Stylo G - Touch Down (Remix) Lyrics

[Nicki Minaj:]
Young Money!...
I'm in the UK?...

[Stylo G:]
Just touch down inna the airport (mm-hmm)
Tracksuit and me airforce (mm-hmm)
All the gyal them Love me (mm-hmm)
All the one weh seh me ugly (mm-hmm)
She go spot me designer (mm-hmm)
She want give me the vagina (mm-hmm)
Everything a from London Bond Street nothing never come from China (mm-hmm)
A me pop off me tag dem (mm-hmm)
Me new Benz it a mad dem (mm-hmm)
Everyday me swag dem (mm-hmm)
Lewi deh pon mi bag dem (mm-hmm)

See me no too swim me like beach
And me too black me no like bleach (what?)
Phone no stop ring when I might reach
Even your girl want try piece

Same so we dweet (mm-hmm, mm-hmm)
So me dweet (mm-hmm, mm-hmm)

[Nicki Minaj:]
Just touched down inna the G5 (mm-hmm)
You know I'm buzzin' like a beehive (mm-hmm)
We still bumpin' to dat C5 (mm-hmm)
Fendi prints pon mi knee highs (mm-hmm)
Body goodie so mi mad dem (mm-hmm)
Face pretty, me ah problem (mm-hmm)
Everything from Paris, Milan
Straight off the runway when I grab dem (mm-hmm)
Platinum plaques in my office (mm-hmm)
Turned down million dollar offers (mm-hmm)
I don't fuck with the middle man low ranks (mm-hmm)
I'ma only meet wit the bosses (mm-hmm)
Si mi nah to swim, mi no like beach
Gal dem wah mi give 'em, mi nah like teach
Ride the dick good when mi man reach
Now your boyfriend wan try piece

[Stylo G & Nicki Minaj:]
Same so we dweet (mm-hmm, mm-hmm)
So me dweet (mm-hmm, mm-hmm)

[Vybz Kartel:]
Just touched down like NASA (mm-hmm)
Nicki pum-pum fatter (mm-hmm)
While you deh a your job (mm-hmm)
Your girl givin' me a blowjob (mm-hmm)
Ha-ha-ha-ha (mm-hmm)
More balls than Liverpool (mm-hmm)
Well bad dawg, we no fool
This yah Beretta yah nyam nuff nigga food (mm-hmm)
You know da riddim yah sick, you see (mm-hmm)
Fuck Vicky, make Nicki see (mm-hmm)
Me haffi represent Brixton (mm-hmm)
Pon the bloodclaat Brit Jam, big song (mm-hmm)
She a boom off mi hood inna the front seat
Me cum, she cum plea head up fi it
Count G's, bun weed, hump fee don't come cheap
Steppin' inna the club, nuff punk leave

[Stylo G:]
Just touch round a di hotspot (mm-hmm)
Have a mill Inna the rack sack (mm-hmm)
Tell Biggy seh fi lock that (mm-hmm)
But him busy pan him what's app (mm-hmm)
Seh a gyal want link fi the fat cock (mm-hmm)
Me seh dog just maths that (mm-hmm)
Man a shooter me never miss so anytime gyal want back shot (mm-hmm)
Put that money pan Di table (mm-hmm)
Meck me friends them live life dare to
Me a celebrate them a celebrate to (mm-hmm)
Tell them gyal deh fi stay to (mm-hmm)

See me no too swim me like beach
And me too black me no like bleach
Phone no stop ring when I might reach
Even your girl want try piece

Same so we dweet (mm-hmm, mm-hmm)
So me dweet (mm-hmm, mm-hmm)
Same so we dweet (mm-hmm, mm-hmm)
So me dweet (mm-hmm, mm-hmm)

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