Styles P - I'm Black Lyrics

(I'm Black)
Whether I'm poor or rich, or rich or poor
Though its all the same shit
(I'm Black)
Even though my skins kind of light
That means my ancestors was raped by somebody white
(I'm Black)
So I like to sing dance and crack jokes
Eat good food and be around black folks
(I'm Black)
Sort of like the Holys on Sundays
Drink all night and still go to work monday
(I'm Black)
So I like the kids looking real nice
Cuz I've been poor and I know what it feels like
(I'm Black)
And I'ma say it loud like James Brown
People be proud cuz we all up in the game now
(I'm Black)
And I'ma hold my right fist real high
Might see my man and we might get real high
(I'm Black)
And I know it, and I aint afraid to show it
(I'm Black)
And I'm the genius in the motherfuckin Poet
You know it

(Ohh Ohhh)

[Chorus: Floetry]
So proud to be just who I'am
So proud to say that I'm me...
So proud to be just who I'am
So proud to be so free
(I'm Black)
So proud to say that I made it
(I'm Black)
The one who struggled in the hatred
(I'm Black)
And I'm not afraid to say it
(I'm Black..Cuz I know I'm Sinking)

(I'm Black)
So I gotta heart full of bravery
Do for my peoplez that went through Slavery
(I'm Black)
So you know I'm young in the sports
Nintey percent chanced I get hunged in the Court
(I'm Black)
Don't you be scared of me Mister
Cuz you don't really seem to be scared of my sister
(I'm Black)
And I can ride first class too
Or buy an exotic car and like murk past you
(I'm Black)
And I don't need a tan in the winter
Mind strong and powerful now a cypher can't enter
(I'm Black)
And I don't need jewelry to shine
Look in my skin color is like the jewelry is blind
(I'm Black)
They focus on the negative attention
Do something positive, and never get mentioned
(I'm Black)
Listen it's a fact, original man
I wouldn't change it if I could and thats that

[Chorus: Floetry]
So proud to be just who I'am
So proud to say that I'm me...
So proud to be just who I'am
So proud to be so free
(I'm Black)
So proud to say that I made it
(I'm Black)
The one who struggled in the hatred
(I'm Black)
And I'm not afraid to say it
(I'm Black)
(I'm Black... I'm Black... Ohh... Yeah... Yeah)

(I'm Black)
Even with a caramel complextion
Look in the mirror see Malcolm and Martin reflection
(I'm Black)
Just like the PANTHERS, looking for an answer
It's prejudice shit is like a cancer
(I'm Black)
Look in my eyes the wall can't get pulled over
Look in my cars and stay gettin pulled over
(I'm Black)
Me the public enemies number one
Government looking in the hood sending in the gun
(I'm Black)
I grew up off the good time show
Drink liquor smoke weed and let the good times roll
(I'm Black)
I live for my wife and my seeds
And my mom with a bond only God can acceed
(I'm Black)
I got to show my homeboys love
First thing you learnt in the hood is homeboy love
(I'm Black)
And I'm mad if I ain't nuthin else
(I'm Black)
I'm beautiful and I love myself (Say together)
YEAH! (Love myself...Ohh yeah)

[Chorus: Floetry]
So proud to be just who I'am
So proud to say that I'm me...
So proud to be just who I'am
So proud to be so free
(I'm Black)
So proud to say that I made it
(I'm Black)
The one who struggled in the hatred
(I'm Black)
And I'm not afraid to say it
(I'm Black)
(I'm Black... I'm Black... Yeah)

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Styles P I'm Black Comments
  1. Tay Mosley


  2. Chi Ezike

    Joe budden podcast brought me here🤷🏿‍♂️ IM BLACK🎶🎵

  3. dion marshall

    I'm a Genius and a muthafuckin poet!!!....Im black!!!✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 love this song

  4. Simon chin chong


  5. Marie

    Happy Black History Month 😬

  6. jsreye101912

    Im brown but i love black !!!!! Shout out from WESTDALLAS,TEXAS!!! VIVA MEXICO !!! VIVA AFRICA!!!!!

  7. Stephen Ngao

    ayee who here for #BHM2020 ??

  8. Corey Wiseman

    His tweet sent me here

  9. Bo Jackson

    A Classic 🔥🔥🔥

  10. Ace Caldwell

    Even Tho Im Kinda Light , That means my ancestors was raped by somebody white ... i felt that

  11. Amobi Nduka

    Beat so deep

  12. Kelvin Morse

    Nipsey Hussle 🇪🇷 🇪🇷🙏 🙏😥 😥

  13. Alanah Hernandez

    My cousin listens to this to fall asleep..


  14. HrDiHooD MDA


  15. Blaise Bah

    100% African

  16. fabius wiley

    Im from nyc and had the PLEASURE of meeting styles p. Funk Master Flex should have been had this song going crazy

  17. GranTyrant

    I thought Beenie Man was on this song; never heard it with Marsha

  18. fabius wiley

    2019 and still doing it. I'M BLACK

  19. Greg Davis

    So proud 2 b who i am

  20. Me Only

    Poor righteous teachers Black business
    Divine styler it's a black thing
    Lupe fiasco All black everything

  21. Me Only

    I'm Black no I'm Brown from the boogietown my philosophy

  22. The chosen ones

    2019 Oh yeah 🤜🤛 I'm black

    Ariel W.Ridley

    The chosen ones 🙃🥰🙃

    The chosen ones

    @Ariel W.Ridley 👊🏿💥💥 4sho

  23. Ronald Petters

    LYNWOOD 211ST...

  24. Arborpress

    Lol this song is so ignorant

  25. Amobi Nduka

    Styles P is hard that's why I love him. I'm black and we thugs my niggas are 2 of his songs I love.

  26. Fizzywhoamac Avenue

    One of the greatest hip-hop songs of all time!!!


    still bumpin this track in 2019 - @StylesP AS AN AFRICAN, I SALUTE YOU FOR THIS TRACK

  28. Torian Wilkins

    This song gives me chills, I'm blessed to be part of Yah's Chosen Children. All the 12 Tribes of Israel are Black.

  29. doZer boy


  30. Tay Mosley


    Chi Rimbert


  31. Matt Williams

    This song should have a billion views shit so hard

  32. PutUpBread

    Don’t you be scared of me mister cuz you don’t seem to be scared of my sister

  33. Julien Santos

    Im black too. Even though my skin is white and tan in the sun. I have a family tree. And on that loud i be fukin you niggas up.

  34. Oni FromThe8


  35. -SugarBaby -

    We stand together and never fall, IM BLACK!

  36. Carlos Ruiz

    Black people anthem. I'm black

  37. Frank Johnson

    Love my family ✊🏾

  38. Juan Lopez

    National anthem for me!

  39. Amoni C.

    This song should've been the Black Anthem

  40. almosthomeless incali

    This is fiya what the community needs but yet reject

  41. Stacks G

    Best rap song ever to me but I'm biased 👍🏾

  42. Greg Davis



    I’m black too 🙋🏾‍♂️

  44. Frank Johnson

    Thank all my family that paved the way for me god bless each and everyone of y’all thank yall ✊🏾🙏🏾

  45. Dareal Mavrick

    2019 Fire 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Classic

  46. Kelvin Morse

    I dedicate this song to Nipsey Hussle 🇪🇷🇪🇷🇪🇷✊✊✊✊🙏🙏🙏🙏😥😥😥

  47. Frantzy Prampin


  48. Cry Aloud Spare Not

    Still one of my favorite. I'M BLACK LIKE THE PANTHERS!!! 💯💯💯💯

  49. Greg Davis

    This give me POWER

  50. Ryan Byfield

    I swear peeps forgot dis1... For shame...

  51. ngashjr

    I'm Black!!!!

  52. Show me de Wey

    I’m african/ like styles but born In Boston but we all from one place (AFRICA). BOSTON, MASS HERE. ❤️✊🏾✌🏾


    Jayson Tatum Brockton ma shoutout my g keep grinding

  53. Sneeko Skeemz

    Yeah...I'm white, believe it or not, alot of this still resonates w me. Fuck you if you don't like it


    Cry Aloud Spare Not like he said G fuck you if you don’t like it

  54. Go CPNG


  55. Nadia Mckenzie

    Still a banger

  56. Justin Dickerson


  57. Vinny Smoove

    The lady song her ass off just like in "why you hate the game " two fucking classics

  58. Giresse Ahouandjinou

    Every black person should know this..must be our anthem....even if iam 100 % african

  59. Nicco


  60. Eljay Swilling

    I'm blacc amen Hxxva life

  61. Philip A

    I’m black ✊🏽

  62. James Anderson

    This song is an anthem

  63. Sandra Gonzalez

    I'm black even though my skin is a lil light!- C-dubz

  64. Gideon SaRa

    doooope!!!!! I love being Black. The Archetype

  65. Rezilience Rising

    Still a banger 20199999999

  66. Screwball Protagonist

    It's hilarious how this song makes people uncomfortable

    Cry Aloud Spare Not

    Good! Fuck em

  67. Corrie Grate

    2019 I'm Black

  68. Otho Williams Jr.

    ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾I'm Black✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  69. Kaotic sapreme emcee

    Black is not a nationality its a color, but this songs still dope.

    Tay Yasharal

    We're ISRAELITES not Egyptians lol. If you're an Egyptian go to Egypt and live amongst them.

    Kaotic sapreme emcee

    @Tay Yasharal never said Egyptians were moors.

  70. EdwinMbuguaVEVO

    even though my skin is kinda light that means my ancestor was raped by somebody white

  71. Anthony Mcmillan

    By far the most heartfelt and empowering song he ever made. The industry is like the trigger of a gun it got's no 💓! Scared to give this continuous airplay.

  72. Dark Shadows Ultimatum

    Styles P is dope

  73. Spontaniuz Productions

    this song still gives me the chills... makes u feel good to be black, even though we gotta deal with the bs

  74. Law79

    powered TRACK. Love the hook til this day. Styles P smashed this track. bad boy tune.

  75. Miz. Dynasty

    Peace fam, please check out my music/ channel.

  76. Karl Sylvain

    one of my favorite styles joint!!

  77. Senzo Dlomo


  78. Evens Boisrond

    I wonder how many streaming service got the Time is Money album. Amazon sure doesn't have it

  79. Jeremy Pagan

    Styles never disappoints 💯

  80. Yu Shiine

    black love is black power and we must unite 💯

  81. Tay Yasharal

    Government looking in the hood sending in the guns. Look at how Chicago getting military guns🤔

  82. clint warner


  83. L.E.S. Sosideblock

    This joint deserves a Grammy. He should release it again and drop a fire video about what’s going on today. This joint is still relevant and extremely powerful. I play tracks like this for my children

  84. SuperMyers11

    I'm black i hustel real hard.
    I'm black i love j 23..

  85. skippy Roo

    Am black

  86. Lucius Vlogs

    2018 and I’m still fucking this shit up....... proud of who i am✊🏿

  87. Charlie Hustle

    "I'm Black, listen, it's a fact. ORIGINAL man and I wouldn't change it if I could and that's that!" 👊🏾✊🏾☝🏾

  88. Mark Brown

    This is real music

  89. Stephen McPherson

    I’M BLACK!!!

  90. QueenBoi 601


  91. Tisha Steen

    Baby Michael Myers AKA shamar kabier Raymond beamon bka marloc money maybach msflyboys PJ Watts baby loc hat gang s.o.x

  92. Tamon Carpenter

    IM BLACK. Peace Man Woman and Child

  93. Aisha Smith


  94. Chris Joya

    Been jamming this for the last 13 years when I first heard it in HS and this is still my jam! Such a powerful message and positive song that it touch my soul and I’m Latino. I can appreciate good hip hop music like this. We need more music like this in these days in time.

  95. Jaekwon Taylor

    This joint still to this day makes the hairs on my arms stand up. Every time I hear it I just wanna hug my kids and tell them how beautiful they are with the skin they're in. 2018 and still on rotation!!

  96. Terrence PERKINS

    best hip hop song ever . love u style s . we need more song like this

  97. Dominic&Noah Productions

    I'm black