Styles P - Ronald Grump (Skit) Lyrics

That's that White House green
That that White House
What's up fools, what's up?
What's going on Joel?
What's chu need, what's chu need?
Ronald Grump, show love baby, you now how it is
I run things out here
You want that United States loud?
We need to make it loud and great again, you know what I mean?

[?] Reggie Miller bro
You said you got that who?

I'm Ronald Grump
I'm out here, I'm pushing heavy weight
Check this out
I got that loud pack
It's more the stupendous, tremendous, ever seeeeen

What's the name of this man?
What's this you got here?
What's the name of this?

Man, that's that, that's that federal sour
That's that federal sour
That shit is loud as fuck, my G

This ain't no eighth my nigga

That shit, that shit is tremendously big
That's bigger than my whole hand

This is Reggie Miller, bro

Look you guys got..
Look, either a cop or get off my block
Cop or get off my block
I only fuck with winners
You guys actin' like some losers right now, some real losers

How 'bout we run up on your bum ass bag

Yo, why you steppin' to the guy
Don't be steppin' to the guy
You better back off, you better back off mother fucker!
Mother fucker! Mother fucker!

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