Styles P - Black Diamond 3 (Skit) Lyrics

So I wanna play it with my nigga
You know, we land in Cali
Then we kiss
He's telling me about the shit already and I was listening
You know what I mean, that's my brother
It's like yea you gotta check this shit out
Like some shit this is you know
Some shit man
So you know, I'm high, I'm running her mouth and we're doing all kind of shit
All kind of, all kind of, all kind of work
And then you know
And then my nigga brought me there
I was like wow
The frotic was great
Material was the finest
It was the whole fuckin' atmosphere, I was like oh shit
Some new shit
And I really fuckin like this shit
So I continue to do it
Keep on doin' it
Supply and demand
Diamond life
Ain't nothing like a bunch of entrepreneurs taking over the world
You'll see

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