Styx - Don't Let It End (Reprise) Lyrics

I am the modren man
With this guitar in hand
I'll do my best and try
To keep rock and roll alive
...Keep it alive
...Keep it alive
...Keep it alive...

Don't let it end
Don't let it end
Don't let it end
Don't let it end

I'm gonna keep on rockin' all through the night
Shake it, shake it, baby, 'cause it feels so right
Motivate your body, gonna cure your soul
Keep on rockin' 'til I lose control

Don't let it end
I shake to soul music
Don't let it end
I gotta gotta have that music
Don't let it end
Chuck Berry
Don't let it end
The Platters
Don't let it end
Little Richard - ahoo!
Don't let it end
[repeat to fade]

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Styx Don't Let It End (Reprise) Comments
  1. THE BEACH BOYS – Summer Days

    Great song, just not for the concept.

  2. S Satterfield

    I salute you, Styx with DDY. I'm glad you put out so many albums and I saw you live.

  3. JD C

    Love Styx but just listened to this album all the way through since probably early 1980s when I originally bought it. It's just not a good album. Uninspired. Kind of a mess. Knowing what fans know now about the making of this album and the band history, it makes it clear.

  4. Shane Marcotte

    This album sucked!

  5. christopher brinker

    i wanted it to be 5;45

  6. Insidious Insanity

    Does anyone else get visions of Meatloaf when they hear this?

  7. Twosharppencils

    Years since I sat thru that whole album. Great memories of big hair days

  8. Chris Ayad

    the sticks

  9. ShreadTheWeapon

    I'm sorry that JY and Tommy clashed with Dennis the way they did. I love the music they made in this version of Styx.

    Douglas Hall

    Both sides are kind of guilty. This album had many good songs, but was not the best album they ever did. Styx was at their best when the songs were evenly inspired between James, Tommy, and Dennis. When they started doing the concept albums Tommy and James were being roped into what Dennis wanted and he wasn't always right (although he was right often). Tommy finally snapped when they were on tour for this album and a fan attacked him onstage. Trying to turn the album tour into a stage play with the band members acting as characters was a bad idea.


    Great song and album!
    Dennis DeYoung is one of the greatest singers and songwriters, in our opinion!
    The Clarences (robert, erin & leslie)

  11. Angel with the Phonebox [Angel Bear]

    @decimated550 If I'm remembering correctly, the "r" in "modren" was actually printed backwards in the original lyric sheet. [Source: the first ever cassette tape I ever bought. EVAR. The year it came out... oh my!]


    You are remembering correctly.

  12. ketchup143

    why does it let u play this but not the other "don't let it end" on this album?

  13. Kohntarkosz

    Hence, if the Japanese "owned" the US, it kind of makes sense that certain quirks of their pronunciation of our language would bleed over Stateside over the course of time.

  14. Kohntarkosz

    I think the reason he pronounces the word that way is because I think they were trying to convey a future where the entire United States had indeed been bought by the Japanese (as was being predicted by some pundits during the time the album was made). Hence, the Japanese lyrics in Mr Roboto, for instance. That's actually how a Japanese person would pronounce the word "modern", because they have difficulty with the "r" sound, so words like that are difficult for them to say "correctly".

  15. Kohntarkosz

    That's because it's used in the UK, not the US. If you spend much time watching British TV or movies, you'll hear it occasionally, along with other words that are pronounced and/or spelled differently than they are in the US. And that doesn't even take into account all the words that are different altogether between the two countries, such as lift (elevator), lorry (truck), petrol (gasoline), etc.

  16. Kohntarkosz

    Well, actually, in the UK "disorientated" is the correct spelling and pronunciation. It's only in the US where it's "disoriented".

  17. decimated550

    listen for it..i've heard it in movies, even documentary narration.

  18. DerAlmighty

    Really? I have never heard anyone use the word "disorientated" before.

  19. decimated550

    It's a mispronunciation like "disorientated" when it should be disoriented. Or maybe that way of saying it spits out easier while singing

  20. DerAlmighty

    Actually, I think DeYoung was just trying to sound more sophisticated than he was by making up a pronunciation for a common work.

  21. Vaughn Baskin

    Long Live Rock 'N' Roll, Hard Rock, Grunge, Heavy Metal, N More!

  22. Moonbow

    this song is amazing...and way too short.

  23. Elecfish


  24. decimated550

    i am the "modren" man. Styx can't spell!

    J/k, this song blew me up 15 years ago the moment i heard it

  25. ambersalcove

    very true they sure did!

  26. RS - Maxist Marker

    Never let the reign of Rock and Roll end!

    We need to make a music video out of this!