Styx - Brave New World Lyrics

The lines are drawn in the sand across the caress of time
The lines are drawn in the sand across the caress of time

There's a face in the glass
Looking through the mirror
At the maze of my past
It was never clearer

On the distant horizon
The sun approaches
Better cover my eyes
Better hide the roaches

In the best of my time
There was something better
And the quest of my mind
Was to try and get her

Something simple and pure
As the thoughts in my head
Not the tears in the rain
Over me she shed

We were almost there
Still I was unaware

Here in the Brave New World's embrace
I watch the parade begin
Searching for one familiar face
And I wonder where I fit in
How will I know if there's a place
For me in the Brave New World

To be calm in the eye
Of the human storm
In house full of dreams
I am safe and warm

Looking back at a life
Filled with warm embraces
No regrets only memories
Of smiling faces

We were almost there
Now change is in the air

Until now I held the zone
I ruled the world
I called it home
I never saw the down side

See the now see the Zen
There is no division
Through the eyes of a child
There is perfect vision

And the best of our lives
Resonate the hills
And the sun's gonna shine
And you know that I will...

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Styx Brave New World Comments
  1. Jennifer Dunn

    My 25 year old daughter knows the words to every song on this album

  2. Sean Morrison

    The Tommy Shaw tunes could've easily been classics on FM radio!!!!

  3. Jim Mason

    Styx's guitars always just sounded great!!

  4. Flavio Renan

    Banda: STYX

    Origem: CHICAGO (Illinois/Estados Unidos)


    Lançamento: 29/06/1999



    Gravadora: CMC

    Vocal/teclado: DENNIS DEYOUNG

    Vocal/guitarra base/violão: TOMMY SHAW

    Guitarra solo/vocal: JAMES YOUNG




    As linhas são desenhadas na areia através da carícia do tempo
    As linhas são desenhadas na areia através da carícia do tempo

    Em leitura inventada por Teads
    Há um rosto no vidro
    Olhando através do espelho
    No labirinto do meu passado
    Nunca foi mais claro

    No horizonte distante
    O sol se aproxima
    Melhor cobrir meus olhos
    Melhor esconder as baratas

    No melhor do meu tempo
    Houve algo melhor
    E a busca da minha mente
    Era tentar levá-la

    Algo simples e puro
    Como os pensamentos na minha cabeça
    Não as lágrimas na chuva
    Sobre mim ela derramou

    Nós estávamos quase lá
    Ainda não sabia

    Aqui no abraço do Admirável Mundo Novo
    Eu assisto o desfile começar
    Procurando por um rosto familiar
    E eu me pergunto onde eu me encaixo
    Como vou saber se há um lugar
    Para mim no admirável mundo novo

    Para ter calma nos olhos
    Da tempestade humana
    Em casa cheia de sonhos
    Eu estou seguro e morno

    Olhando para trás em uma vida
    Cheia de abraços quentes
    Não se arrepende das memórias
    De rostos sorridentes

    Nós estávamos quase lá
    Agora a mudança está no ar

    Até agora eu segurei a zona
    Eu governei o mundo
    Eu liguei para casa
    Eu nunca vi o lado negativo

    Veja o agora veja o Zen
    Não há divisão
    Através dos olhos de uma criança
    Existe visão perfeita

    E o melhor das nossas vidas
    Ressoam as colinas
    E o sol vai brilhar
    E você sabe que eu vou ...

  5. Ein Google-Nutzer

    Interessantes Video.

    Song und Hintergrundbild (1/3 Punkten)

    Sound gut, Bild ok (2/3 Punkten)

    Zusatzpunkte (maximal 3)

    Insgesamt 3 von 9 Punkten.

  6. jamminjimlp

    They got the vocals for sure!!

  7. The Bronze Age of DC Comics

    Saw the album cover in 2000. My kind of art. So, I bought it and loved the non Dennis songs.

  8. Windsweptzariel

    I feel like this has become my theme song as I've gotten older.

  9. Kurt Snyder

    love styx great music im not gonna lie heard Renegade on a Damn Yankees concert found out it was a styx song i was hooked from there

  10. MrRonskiman

    Tommy's voice still sounds the same as it did back in 77-78.

    Tony Galbo

    No! TS voice sounds WAY BETTER than 78

  11. grassburner

    This album is one of their best. I love that hard sound from them. They haven't put out a good hard rock album since Man of Miracles and Pieces of Eight.  This band got too overrun with Dennis DeYoung Cheezyness and didn't have enough JY/Shaw melodic hard rock songs IMHO! 

    Deborah Kerns

    grassburner ~ Agreed... This CD was very good with both Tommy and JY's tracks... Dennis's not so much...

  12. Iamyourmoth

    Oh brave new world that has such people in it

  13. Genevieve Chase

    They need to get back together, because this is just hiw creative and awsome rhey are!!! :-)♥♡♥♡♥♡

    Star Lynn

    @Leah Wardlaw I guess she either doesn't know Styx already back together again, and touring (I saw 'em live three years ago, they rocked!) or she wants Dennis Deyoung and the other orig. members to gather around, which can't happen because of health problems and the lack of John Panozzo.
    Also there is no video because this is the album version with a picture of the album cover; there's no official music video for this song... but there is a live version, you can search for it.

  14. Mike D


  15. Mario Lipton

    you're not funny

  16. Dehumanizer Lord

    i learned this awesome band from my uncle, a few hours before his death he was listening to boat on the river

    Jennifer Dunn

    Probably my favorite Styx song

  17. Joseph Lopez

    Go tommy shaw !

  18. skyler chambers

    Back stage passes to Styx= best concert of my life!

  19. XInPunkWeTrustX

    This CD is so underrated for Styx, in my opinion this song and a few off of Cyclorama deserved mainstream radio play. This is coming from a 22 year old.

    Sean Morrison

    XInPunkWeTrustX Everything Is Cool I heard on FM radio once!!!

  20. Shift

    Ugh!!! Dennis!!!!! lol, I wish he would come back. Styx is still awesome, of course, but they're not the Pieces of Eight/Grand Illusion/Paradise Theater Styx I love anymore.

    Erin's Emporium of Stupid Stuff

    He was on this album, too. This was the last album before he left.


    I love Styx, but even I recognize DeYoung is a megalomaniac. He's great, but the band is better off now, just check out The Mission.

  21. Shift

    Well you seem to like the band a lot for someone who doesn't like them. If you don't like them, then why are you commenting on the video?

  22. advocate91360

    love this song! I love styx

  23. ambersalcove

    this is the original styx line up the way it should be my boy friend and I saw Dennis DeYoung back in 2010 at Hot August Nights he was Amazing and as fantastic as ever

  24. ambersalcove

    I just got this album not to long ago along with the album of Return to Paradise

  25. anakina1

    The classic line up will always be what made them. DeYoungs show is probably the best Styx show out there right now.

  26. Ethan Prow

    @jdlm9 I like this album a lot. However, I don't like Cyclorama at all. Ick. Brave New World is awesome, though.

  27. MercurysWoman

    @TheGDAE Very true, but in the end he did. I mean, Gowan only sings Dennis' songs in concert, they almost never play any of the songs they've recorded together. I think Dennis actually played with Styx in June 1999, after Gowan had joined Styx. I think that now, they are almost a tribute band, as is Dennis' band. They're playing half a group. While I still think both DeYoung and Styx still make good music, but the tension between the members is actually what made the group fantastic, together.

  28. MercurysWoman

    @mrroboto5785 I think that Dennis tried to keep away from the Styx sound in his first solo albums, because he was still in the band. I think now, he does the songs how he wants and doesn't worry if it has the Styx sound, because all he has is his solo career, no point in trying to sound different from his normal sound, because there is no plan B.

  29. MercurysWoman

    @MrHookerJay While I admit, there is no Freddie Mercury equal in America (or anywhere, for that matter), I don' think you could put Michael in that spot, either, because he is a Pop star, not a rock star. Talented, non the less, much different. Queen, like Styx, had a quality about their music that, because of band members unique styles, made each song sound drastically different from the last. The only thing Babe, Miss America, and Boat On The River have in common are they are Styx songs.

  30. MercurysWoman

    @TheGDAE This is true, but out of order. Boom Child is from 1988, Tommy wanted to get unite styx in 1987. When Dennis was free, Tommy had already joined Damn Yankees. Finally, Styx got together for a tour with DeYoung and Shaw, the Return to Paradise tour. Dennis actually recorded on this album, but JY and Tommy didn't use him much on their tracks. Dennis couldn't tour with the rest of the group, when he was well enough, he had been replaced. This is actually the 2nd time he was fired from Styx.

  31. Benji Cates

    I had a girlfriend who didn't like Styx. Needless to say she is no longer my girlfriend.


    Benji Cates Fuckin' bitch.


    You don't need that negativity in your life. Good call.

  32. Parris Vincenzo Stefanow

    Another classic STYX CD! The best since Paradise Theater! ~

  33. screwyootube1

    @sdbjr23 We'll just have to agree to disagree. For the record, the version of Styx going now IS pretty good. I just don't think he's got the vocal range that Dennis has, which is necessary on many of his songs.

    I'm fully aware that Dennis is a bit of a prima donna, but I chock that up to being rock stars. However, his illness at the time is well-documented.

  34. sdbjr23

    @screwyootube1 there's a lot that goes beyond him being sick Quote un Quote.... They wouldnt be rocking like they do these days with him there.... Hes doing his thing and there doing theres.... Lawrence has a very good stage presents and energy... He does not try to be Dennis.... I have seen them 12 times and I prefer this ;line up.... Each to there own....

  35. screwyootube1

    @sdbjr23 Their animosity towards Dennis goes waaay beyond him not being ready to tour 11 years ago. If it was only because they wanted to tour, why didn't they allow Dennis back in the band (the band he started in the 60s), when he WAS ready? Even their close family (I know someone who is a cousin of the Panozzo brothers) cannot understand why they have totally and completely turned their backs on him.

    Bottom line - without Dennis, there is something missing that the new guy cannot replace.

  36. sdbjr23

    @screwyootube1 Glen came in to take Chucks place on bass that time around... They had waited a year and was tired of waiting for Dennis... With all the STYX thingsn going on in 1999 that was the time to get out there...

  37. screwyootube1

    @Copulating101 That's great to hear! I've always loved Styx! I grew up listening to them, in their heyday (I was 11 when Grand Illusion came out), so they were a big part of growing up! I never noticed a backlash against them, until I got on the Internet regularly. WHOA... LOTS of Styx-haters out there!

    The only band that has more people hostile towards them, would be Rush! They're probably my 2nd favorite band (behind Zeppelin), but in talking to some people, you'd think they were murderers!

  38. screwyootube1

    @bokprop420 As I understand it, Dennis was being treated for a condition that he was suffering from, which basically sapped his energy, when exposed to bright light (like stage lighting). He asked the other bandmembers to wait a few months, before going out on tour, because the condition was treatable, but he wasn't ready to go yet. They basically just told him no, and re-hired Glen Burtnik, who had replaced Shaw on "Edge of the Century". I never understood why they were so callous towards him.

  39. Sue Bee

    This song is AWESOME!!!!!

  40. Joshua Winters

    got to see them at the UTSA xmas party a year or two ago, awsome concert, got to stand inches from them!

  41. magnusdammit

    I agree. Although this album isn't quite as good as their stuff in the 70s, it is fantastic. And the animosity between Dennis and Tommy/JY really made them work harder at their craft and we get a great album!

  42. jdlm9

    This album and Cyclorama Rock i dont care what other people say...