Styx - Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) Lyrics

Give me a job, give me security
Give me a chance to survive
I'm just a poor soul in the unemployment line
My God, I'm hardly alive
My mother and father, my wife and my friends
I see them laugh in my face
But I've got the power, and I've got the will
I'm not a charity case

I'll take those long nights, impossible odds
Keeping my eye to the keyhole
If it takes all that to be just what I am
I'm gonna be a blue collar man

Make me an offer that I can't refuse
Make me respectable, man
This is my last time in the unemployment line
So like it or not I'll take those

Long nights, impossible odds
Keeping my back to the wall
If it takes all that to be just what I am
I'm gonna be a blue collar man

Keeping my mind on a better life
When happiness is only a heartbeat away
Paradise, can it be all I heard it was
I close my eyes and maybe I'm already there

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Styx Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) Comments
  1. VC Lombardi

    Just toddling down memory lane.....

    Mel Miller

    I am right here with you brother! You gotta be old to remember the good old times! :)

  2. joman66

    This is another example of a live performance commissioned as an official music video to a song, leaving the studio version.. That says nothing about how great a song it is though!

  3. Guy Incognito

    Wow what a dead crowd...

  4. 420 Express

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  5. Imaginary Dreamers

    My fave Styx track! Brilliant rocker! 👍👍

    420 Express

    great song please check out Styx The Grand illusion Album Review on my channel

  6. Shane Battles

    Can't get over the blonde dude awesome in this song

    420 Express

    great song please check out Styx The Grand illusion Album Review on my channel

  7. Kate Shirley

    Great song

    420 Express

    great song please check out Styx The Grand illusion Album Review on my channel

  8. Michael D. Bauer

    Saw them live twice in the mid 70s. Outstanding then, outstanding now.

    420 Express

    great song please check out Styx The Grand illusion Album Review on my channel

  9. Gregory Chri

    Great crowd. lol

  10. a2zme

    How is this band NOT in the Rock & Roll Hall of fame?.. absolutely ridiculous.

  11. Memorabilia

    Just saw this live two days ago, and it's honestly so much better now like i don't understand how he gets better as he gets older is that possible they really all are

  12. Steven Bell

    Steven Bell Defeat Exor From War Gods 1996
    Steven Bell Theme Song Blue Collar Man Styx

  13. christopher leonard

    Lol yo the lead singer in this video looks like Jesse from a nightmare on elm Street part 2 lol. AKA THE SCREAM QUEEN lol

  14. OldMusicFan83

    Tommy just wants to Rock — not sing about robots.

  15. The Invisible Expert

    When you're 27 y/o but you envy your parents for being alive to see these beasts in the prime of their existence. <3 (Not that I wouldn't still go visit these guys in a nursing home, lmao.)

  16. jo ha

    Tommy Shaw - One of the best vocalists and musicians ever. Vastly underrated.

  17. prince pete

    Sickining how the crowd is sitting.......this song fuckin kills !!

    420 Express

    great song please check out Styx The Grand illusion Album Review on my channel

  18. Serge Tartare

    Tommy Roland Shaw very good artiste !!

    420 Express

    great song please check out Styx The Grand illusion Album Review on my channel

  19. Suma

    So the people sitting in the chairs are the fans?... Right?....Just checking cuz they all look pretty dead!!! Styx was a badass band! 😎🤘

  20. D Frank

    Ive heard this since my childhood when it was new and never really appreciated it until today.
    Why did I wait so long?

  21. Steven Bell

    Steven Bell Defeat Exor From War Gods 1996
    The Theme Song Steven Bell

  22. Chris Owens

    Nice shoulder pads Tommy!

  23. Gerald Brewer

    Paradise ....Can it be all I heard it was ??? ...I close my eyes and maybe Im already there .....

  24. Bill Farel

    That first album was the best.All hits on that album don't even come close on todays market. U new the first time u heard them. They were not a one hit band. Great.

    I R O N G R A Y

    I have a rock musicsound in you tube.come whach.

  25. sealtite87

    The solo in this song is 💯

    420 Express

    great song please check out Styx The Grand illusion Album Review on my channel

  26. Sammy Bear

    Lord believe in me The way I believe in you 🙏 ( I'm just a blue collar man) R.I.P. Johnny P

  27. Gorgy Porgy

    2019 anyone?

    The Invisible Expert

    Hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Yup 😏

    Peter Devlin

    No thanks.

    Felicia Lennaerts

    of course, love it xx

  28. cloudtoground

    Great job guys

  29. Paul Osborne

    i got the live at t he paradise theater video from my cousin when i was 13 what a show probably remember it most for when listening to it 15 years later the cops kicking my door in and busting me for weed, great times :)

  30. Vern Hoke

    I got to see them on the Pieces of Eight tour in 1978 and again on the Kilroy was Here tour in 1983, this one rocked the house!

  31. Dustbowl Hammer

    Yeah boi! this is Workin music xD.

  32. Shannan Teegarden

    I maybe to meet cherity is she hot well manufacturing I'm not missing you shonda is a struggle but some how some way Snoop dog. Is gonna get me three wish I had an ounce to smoke to that no his words are awesome you know

  33. Jake The Føx

    The vocals, the guitar tone, the additional sound effects and instrumentals, that's why I love this band. Lorelei and Renegade forever!

  34. Linda Bergman

    Now this is a Rock show😁😁😁😁😁😁👍👍👍😍😍😍👈👈

    Linda Bergman

    Real music n naked talent🎇🎇🎇🎇🎄🎆🎆🎇✨✨✨✨🎉🎉🎈🎈🎈✨🎇🎆

  35. David Dixon

    This song inspired me as a young man and it came true for me. 39 years in the electric generation industry.

  36. Steven Bell

    Steven Defeat Exor From War Gods 1996

  37. Rich Jeffy

    80's life lessons - if you're going to sit in the front row wearing a bright pink leather jacket - have a sense of rhythm - berk is drumming along to a whole other song...

  38. PantoponRose Goatoe

    Wow. He sings so fking awesome. None of this auto tune lame tricks like so many bands today.

  39. George Rickerson

    This is just damned good.

  40. gaetan landry

    Woohoo, love it

  41. John Eckerle

    Longer hair looks better on him, he's a pretty boy tbs 😊

  42. Flavia Vassallo


  43. Flummox Ladida

    Who hit a thumbs up before even listening?

  44. Miss Daizy

    Wow tommys guitar is intense he needs to lay his back on a wall

  45. Minha música favorita deles

  46. Al T.


  47. yes sir juicy

    i partied with these guys in a hotel room in a casino last month

  48. Matt Spencer

    This is 1 Helluva Performance But is The Entire Audience On Downers ?

  49. Thrustus Simmonds

    Mr. Tommy Shaw is on fire, as is everyone in the band. Memorably great performance!

  50. mb9607

    We can see a very sober JY at 1:33 hahaha

  51. Hot80s

    is the audience at gunpoint?

  52. Steven Bell

    Konami's StevenBell 1985 1990 1999 2001 Konami Of America Inc.
    StevenBell (Konami Of America Inc) StevenBell Kenny Bell Kathryn Bell Buster Bunny Babs Bunny.

  53. Steven Bell

    StevenBell Defeat Exor War Gods 1996
    The Theme Song For StevenBell.

  54. Curious man Man

    Sad to see alcohol take the life of this talented energized drummer years ago😢R.I.P John🙏

  55. Duane Theimer

    There all on oxy stoned like Leo on 70s show.

  56. Steven Bell

    Steven Bell Theme Song For Blue Collar Man Styx
    Steven Bell Defeat Exor War Gods 1996

  57. Steven Bell

    Styx Blue Collar Man For Steven Bell Theme Song
    Steven Bell Defeat Exor War Gods 1996

  58. Sarthak Munshi

    Long live Styx!

  59. Johnny thunder iowa

    MUCH #Respect for #Dennis,..a devout #Christian man ,. playing with a band from the river in hell ! #Styx; the superior sense of humor and irony ; funnier than the tubes or Zappa ,..more ironic than the Who or Devo ,.. one of the only band that gets beaten up on stage at the end of their gigs by robots and the the "thought police" ,.. #Styx concepts go deep ; it becomes a part of the act ,..complete with audience participation 1! !!

  60. theislandtrust

    tommy just killin" it !

  61. Jeffrey Beshears

    Shaw is fucking amazing

  62. Grace Geek

    Its ALL about The Shaw!

  63. Ron Garza

    Great music, great musicians. Running back-and-forth across the stage though reminds me of a cat that runs from one room to another for no apparent reason. What's up with that?

  64. Connie Taubert

    What the HELL is wrong with that audience?????????


    Perfect song for the early 80s recession period.

    Tommy Shaw sure does have the perfect looks

  66. Joe Betro

    Tuuuuuuuune! 🎶

  67. Steve Brawner

    Shaw is a beast.

    Leopoldo Chatz Mata

    Very underrated artist !

  68. Confounded Bridge

    James Young is a cross between Bjorn Borg and Chewbacca

  69. doyrtwq

    THIS IS CANADIAN CULTURE for those who claim we have none!

  70. 777RockNRollin

    STYX: Good clean FUN !!!

  71. Fender Guitars

    WHY are they not in the Hall ?? ?? Styx has all the elements; 1; they changed rock when they hit the scene ,..for better or for Worse !! 2: They are funny , comical as Devo or any new Wave band or Oingo Boingo,.. 3: they are ridiculous ,..entertainers ,..unafraid to suck , the name of melody or writing a pure hit jingle 4: They are BALLSY PROG ROCK ,..on level with Zep, Rush, or Yes or the who,..


    BECAUSE DeYoung is out for good.... it's an ugly mess , they hate dennis

  72. Tommy P

    It hurts to see people sitting down for this concert lmao

  73. Dwight Littlefield

    Looks like a beautiful Walnut Strat Tommy is JY playing an Ibanez or a Vantage?

  74. Nik B

    i forgot how great he could sing

  75. richard thomas

    they canceled the noise from the crowd till the end and even then it was turned down but you can still hear the excitement in the crowd. No such thing as a Styx audience thats lame

  76. Maine Coon

    Gawd, I love Styx! Incredible music and talent never to be duplicated. The 70's and 80's was an incredible time for timeless music such as Styx. Oh, how I wish I could go back to better times.

  77. Kayla Schulz

    It's my favorite color

  78. Kayla Schulz

    No I just like the outfit

  79. Kayla Schulz

    Not like I forget

  80. Luke Brody

    Those keys sound weak compared to the original album track.

  81. Connie Taubert

    Am I the only person who sick and tired of hearing about Dennis DeYoung? It’s over, he’s gone and they’re doing great!!!


    Connie Taubert Lawrence *Gowan....and did you really just answer your own comment as if you were someone else, despite the fact that we can clearly see that you answered your own comment? 🤣

    Connie Taubert

    TheWProjects I’m sorry I did but it was not intentional. By the time I realized what I’d done it was too late and I didn’t know how to fix it. I didn’t intend to be deceitful. Sorry 😐

  82. Connie Taubert

    I love Tommy Shaw!!!

  83. Frank Gonzales

    And, that's what I became,, 45 years ago,,,

  84. Todd Smoldon

    Styx lady

  85. Todd Smoldon

    Styx lady

  86. djbasquiat

    I see you, Mr. Tommy Roland Shaw.
    ..Great song.

  87. Angela Wells

    Tommy shaw kicks ass

  88. mella mell

    Johnathan Chance looks so liberated to be playing a real rock song on this Kilroy catastrophe.

  89. Matthew Taylor

    J.Y.'s guitar is an Ibanez Studio ST-200.

  90. iko hiratk


  91. Jesse Brooks

    Love the opening keyboard on this song

  92. Bennett Hastings

    Tommy Shaw is a dickweed

  93. T L

    I seen them on this tour. Tommy dressed as Jonathan Chance from the Kilroy movie. I have loved this band soooooo long. And Tommy ahhhhh....

  94. roger peet

    So, this is the first all trans-sexual group.   They suck.

  95. Erik Lundstrum

    I didn’t realize that was a headband at first and thought Tommy was pouring blood from his head

  96. P Berryman

    Shoulder pads...