Styles P - For This Occasion Lyrics

(...have I...
Strong as though...
For this occasion)

This occasion, yes

Is there a story that makes God cry?
Can I bring weed to heaven and get God high?
They say the Pineal Gland is the God eye or the third one
Yours from the dictionary, Heaven is where my words from
Or maybe Hell
A gin in the crib can make your old lady crazy or your baby yell
You can hear my soul through the speakers in your JBL
That only take me a couple bars
Before I lost a chick, I would less a car
Tryna' beat time, a buck ninety'll up the odds
Before stuffed paper, I would stuff cigars
Some smoke the pain away, some drink the pain away
Me? I take it in and breathe it out on a rainy day
Never a stingy nigga, willing to give the game away
Ghost stay low, he ain't willin' to give the fame away

(...have I...
Strong as though...
For this occasion
For this occasion)

I go to sleep and travel
I know the beast can tempt me
I know the snakes can rattle but knowings half the battle
Headed up shit's creek, no one likes to paddle
Live in a high rise, no one likes the gravel
Fuck with the gangstas, no one likes to tattle
Went into war but no one likes to battle
Love loss is a blood loss
God make clay but what's the price that the mud costs?
Dirt got wet 'cause you sweat when you bust off
Knew it was a sin but you knew it was a win
Got close to the end but you knew it would begin
Got away with it before so you doing it again
I would probably do the same
Seen the dark, seen the light, so I'm calling it a game
See the clouds through the joint, so I'm calling it a lane
It's the picture without the cam, so I'm calling it a frame

(...have I...
Strong as though...
For this occasion
For this occasion)

Is life even worth the stress?
Used to wonder if I'm cursed or blessed?
If I can't fly high, will it hurt the nest?
If I don't clear my mind, will it hurt my chest?
Is it a place on the Earth for my soul to rest?
Will I make it through the gates to see the golden crest?
Will I stay with the wiser [?] where the soldiers rest?
My testaments are [?] but they ain't know the [?]
But I inhale the weed to get to know my breath

(...have I...
Strong as though...
For this occasion
For this occasion)

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Styles P For This Occasion Comments
  1. fullmetal25

    2019 still 🔥 🔥💯✊🏿

  2. Paris Scott

    Is their story that makes God cry can I bring weed too heaven to get God high 😎now you know if granny hear that she gonna be like that's devil music 😂

  3. James Chozen

    Before I lust a bitch I lust a car. Say no more.


    Styles p is definitely in a different class and cut from a different cloth this album is dope asf

  5. WhoGotTheHenny

    I just lost my best friend this afternoon to drugs. Realest shit I encountered in a long time. I thank you for this song 💔

    Danny Grade A Santiago

    My condolences.... Im Glad we made it too!

  6. Greg Rapose

    Come back to the land!

  7. Tony B

    Remember the Lord

  8. Adam Jefferson

    whoo! this wat we need for this occassion!

  9. Julio Gil

    Lowkey best gospel rap album

  10. Simba Mhesano

    GHOST still with us... DAMN P

  11. Scott Medeiros

    I've noticed loyde banks and styles p have became spiritual writers, real mother fuckers don't sell there soul for $ and fame! Youngins need to learn from the OGs and leave that satanic shit alone! Not to mention it sounds better to!

  12. Tony Caseanova

    Play this errday

  13. bert fromarketin

    dopeness...SICK!! Styles a monster with the lyrics...

  14. sylvester hartfield

    from the the streets... learn something.... step by step...

  15. kim low

    This brother is one of the greatest MC's of all time

  16. Raymond Ezell

    How could you down this? I’m in tears! 🤭💨😩🔥

    MRTUPAC 28

    Raymond Ezell Stop crying you bitch.

  17. spoken truth 602

    Dope as fuck

  18. Kamohelo Sdi

    This Creativity to the top level

  19. Tobes Anthony Brown


  20. Lakim Brice

    Sp da ghost still spit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  21. Elie Hegbe

    What sample is this?

    ohmycas cas

    The sample for this is Aretha Franklin "friendly persuasion(thee I love)" and Styles flipped it and it was dropped as a single 6 months ago titled "Strong as oak".


    wndrland X thank you, my friend. Shoulda known it was my girl, the goat aka Queen Aretha

    Danny Grade A Santiago

    I used Aretha Franklin Friendly Persuasion And Blended it with some original Piano played by me

    Danny Grade A Santiago

    @ohmycas cas you know your stuff!

    Idol Snow

    Aretha Franklin

  22. Karon77

    Dope. From an old head. #LongLiveHipHop

  23. Nicholas Alvarez

    Damn OG... Call someone up to tweet this album out bro..

    Flames Jay

    OG Styles killed
    sh!t hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥