Styles P - Hater Love Lyrics

[Verse 1: Styles P]
The small talk is irrelevant, gonna kill an elephant
Niggas look fly and their bitches look elegant
Let the birds fly like a pelican from NY up to Maryland
Be more careful, them little niggas will ear you
Tattoo tears over here, if you dare to, yeah
Wax out the trippy, wax off the other shit
Max with the hippies, mac out the window
If niggas will act iffy, M's off the piffy
Shit is getting sticky like Jiffy
Hood gon' cry, if they hit me
I'm a real ass nigga, get with me
Cushion to grind and my look is designed
And my dope is raw like it got cooked in China
Always on some other shit, even the hating niggas is loving it

[Hook x2:]
Even the hating niggas is loving it (Even the haters love it!)
Even the hating niggas is loving it (Bullshit too!)
Even the hating niggas is loving it (Word!)
Fuck all the ho ass niggas and fuck the government

[Verse 2: Sheek Louch]
Haters still loving it, but I don't give a fuck if they didn't
I'm black loving it, poppin' off of some other shit
Hand on the tommy, couple of shooters behind me
They trying to take the black man out like Mitt Romney
Me and P, add Kiss too and it's 3D (L-O-X!)
IMAX movie, shine on our watchers is dookey
They love my style, alligator band on a hublot
True Religions on, Louis kicks, all on a big toe (You see me?)
You don't think I've seen a million dollars? I did though
Christopher Wallace money, every night is a big show
Hit the gym, back looking fucking for Indo
Dundun, bitch been on my dick from the get-go

[Hook x2]

[Verse 3: Styles P]
It's crack or gat for the dollars
Ride around town in a black Impala
Niggas can act wild or show a bitch a mile script
Same ass guns to send an actor to valor
Sort of like the car that gave me no hope
I'm real rugged yet smoother than the bean old soap
I mean body wash, upon the shore is where his body was
It wasn't me, I was smoking weed with his bodyguard
I'm not feeling you, probably made a plan on killing
You ain't rap, nigga I'm willing to, I'm a mile boss
All day, part of it for departing, I'm like John fold tape
Where P goes is liquid, connect seeds solid though
Any sign of the feds, motherfucking bombing those
Whole court on the streets before I do 24 years
Being broke is the only thing money fears

[Hook x2]

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Styles P Hater Love Comments
  1. Kevin Frazier

    It totally amazes me how low the views are when he rolled with BIGGIE. If BIGGIE was alive would he be in the same boat too??? Sometimes I wonder....cause its not about how nice you are....its just who the world identifies MJB never could really sing to me but I love her music and legendary style as an artist.

    STYLES P is the hardest EVER! I can't wait until they make a list for that.


    Them views is disrespectful fake ass love from so called supporters💯🤔Lox is the longest running RAP group or STREET CREW🤔👑

  3. Michael Hagan

    👻 is the hardest rapper

  4. Francois Langevin

    Even the haters will loving it.

  5. M. E.


  6. Black Ronin

    South Yonkers up in here !!!

  7. Yochanan E.

    Jeaaaaa.. 2019 still CraCCin. North Bx ya heaaard.

  8. Kernals World

    Str8 Street Banger

  9. Amanda Lopez

    Even the hate'n niggas is love'n it 🤔👌👐

  10. GangeHrolfr

    I mean body wash, up on the shore, is where his body washed. Wasn't ME, I was smokin WEED with his BODYGUARD

  11. Kel e kel

    Tha hardest of all time, my time your time your papis time. Who harder than S.P the ghost


    Small talk is irrelevant

  13. truestdude

    Christopher Wallace money every night it's a Big show 🔥🔥🔥

  14. DtudaC /Message

    This that ishhh the Games been missing !!!!!

  15. Shirley Jean-Baptiste

    Glad I’m from NYC! Love me some D Block!!

    Black Ronin

    South Yonkers for life even though Im living in Columbia MD.

  16. RAW RICH

    Most Definitely

  17. Max legends

    sp top 1

  18. no name

    the ghost still hard keeping this shit gutta-hiphop /the struggle.. love that man's style since the 90's nigga what u know bout that.. big up to sheek

  19. Lasko Ofifi


  20. Jermaine Rathan

    Ghost fuckers!!!!

  21. rtothemutha

    Whoooooaaaaaa! Hot shit right here!

  22. Illuminatus Soldier


  23. LTDda Villian

    flow on point and lyrics is creative af

  24. flamez flamez

    being broke is the only things money fear woow style p punchlines is insane



  26. Engels Tejada Duarte

    I have to be honest. I prefere listen old school rapers. New School is a fucking fake industry..


    Jjhj koi

  28. Milton Godinho

    OLD G´s come again yeeeee

  29. RastaOne

    My nigga Styles P)

  30. beasy8588

    Sp top 5 dead or alive

    Santino Pungitore

    beasy8588 all day 💯💯💯💪💪

  31. van allen

    I am 35 now been following dblock for the longest.they will always be the best to ever hit the rap music world.peace and love to those men.ny stand up you styles p holla for some beats I got you brother vanmusicproduction ny beat hit man

  32. rashadbooe13

    Real TRUE Shit

  33. █████

    D-Block still serving the pavement with that hard...1love from Texas.

  34. maqawar1

    Sheek got bigger!

  35. DJ Youngs

    sheek killed dis


    Didn't he though? 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  36. mon morgan


  37. money mike

    Scram jones is fucking nice


    These dudes the sickest in the game! Cats fear these dudes!

  39. Caesar Pacheco

    Ill fight sheek

  40. generalcan

    why jb got like 800 000 000 views and this 60 000....

  41. RPHL313

    Im afraid not mate, hip hop is so broad there is no defining it

  42. Richard Davis

    i guess i do cuz this is it bro 315 NYwhat up


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  44. cracktober

    Hip Hop is dead, yea on MTV, VH1 and all radiostations. This that crack, dope as fuck

  45. Okech Charles

    1st verse killed it :)

  46. Richard Smith

    "Hood go cryyyy if they hit me"

  47. Kai Ming Gan

    exactly what u said. thanks to yt and apple for sending me rockin iphone 5 for taking their surveyz. Listen to this, dont forget to give ur email id and delivery address to receive via courier. i got it from here. you can also try it >

  48. Okech Charles

    sick as song, real rap

  49. kingsburg08

    STYLES P!! I'm from the south and I still rock this brother cause he goes so hard! Even these hating niggas is loving it!

  50. MrLetsgotrojans

    This been out for not even a month yet, but crappers like Lil Wayne, 2 Chains, & Chief Keef can get 2 million views in 3 days! That is a damn shame!

  51. Glenn Davis

    This shit needs way more views. People just don't listen to real rap anymore, it's a damn shame.

  52. King Jo

    Shit dope

  53. Genesis The Ruckus

    real shit

  54. reasonthedon

    dope!! check me out #bars

  55. Revenue101TV


  56. Guillermo S

    Q rola tan perrona

  57. skeemer01

    the lox have always been on top of the game

  58. BlizzardMusic123

    Damn. This some good shit.

  59. Mohamed Mangush

    finally some good shit!!!!

  60. Okech Charles

    good rapg


    this shit is tiiiight dblock niiigaaaa

  62. vinceCarterVs

    i thought for a moment it was 50 cent

  63. dak3419

    listen to my music

  64. Tee Platinum

    HARD AF!!!

  65. The Lyricists

    Big Tune!

  66. moveabrick barry

    Loving it!

  67. Dario Daic

    this dude never dissapoints!

  68. Majd Zahalka

    NYC Original hip hop

  69. Jav Just Jav


  70. jimmy smitz

    now das what im talkin bout...Search "Young Boogie All I Know" On Here It reminds me of this video...

  71. Libety

    Got this shit on replay.

  72. hoottasshell


  73. Lil Cire

    More supports Man U killed this shxt

  74. RPHL313

    Who has the right to decide what hip hop is

  75. TheRnFCrew

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  76. yoni good

    check out the "Kushite Boyz" new single inhale

  77. Yard Links


  78. mohamad ha

    finally real hiphop in 2013, thank u Styles P

  79. Frank Wilzon

    MY BOIS....c'mon c'mon bring hip hop back...bring real rap back..bring that street music back, i'm tired of this female ass, twisted lil clowns rapping, real beats, real concrete lyrics..bring hip hop back..resurrect RAP..MY BOIS..ALL DAY.

  80. Majd Zahalka

    real HIP HOP

  81. Merchant Frm DA Armor

    Ill one YouTube Merc Bagwell

  82. Zubair Ali

    Electronic Shisha / Cigarette! 0:22

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    Dope this is the really hip hop

  84. Gracie1504

    Real hip hop gangsta rap

  85. martel rankin

    just got it amazonmp3

  86. Romale Morgan

    Styles P new joint is so fucking dope I got off I tunes he is real hip hop

  87. Neariah Israel

    Fucks Witt it

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    S.P. Tha Ghost!

  90. Steve Guzman

    this came out a while ago, vevo is late

  91. Steve Guzman

    Vevo's mad late but w.e The video & song is hot. #DBLOCK

  92. UNCLEscr0_oge

    where's jada?

  93. cleavlen lan

    Styles p kills this beat big up to sheek louch he go hard too

  94. Valentin H

    20 views ? What happened to Styles P ?