 2 million copies. And that last album Styx did with Dennis,
    "Brave New World", well that only got as high as #175 on the billboard album chart. Cyclorama went to #47.

    Mark Wilkinson

    Styx was never, in their career, ever booed off the stage. Another dummy that only knows Behind The Music which was completely inaccurate.

  21. Deborah Kerns

    Yeah well, for someone who such a popular band member they sure are doing fine with out Dennis huh? And they can tour as much as they want, and they don't have to get Dennis's permission to do so.

    Deborah Kerns

    +TJRROCKSPONGE Think what you want, I have seen them several times since Dennis' firing and they have done fine. The last album that Dennis recorded with Styx he material on that CD was lousy at best.

    Deborah Kerns

    +TJRROCKSPONGE Styx would not be around if Dennis was still in there because Dennis always acted like an ass. He was always wanting things his way and every time they broke up it was because of Dennis selfish BS. You may not like them now and that's fine but there are plenty of fans who still love them.


    @Deborah Kerns Tommy and JY turned Styx into an oldies act. Cyclorama sucked. I know you probably finger yourself at pictures to Tommy Shaw. Tommy's songs on Brave New World were pathetic (bar Everything is Cool and the reprise to the title cut and the co-writes with JY). Dennis' songs were excellent. Trouble was in 1999, everyone wanted either teen pop OR nu metal or rap. No place for old rockers. Besides Styx now OPEN for Def Leppard (another band who went to shit after Steve Clark died and I saw them live and actually slept through them, Judas Priest was awesome a month earlier).

    Deborah Kerns

    +TJRROCKSPONGE Please Dennis material on Brave New World was pathetic. They were show tunes. Except maybe Goodbye To Roseland. Dennis sounded awful with his material.


    @Deborah Kerns Tommy Shaw on "Just Fell In" I hear "GO GREASED LIGHTING". "I Will Be Your Witness" sounds like The Backstreet Boys. One of the others sounded like bad Damn Yankees (who is dated hair metal shit). Now Styx are a nostalgia act opening for Def Leppard (who also suck without Pete Willis and Steve Clark). You probably love scab KISS (without Ace Frehley and Peter Criss they suck), voted for Obama and are an Atheist who watches Family Guy.

  22. Deborah Kerns

    Correction on my part, they are not broke up. Dennis is just not there anymore, he couldn't play "nice" with the others ;)


    +TJRROCKSPONGE I think your response was meant for Deborah and not me because what you're challenging is what Deborah said, not me. You basically reiterated what I said lol.


    +MrSilksoul Sorry bro. You and I both agree that DDY is not the bad guy painted by Comrade Big Mouth JY who always was envious of DDY. When JY was singer, Styx didn't get arrested. Once DDY took over, the band slowly rose in popularity. In fact when Tommy Shaw joined for Crystal Ball, Dennis named the album after the new arrival's song and picked "Mademoiselle" as the first single to spotlight the newest member on vocals. No amount of revisionist history from Debbie will change our mind on the reality of why Styx changed. IF they kept doing prog things after Pieces of Eight, they would have wound up like ELP, Jethro Tull (who would not have another hit until 1987) and Yes (who fell from grace until their re-launch in 1983). Styx like Rush, Genesis and Pink Floyd changed with the times thanks to Punk and New Wave's impact on rock music stripping down the epics and pretentiousness and incorporated new sounds.


    +TJRROCKSPONGE Yea JY was always strung out. Thats why he looks so skeletal now. TS cleaned up. I just think its messed up how DDY allowed Tommy to come back but as soon as DDY couldn't tour due to health issues, they ran him out. People want ti talk about DDys ballads. Listen to Styx ll The Serpent is rising, Man of Miracles, Equinox etc.. all of those were before TS and those hits were hard core.

    Sean Morrison

    MrSilksoul Dennis doesn't like to tour full time... it had nothing just to do with the light sensitivity ... He had nervous breakdowns being away from his wife during the Grand Illusion....

    Deborah Kerns

    Sean Morrison ~ You're correct... It seems DDY always has some issue when it comes to touring with Styx. It had been a problem in the band for many years. The Dennis crowd just don't want to face facts. Even now, his wife is in his band with him...😖
    That's too strange for me.

  23. Deborah Kerns

    Ryan they are my all time favorite also. This is one of best songs on the album.

  24. Deborah Kerns

    And for the record, it wasn't Tommy's drug addiction that broke up the band. It was Dennis' controlling ways, and the goofy material he wanted to release.

    Sally O'Neill

    Dennis wrote all but one of their Top 10 hits, he came up with the concept for Mr. Roboto. Yes, it looks retarded in retrospect but at the time it was a cash cow. Shaw could've decided not to go on tour doing the rock opera but he stayed the course. He also came back knowing that Dennis didn't change and then took advantage of him being incapacitated to take control of the band. Now it's just a tribute band without Dennis and the Panozzo brothers unless token appearances from Chuck count. I bet if the AIDS didn't get to his brain, he would've never backed Dennis being kicked out.

    Deborah Kerns

    Sally O'Neill ~ The Kilroy album only sold 1 million copies. That's less then their last four albums. Even today, it's NOT listed as one of Styx's multi platinum albums. And they lost all kinds of money in the beginning of this tour, due to playing in small venues. Paradise Theatre, Pieces Of Eight, Grand Illusion, now they were multiple platinum selling albums, and can be considered cash cows. Kilroy, Not!

  25. Deborah Kerns

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chuck Panozzo!

  26. onehundredstocks

    Words And Music: James Young

  27. Doobie1975

    I can't believe I actually didn't like this song when I've first heard of it, now I find myself really liking it and think it should have been the third single instead of "High Time".

    Deborah Kerns

    Doobie 1975, I never thought about it before, but I agree with you. This is my favorite from JY on the album, and as I am thinking of it, well my favorite from the album period. When I first bought the album, I played this song constantly. Always liked the mysteriousness of the song.

    Deborah Kerns

    Doobie 1975, it's funny how our musical tastes can change over the years huh? Glad you came around though.


    I distinctly remember this song being played on my rock station. It is a good one, best on this album IMHO.

    Deborah Kerns

    rufas200 ~ Agreed...Although it probably wouldn't have done well as a single. I would have bought it though. It's my favorite on the album too. But the album overall, was not that good. The silly theatrics of the concert tour destroyed any credibility Styx had as a serious rock band.


    .....ACTUALLY, a lot of radio programmers at that time, viewed the release of them SIMULTANEOUSLY, as a DOUBLE a-side.....

  28. qumputer pooter

    very good tune

  29. hammadification

    It's weird i'm 17 but have listened to styx , led zepplin , and many other bands like them and never got bored of the same songs over and over for 17 years of my life yet when a new drake/lil wayne/2chainz or any new music will sounds good for a week then i get bored of it and never listen to it again ...


    Tommy admitted to being heavily addicted to coke in the 1980s (he left in a drug induced haze). When he quit, Dennis refused to replace him (although JY and the Panozzos wanted to go on). If they got the solo albums out of the system in 1984 they could have reunited for Live Aid and a classic Styx album may have appeared (JY with his hard edged track, Tommy with the mix of acousitc and electric pieces and Dennis with the Top 40 tunes).

  31. Christopher711

    I love this song.

    Alley Keosheyan

    Me, too -- also thought this album was underrated/underrappreciated. DDY should have made a theatrical production or concept album out of it on his own and not w/Styx.

  32. Supertron5000

    I hope Rockstar includes more Styx in their future Grand Theft Auto games; And with lyrics like this and "Cold War", this would be a good song to include in their game Agent (if it doesn't get cancelled) since it is set during the late 70s - early 80s Cold War era and deals with things like espionage.

  33. Charlie Roberson

    always an expert in the house... who doesn't know the toilet from the living room chair

  34. Aftereffect2011

    Soooooooooooo perfect ˙˙˙˙˙

  35. Moonbow

    the intro and outro of this track is genius.

    - Killroy.

    Rodney Slater

    jerrywasarace This beginning and ending set this song up so good. It’s awesome to say the least.

  36. Nonnie Loest

    ahhh what could have been, should have been with this album. Awesome awesome music overshadowed by the silly theatrics.

  37. GetThyDome

    @Cradley51 Then what did they say about the breakup? Because I'm fairly certain DeYoung was kicked out of the band not just because of his sensitivity to light.

  38. Chris Radley

    @GetThyDome wrong breakup dude i have met them and i have physically discussed it with them

  39. GetThyDome

    Just to clarify, DeYoung wasn't just booted out because of his health. DeYoung, Shaw and Young all had different musical preferences, DeYoung loving "theatrical" performances, and Young and Shaw loving rock. Styx recieved harsh critique from Kilroy, and Shaw had enough and went solo. When he returned in '95, tensions were still high, but that didn't stop them from playing. Styx has always been two separate bands, DeYoung and Shaw, but that really doesn't matter because they both make great music

  40. Supertron5000

    @rgreed20081 I had never heard the rumors but that's interesting. Tommy Shaw had joined Damn Yankees in 1988, not sure what the deal was with his drug habit if he had one. IMO the original/classic lineup's the best.

  41. Supertron5000

    This song would've been perferct for an episode of Miami Vice with Crockett and Tubbs (vice cops) as Burnett and Cooper (drug dealers). And maybe Trudy and Gina going under as whores.

  42. togue777

    The beginning reminds me of Tubular Bells.

  43. klistarf

    Got the album on vinyl, right back in the day! Always, always loved this track, but wow, hearing it again after quite some time, it sounds simply phenomenal! Such a simple song, but fuck, so incredible! Everything works so well together! James 'JY' Young always wrote such dark, brooding stuff. For me, this is the best song on an amazingly underrated album! I could NEVER tire of this track!! I love it, love it, love it... \m/ (:o)

  44. Compgeke

    Wow, yet another Styx song I've never heard. I didn't know what I've been missing out on!

  45. Robert Reed

    Dennis De Young had supposely quit the band after he had developed a sensitively to light. In other words, an allegry. The band did broke up after Kilroy Was Here. Tommy Shaw had a problem with drugs according to one rumor. Tommy and Dennis have long since became friends. Tommy, James and Dennis were the main players of the band. I do wished that Dennis was still with the band.

  46. diamondgirl4good

    Wow....powerful words!!

  47. mournblade1066

    Man, I've always loved this song. This is arguably the best song from the album--and the album itself is not nearly as bad as many (including the band itself) make it out to be.

    This should have been a HUGE hit. I can't believe it wasn't released as a single. The songs that J.Y. sing are almost always awesome.

  48. aajoeyjo

    Absolutely beautiful.

  49. Hylian_Hero85

    LOL, I'm under 45 by 20 yrs, and I know the Wooden Nickel Styx songs, those are some pretty good songs, I love Witch Wolf, Grove of Eglatine, Jonas Psalter, Serpent is Rising and above all the rest...Unfinished Song, yes I have the Wooden Nickel compilation released a few years ago. Kilroy was here, not just for Mr. Roboto, is my favorite Styx album, by far. Great story, told in a great way, with some points that could fit in the real world.

  50. nothingface2112

    jonaspsalter??? nobody under 45 knows that was a styx song from the old days, kilroy was ok at the time but rather embarrassing nowadays and while dennis was a genius he was the one who killed the band with the silly rock opera video that opened every show turning off the fans and when they reformed it wasn't their fault he was unable to perform under the glare of stage lights for whatever medical condition so they went on without him, end of story

  51. Johnny Salami

    @jonaspsalter38 I totally agree with you on the one cause I loved when the whole band was together and not like this where there is no Dennis and that breaks my heart cause he is one of the originals who started the band...

  52. Tommy Mayes

    kilroy was a great album .....big styx fan up until brave new world. boycotted after mistreatment of dennis

  53. Sue Bee

    I agree.... this was like my fav of Kilroy was here.... as well as heavy metal poisoning... the whole album was the SHIT :)

  54. ArmageddonMarksman


  55. the Purr of Bastet

    That's it. I'm buying this album

  56. Ryan Miller

    Thanx for putting this on youtube, Styx is my all-time favorite band!!!