Styx - Cold War Lyrics

Cold war
Cold war
Cold war

I'm tired of your psychology
To bring me to my bended knees
And if I could only talk to you
I'm sure that I could make you see
'Cause time has a way
Of bringing even mountains down, down, down
Storm clouds are coming
I suggest you head for higher ground

Well I say you're a thing of the past
And you ain't gonna last
No matter what you say or do
It's all caught up to you

You're duty-free, you're tax-exempt
You party with the president
And you dance the dance so naturally
Why not believe you're heaven-sent?
But time has a way
Of bringing even mountains down, down, down
There's a dark cloud a-comin'
I insist you head for higher ground

You talk talk and you get so intense
That you almost make sense
And that's what scares me the most
You as the host of celebrity lies
It's prime time, baby
Can't you see in my eyes it's a

Cold war - running in the streets
Everybody you meet
Knows it's going down, don't you know
Cold war - blood is in the air
Everyone everywhere
Says it's time to get ready for a
Cold war - don't you look now
But the skinny boy's becoming a man

You say it's the luck of the draw
And you can't have it all
And I'll die young trying to make it
Into something that ain't gonna last
You ought to reconsider
'Cause I'm coming fast with a

Cold war - running in the streets
Everybody you meet
Knows it's going down, don't you know
Cold war - blood is in the air
Everyone everywhere
Says it's time to get ready for a
Cold war - looking at me
From behind every tree
There's a scared man running from a
Cold war - don't you look now
But the skinny boy's a street fighting man

Cold war
Cold war
Cold war
Cold war
Cold war
Cold war

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Styx Cold War Comments
  1. Kira Miller

    there was supposed to be a movie made to this album!!!! My father saw it back in the early 80's when he was serving in the Navy. He told me that there was a disagreement between the artist and the studio. In a wold where movies really suck it would be great to see it actually released and remastered

  2. Jennifer Lieu

    when i first heard this song, i thought it was a foreigner song haha

  3. Vin Maestro

    it is sad that in our day and age this album cover would be attacked as being politically incorrect and insensitive to our Asian friends.

  4. Luis Carlos Davila

    This Album gives me mixed fellings is so laim but so great at the time... is like a gourgeous bitch with no brains...

  5. Stephen Lord

    What a crap album this was. Just a ridiculous collection of pop songs masquerading as a concept album. Head over to The Mission for a true rock concept album


    Stephen Lord especially with dont let it end. just an average 80s ballad that didnt fit with the concept at all. i liked the concept in mr roboto but the rest of the album simply doesn't fit.

  6. cathytai

    Styx is one of the two fortunate things to come back into my life this year, and it has literally saved my life. Won't go into all the details but - Now that I've discovered them (meaning, more than just knowing about one or two songs), my soul and entire outlook is better, happier and more optimistic. Thank you Dennis deYoung, and, especially, to Tommy Shaw .

    Ronald Morrison

    I really love the album The Grand Illusion. Check out the song "Man in the Wilderness" and "Castle Walls". The whole album is great. I saw Dennis deYoung in concert in December 2017, and he and his band were amazing. He just turned 70. He performed The Grand Illusion in its entirety that night. He has two lookalike guitarists a "Tommy Shaw" and a "JY Young", but these guys are WAY better players. I am discovering some of their earlier stuff like Equinox which is also good. I am kind of partial to Styx since they are also from Illinois.

  7. Ghetto Wizard


    Terra Turnbow

    Righteous thinks it’s over! RIGHTEOUS THINKS ITS OVER!

    No, but I showed the movie to a friend last year and she thought it was amusing....her main comment though.... “so that’s why the end of mr roboto is him saying ‘I’m kilroy’.”


    Ive been tryingto find it!!!

  8. brangelo spanks

    now I know where thomas dolby stole his riff for blinded me w scince

    Tim Gueguen

    "She Blinded Me With Science" was released in October of 1982. "Cold War" and Kilroy Was Here appeared in February of 1983.

  9. Kevin Ammons

    I think we get too caught up in the internal politics that were going on in the band when Kilroy was produced and released. They all wanted us to enjoy this music. Apparently millions have enjoyed it and there's nothing wrong with that.

  10. Chanibear 777

    I remember listening to this song sitting on the back of my mom's mint green Pontiac van with the trunk open and speakers was on my uncles ranch in North Dakota. years ago.

    brangelo spanks

    I wasnt aware pontiac made vans

  11. singularityoneone

    They knew it was coming back in the eighties.

  12. John Johnson

    It seems even more relevant now than it did in 1983...

  13. ketchup143

    the keyboards on this are out of this world.

    Ross Love

    +ketchup143 That's Dennis for ya. Amazing!


    Dennis DeYounfg is a fabulous kkeyboard artist.

  14. ketchup143 this song at a trump or cruz convention. it fits perfectly.


    @The Robby King
    cruz is cut from the exact same cloth. he is a nazi. he has an even more mental and tyrannical belief about government than trump. in many ways im much happier to have trump than cruz as prez, but i still wish cruz had won the repub nomination cause he would have surely lost.

    what did he do?? he read "green eggs and ham" at a filibuster to shut down the government b/c he didn't get his way on aca. scary ass dude.

    Doc Manhattan

    Works better for something like Antifa.

    Conman Epicness

    ketchup143 I really dont get this whole "trump is a nazi" narrative... hes not trying to take away our inalienable liberties, replace first world populations, use violence to achieve political goals... can you explain?


    Or the B.L.M.

  15. Doodle Bob

    This is not styx, this is Dennis Deyoung, this should not have been a styx album, but there is a reason it went triple platinum.

    Kerry Cutler

    wysbro1984 Dennis DeYoung was so good that the band had to replace him with another vocalist who sounded like him so their could perform their older stuff.

    Sean Morrison

    wysbro1984 it went platinum

    Swedish American

    This is not Styx? 3 of the songs were credited to Tommy and 2 songs to James. So 5 of the 9 songs on the album were not written by Dennis. It was his concept and they probably went too far with it especially live and it drove a wedge in the band.

    Gordon Snell

    Actually Tommy Shaw sings this song, not Dennis DeYoung


    It was a DeYoung concept album, this and love songs caused them to boot him/

  16. George Theofanous

    I too have also been such a sucker for concept albums. I love the story lines. This was one of my favorite ones.

    665 Deadlift - True Kang of Kalamities

    @George Theofanous Concepts for days.

    Madzlick Chinatown

    This one actually reminds me of Michael Jackson's Beat It in terms of story lines.


    It's interesting that this was the last album before De Young and Shaw split from Styx.

  17. Doobie1975

    One of the better songs off of a substandard album, I didn't like the "Kilroy Was Here" album very much but do like this song.


    You don't love the incredible harmonies of deYoung and Shaw in Haven't We Been Here Before? OMG that is one of my all time favorites.

  18. richard thayer

    it sounds like a beavis and butthead haircut.

    Raquel Stoner

    Well Richard it sounds like you're being a Beavis and you have a Butthead no taste raguel Stewart Vacaville California

  19. Cycad Succulent

    everybody get ready for  a cold war cause tommys commin a fast with one (:1

  20. 1969DayTripper

    @ericp65 you got that right killroy is ok, but the worst styx album ever

  21. 1969DayTripper

    @TheRailFanBoy780 yes Tommy Shaw sing's this song


    @MBLMswim Holy moely,it does!

  23. ClassicTVMan1981X


  24. Howard Zimmerman

    Styx has the greatest refrains. Infectious

  25. Eric P

    Worst Styx album ever.

    Matthew Hipps

    Couldn't agree more, I don't go past Paradise Theater


    Ding dong you're opinion is wrong

    Raquel Stoner

    I disagree one of the best Styx albums great song great band still rocking today Raquel Stewart Vacaville California 2019

    Raquel Stoner

    @ST3V I totally agree with you great minds think alike my friend Raquel Stewart Vacaville California

    Raquel Stoner

    @Matthew Hipps Matthew I totally disagree weather greatest albums and bands ever still rocking to him today Raquel Stewart Vacaville California

  26. Howard Zimmerman

    after close to 30 years this shit still rocks like it was new.

    Ronald Morrison

    Truly timeless rock and roll that stands up still in now 2020.

  27. Howard Zimmerman

    I saw this tour twice in 83' ( I believe it was 83' ). Not quite as good as 'Paradise' a couple of years before but damn good indeed.

  28. ambersalcove

    I own that concert too and I've watched it almost every saturday that I can remember

  29. Araxie Rose

    I am such a sucker for concept albums- so of course KWH is no exception. :)

  30. Carl Ingber

    MBLM My Mom got me the Record and I was like 7 years old, To this day, it still is a great album. The best gift ever.

  31. MBLMswim

    For my 5th birthday my dad got me the Styx caught in the act concert on dvd for me, I was possibly one of the happiest kids in the world, I watched it like 10 times in one day.

  32. MBLMswim

    @JoeBronco Yes thank you.

  33. MrTimelord77

    Possibly one of tommy's best songs

  34. Joe Burmeister

    Do you mean the "flux capacitor" from BTTF?

  35. MBLMswim

    Is it just me or does the Y in STYX look like the flux compositor? The one on the screen?