Styles P - Discipline Lyrics

Keep a hard headed nigga listening
Louch told me fall back
Play my positioning
Niggas violate
They gon' find 'em where they fishing in
Eyes and ears missin' em
No time for dissin' em
Blow the medication with niggas with dedication
Name a day and an hour I'll set off the detonation
I speak what I feel
And I keep this shit real
So it's hard for the kid to get radio penetration
A leaf 'bout to turn
Only in America will a boiler earn millions
When Sheek get his turn
I don't plan on shittin'
But I plan on whippin'
Suttin' that look different
On the lean when it's sittin'
Switch cars like clothes and I ain't bullshittin'
Benz in the morning, Beamer in the afternoon
Lambo at night, I'm high if I'm in back of you
S.P. the Ghost in the grind like a slow dance
Might sell a lot but vs me, you got no chance
Parties on the street you don't believe me ask yo' man
All them niggas play me in them lil' black radios
White tee, long shorts, throw away P80 yo
Shit is still gravy though
Never try to play me though
My man's on the roof
And I'll tell him to let your lady go
You should understand, I don't change much
Except when I go to killa nigga now and go change up

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Styles P Discipline Comments
  1. Curt Jones

    who is that who spit after p? homey ripped

  2. Jeremy Westoven

    What up?! Yea!

  3. Ron Davis

    Baseheads as back up dancers.

  4. Alan.Johnson JLB

    Only real D- Block boys know about gems like these.

  5. Tay Yasharal

    Ghost a GOAT.

  6. Marshall Brennan

    This shall be my wedding song

  7. freddy ga

    I can’t believe the published date said 13 years ago!!!!!!!! Fck bruh where did the time go!! I was in my freshman year bumpin this!!! Wish this music was still around raw beats raw lyrics full of real sht!! It seems like bully,bucky,team arliss and the rest of the guys went their own way!! Good times good music!!

  8. exit9 jersey

    Those 104 dislikes gotta be Drake and asap mob fans could u dislike shit like this...real street shit .

  9. Joe Joe

    2019 bitch

  10. HLS 60


  11. AIT Project Profile Inc.

    Shit don't change

  12. GReeNo B

    *STiLL BuMPiN iN 2o0o... FoReVeR*


    Still a bangin in 2019✊✊✊

    GReeNo B

    Ppl will be listening to this *_every_** year* for a *_long_** time...* Congrats

  14. Teddy Bruckshot

    2019... listen closely

  15. Ron Davis

    This video is so grimy when u got basehead dancers

  16. Buddha Within

    The only thing weak about this vid is the roca wear!

  17. GReeNo B

    Look at all the people commenting the year 😆 Ppl will be listening to this _every year_ for a _long_ time. + *it **_says when_** you posted.* *BuMPiN iN 2o0o... **_FoReVeR_* *_#CLaSsiC_*

  18. 3 Subscriber's Without Any Videos!!!

    Best part about d block they all had they own style.

  19. jennings salvador

    2019 still here 🚫🧢💯🤷🏾‍♂️

    cut the check

    D-Block nigga YEAH!!

    GReeNo B

    *Mad* people listening this year. It gets thousands of views *everyday* and it will for a _long_ time 😆 _Why_ y'all so thirsty for likes?

  20. Jonathan Cates



    Da Money SP feat Arliss D-Block response to Bully Bitch Doggie Diamonds Interview 🙏🏾Get well soon Vinny Idol

  22. Terrance McClain

    D-block 4 life.. still listening in 2019

    cut the check

    D-BLOCK!! Nigga YEAH!!

    GReeNo B

    when ppl comment the year... 😆 It _says when_ you posted

  23. Trap Boomin

    You dnt even kno dis dblock 354 ish had da blocks in London jumpin, dis video is gold

  24. Jr Onetime

    I been lox fan wen I first saw them on TV 95 money power respect till on n on Paterson NJ lest get it

  25. 716 Death Valley

    💯💯💨💨 Still here 2019 716 stand up

  26. Bee Easy

    Got me where I can’t be wit out my hard had 👀👀👀 I heard jada say that in a freestyle ijs

  27. David Sclater

    I ain't first base.... lol

  28. Tisha Steen

    Mar ghost town silky way City owww 21 Hopkins s.t family over everything s.o.x

  29. AC The_Original

  30. Tisha Steen

    Dblocc inmates murdaton locs 2 generation Oakland raiders PJ Watts baby loc msflyboys baby Michael Myers AKA shamar Dwayne Jarvis beamon North Atlanta s.o.x

  31. Eric Clark

    bully sorta ruined the song.


    lol yeah

  32. kenold joseph

    Classic smack DVD days

  33. militia marksman

    My nigga styles scandalous with the fiens gettin low

  34. Trap Boomin

    2018 still a gem 🦅🔥💯


    19. This the biggest gem of em all.

    GReeNo B

    And it _always_ will be... _When ppl put the year in the comments_ 😆 why tf y'all so thirsty for likes? 🤔

  35. Trehvahn Brown

    God bless styles p

  36. Dimitry Pavlov

    Straw killed it

  37. Trehvahn Brown

    God bless the girl's

  38. Tisha Steen

    Chucky bundles aka Mar loc msflboys owww trust nobody e.b.k

  39. Tisha Steen

    354 dblocc inmates beamon Boy's ATL braves msflboys owww trust nobody e.b.k s.o.x

  40. jon tyler

    ghost best ever been my fav since 2000 nigga

  41. Reginald Morin

    High as can't even spell pheenes

  42. Dee Reilly

    This The Best Version Since There’s No DJ 💯 Fucking Classic Styles P. No One Can Be Compared To Him. A True Legend

  43. Ciapha Gray

    Snipe killed that shit!!!

  44. zabekhurram

    This is my track in the Mercedes S500.


    Hows this not at 1m


    Real recognize real, most ain't. This just a gem for us.

  46. yellowman Gd Up

    who listen to this in March 2017 real Lox Dlock heads 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


    19 dukes, I dont even listen to rap anymore. Lox for life-white boy from a nice town upstate NY.



    GReeNo B

    Ppl will be listening to this every year for a long time. _When ppl put the year in the comments_ 😆

  47. Razza Dinero

    Any one got a link for this beat man like I've Been lookin forever

  48. Santo Trafficante

    The beat is straight fire, classic shit! I've been listening to this for years and it still is great.

  49. gareth runyowa

    classic P

  50. lotr6ringZ Th36oat


  51. Erric Dogge

    ..Been looking for this for a good half a decade...Damnnnn!!!Arlyss!

  52. Mason Jones

    its holiday puss

  53. Mason Jones

    its holiday puss

  54. AnytimeNigguh

    MY NIGGA @LightWeight22 I SEE YOU BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Jermaine Rathan

    GHOST.......................nuff..........said fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 get blasted

  56. j drag

    extarodinary gentleman just like tom sawyer nigga

  57. Chronocilian1715

    pheens in the video dancing is killn me lol

  58. Jr Onetime

    one of my favorites been has for years style s p the best!!

  59. Salvador Solano

    Johnathin and Anthony like his flow

  60. Salvador Solano

    Me and wifey think styles is so hood

  61. Phil Torres

    this shits fuego styles the shit

  62. Jermaine Rathan

    This a fuckin Banger hard as fuck styles p who harder!

    Liam Halbritter

    Jermaine Rathan nobody

  63. Steve

    love is the best, got my flow from the OG!

  64. Calshea Wilson

    Dats y I gotta rate this nigga

  65. j perez

    So much rawness!!

  66. Ronald Lassiter

    this goes hard

  67. dk2354

    i need this instrumental

  68. Mani Fresh

    StRAw killed it

  69. hurgthegreat

    word this stays on the sdcard

  70. el jefe

    Jada would a snapped on this beat like usual this beat is a monster

  71. Orlando X

    real shit! not like that fake a$$ wannabe MC nowadays likd Drake, Lil Wanye etc...

  72. MetalMessiah81

    The name of the song is incorrect. The correct title of the song is "Damage Control" and not "Discipline"


    teddy jackson lmao!!!!

    GReeNo B

    On Ghost in the Machine this songs called Damage Control. Plus styles already has songs called Discipline and Fully Loaded *CLIP

    AC The_Original

  73. gsg9ff

    15 secs OOOoooooWeeeee!!!!

  74. yousef


  75. yousef

    this shit never leves my SDcard

  76. HU5H MON3Y M3DIA

    Fiends dancing make this a classic...I ne3ded that laugh




    I'm smoked out with a machine gun

    Tay Yasharal

    Ghost music help me get through shit, but this fucked up.

  77. Ed Hardy

    Bully cant fit in a boxster s.

    Triplecross King


  78. stacey jones

    i luv da fins dancing

  79. Damagedone56

    styles top 5 ever to come out ny.

  80. YesItsVetzHD

    Damage Control on Ghost In The Machine.. how could I forget smh hunting down a physical now

  81. YesItsVetzHD

    This track is under a different name on one of the styles p mixtapes but I forgot the name... can someone help me out?

  82. DLaveaux

    I ain't first base, so I won't let you slide on me/ I ain't Great Adventure, so I won't let you ride on me.

  83. sclSolitarium

    anybody know where this sample is from? I need this one in my stash

  84. David Boekhout

    yeah thats nyyyyyce...

  85. da5deadlyvenomz

    got the fiends dancing lol.styles 2real

  86. I___s3v3n3o___I

    he started the song off by saying......"Let me break it down, I'm the nigga that ride or die hommie..."

    =====> so you know its going to be an instant classic

  87. silvastian


  88. Elohim Council

    This still my shit yo !!! Ayo check out my video n leave a comment

  89. Willie Walters

    Them two lady's gotta be crackheads trynna earn some money

  90. GodisallasIam

    I love the crackheads dancers in this lol...So hood S/O to Yo...

  91. Jer Brown

    Yea still bumpin this dblock all day

  92. allen gonzalez

    still listening to this in 2013

  93. mrmainerr


  94. jazlane rose