Styles P - Feelings Gone Lyrics

"Cause the feeling, is gone!!" [Ghost]
"And I must, get it back" [Statik Selektah]

Trust me, nothing prepares us
They never say gettin money slows your prayers up
We already in Hell! Nothin can scare us
We already fly how nothin can air us
Came from the underground so I stay grounded, astounded
by all the bullshit that I founded
A wise man can lose juice soon as he gain jewels
Life get real and you think of the pains you grew
You different, you makin a change, you let your man tell it
Blowin chronic, am I demonic or angelic?
No vanilla Dutch, fuck it, get a panetela
Roll a one sheet, think about my rap sheet
Sellin crack'll have you runnin like a track meet
Watchin your back on every other back street
I started so young, why you think I'm so numb
You can't feel shit and only like real shit

[Chorus: Statik Selektah's samples scratched]
"You can act stupid if you wanna"
"Like you don't know what block I'm front of"
"D-Block layin 'em down"
"And I ain't never plannin to stop, I'm plannin to rock"
"You know my name, you heard my raps"
"You know my name, ain't nuttin changed"
"S.P. and I done been through it all"
"From here on I spit it in rare form"

The moon stay quiet but the sun spoke
Still can't blow away the pain with the blunt smoke
Tryin to give my daughter and my son hope
The shit get rough, when you breathin in the gun smoke
Do it all for a pile of the cash, funny
But I'm rarely known to smile when I laugh (that's all)
You can say the pain run deep and I wonder
Do the insane or the sane ones speak?
And I feel like the devil got chains on me
I'm inside but I still feel the rain on me
(It's raining) like it's comin through the window or the windshield
Life full of sins'll have you spinnin like a windmill
Contract with God is signed and it been sealed
See you at the crossroads if everything has been real
I can feel what you can't
And the shit is vice versa so fear what you can't


I told you it is what it is
Can't choose how to die but I can choose how to live (true)
Thought about it just sittin where I live
Just another ghetto nigga with a million dollar crib
No hope, then I dropped the E and got hoppin
Got hip, just so I could get a little guap' (you get it?)
Before that, I used to move rock
with a 4 to 10 job after school workin stock (word)
Then I said "Fuck pickin up a box"
So I sold more drugs, started stickin mo' spots
That's why I thank God for this rap shit
Niggaz be frontin cause we used to livin backwards


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Styles P Feelings Gone Comments
  1. doctor k

    💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖 game smart guy.

  2. Homie Homes

    Incredible lyrics from the greatest MC to ever grace the mic

  3. 3 Subscriber's Without Any Videos!!!

    Look how styles bought back the spins on Nine Point Five track... classic

  4. Ani Kareem

    This is 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Blaze Mason

    2019 & still the illest nigga.

  6. Frank Johnson


  7. Alro Solo

    Revolutionary Music 💯

  8. 21 grams

    Back again get by music

  9. Iamthedon1986

    Hot shit will never die

  10. mazza lina


  11. Wayne Gates

    Back in the day it was a few rappers that mad songs like this and give you this feeling now it’s only 1 left. Meek last street rapper left

  12. T TYME

    I wise man can lose jewels as soon as he gain jewels 💯

  13. Rodney Burton


  14. Mark Marron


  15. Marcus Gohard

    "Blowing chronic am i demonic or angelic"

  16. NYfertari

    pure intellect

  17. Fuck da World

    This that shit u ride thru da city with blowing that gas zoned out nigga

  18. Patrick Henderson

    2018 still my shit used to bump till I go to sleep Styles gave me good dreams hip hop never died to me with the lox in my playlist


    Does this song has a music video? Dope!!!!

  20. Matthew Peranteau

    What can i say

  21. A B

    Nana dams 10/10 sampled the beginning

  22. Bergkamp VanPersie

    midnight is close the time for ghost

  23. money mas Hassan

    Is like styles rides with me thru life # my g

  24. louis leonard ndiaye

    i like this artist stiles p big up

  25. Joel Scott


  26. Steven Figueroa

    Salute to the ghost deepest spitter I've ever heard.

  27. $JayBravo$

    Best of all time

  28. Doug Anthony

    Life full of Sins having you spinning like a windmill!! so true!! THANK YOU JESUS THROUGH YOUR BLOOD YOU TOOK THAT FROM US!!! styles I know your 5%,, I'm praying for you brother!! shalom

  29. sgtzunda zunda1


  30. meezy meez

    sp the god... #MEEZY

  31. Jon Sergi

    damn every song on this album is fire

  32. Ty Summers

    S.P. Was Breathing Flames On This One!!!!!!! Nothing Left To Say!!!!

  33. ThrulOne 88


  34. straiightmenace

    u could act stupid if u wanna..
    like u dunno what block im in fronta

  35. Juan Garcia

    Contracts with God, they're sign and they've been sealed. I'll see you at the crossroads if everything has been real🔥

  36. Kevin Sanders

    So many good bars in this

  37. YoungD3mon314

    best nigga to even pick up a mic

    Carly Long


    Junior Norvil

    YoungD3mon314 facts


    YoungD3mon314 💯💯

  38. ken oc


  39. Luke Bird

    always always pure fire from sp and d block UK love allday stay g,d up d block 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥


    if ur in london listen to this album on the tube in winter. did this in 2011 was a great feeling

  40. I Am Clippa


  41. I Am Clippa

    flame🔥on u who can't relate☄

    Mike Weeks

    Oso Clippa

  42. Shamara Mccray

    my ass feel off

  43. Gettintoit Fashow

    styles one of the underrated greatest niccas trilll

  44. finkz Finkz


  45. The Forgotten One Darkone76

    I died years ago that's the reason I don't fear death im waiting for the chance to embrace it

    Ed Vance

    I died to n it's not the end/ saw my diseased best friend/ Darius and it was halarious

  46. Jordan


  47. G GILES

    cant choose how ima die but i can choose how i live

  48. 2kooltay

    this my favorite RAPPER str8 like that fuck all that new & old shyt this is called underrated but alot are lol

  49. straiightmenace

    u sellin crack ill have u runnin like a track meet.. watchin ya back on every otha back street

  50. WaVy BaBy

    i started so young.... why u think im so numb!


    can't feel shit and only like real shit!

  51. AnytimeNigguh


  52. AnytimeNigguh


    antonio ferrara

    Tryina give my son and my daughter hope//but shit get rough when you breathin in tha gun smoke.....hella raw bruh

    3 Subscriber's Without Any Videos!!!

    Do it all for the piles of the cash..

    Homie Homes

    @3 Subscriber's Without Any Videos!!! but I really only smile when I laugh

  53. Jeremy keahbone

    Str8 wicked

  54. Tyrone Kingsland

    and I feel like the devil got chains on me I'm inside and I still feel it rain on me like it's coming through a window of a windshield life full of sins will have you spinning like a windmill contracts with God signed and have been sealed see you at the crossroads if everything has been real......mmmmh

    Artie D Lightfoot

    Fire...they hear it but don't hear it. That's food for thought if there never was.


    "SEE YA!"

  55. straiightmenace

    still cant blow away the pain wit the blunt smoke




    u kno what it is 1 love keep it G my nigga

  56. Damian Copado Maynard

    Bought the album and is hard especially we don't play song

  57. harold jones

    they splashed off.....

  58. Steve Nyambok

    No hope, then I dropped the 'e' and got hop and got hip, just so i could get a little gwop, you get it?

  59. Jay Banks

    any one no where i can get this beat

  60. B. Black

    i told u it is what it is can't choose how to die but i can choose how to live. that real shit SP all day everyday

  61. micah Keiyzer Brum UK

    "Its funny, but I really only smile when I laugh...u can say pain run deep" SP all time top 5


    +micah Keiyzer BrumUK damn!!!!


    LETS GO!!!!!

    3 Subscriber's Without Any Videos!!!

    Facts. Life gets more realer with time.

  62. Only1way

    you can see the pain run deep and i wonder, do the insane or sane one speak. wow

  63. RcaMan100

    Lost my feelings along time ago, No wonder i'm so fucking cold..

  64. KeyGetsIt Greene

    Styles P has always been that nigga #PeopleSleep  

  65. Christopher Lewis

    top 10 all-time styles is a hood icon hip hop legend

  66. Prince TJ BadAzz

    We already in hell nothing can scare us

    vincent visconi


  67. Anthony Henry

    OVA Entertainment is loving it. LOX Never Die


    Diz nigga

  69. IrishMediaNerd

    Awesome meaningful song. Love this ish. Real talk from Rhyme

  70. Trevor B

    I agree.. every time I hear a great lyricist I consider it supernatural ability mixed with perfection of craft they are like mythological id deff be star struck to meet SP the ghost

  71. Daniels Agbor

    Blowing chronic, am I demonic or angelic?

  72. kgdamack76


  73. Eyan Stevenson

    "I'll see you at the crossroads if everything has been real"

  74. trudon

    maybe nas

  75. Yoldanesee Holzer

    the ghost mannnn

  76. FollowTheSunDown


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    Fa show he goes in

  78. gg smith

    s. p . ghost

  79. I___s3v3n3o___I

    icame from the underground, so istay grounded


    This song keeps me from killing 1 of u bitch ass niggas

  81. Keshawn Rufino

    Album is a classic

  82. figgofspeech

    The GHOST is the best most slept on rapper in the Game. The Hardest Out!!!!!

  83. dliite26


  84. Paulina Verna

    Whats wrong with that anyways? Atleast one remained the same!!!!!!!!!You can act stupid if you wanna!


    P.S this is a different YOUTUBE ACCOUNT im REPLYING from aka I UPLOADED this VIDEO from a different ACCOUNT


    I didnt BUY THE ALBUM (lol) & STYLES P ... is ALWAYS ON POINT with his VERSES But if THE BEAT aint TIGHT or THE HOOK is ANNOYING it dont have much REPLAY VALUE other than to HEAR STYLES VERSE ONE TIME .. HIP HOP aint about BEATS & HOOKS but if THE BEAT & HOOK are GARBAGE or BORING .. I aint gonna LISTEN to it more than ONCE just to HEAR THE VERSE

  87. amcrx

    Open your vision a lille dooo damm.. why buy a whole album and play 1 song fr

  88. Bobby Hbn

    Me either mah man, hang in there

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    Still cant blow away the pain with the blount smoke

  90. trudon

    masters of ceremonies is nearly a classic

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    sensai style went hard as fuck too

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    Top 10 best ever

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    statik selektah is the SICKEST producer

  94. rtothemutha

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill...! Ghost 4 eva

  95. vert digler

    this is my shit the way he put this together,,,I like when on shit like this

  96. thecheesburgler

    "And I can feel what you can, and the shit vice versa so fear what you think"?