Stud, Mike - Take It How You Wanna Lyrics

[Marcus Stroman:]
Search for a ring like Dex
Jumpman cleats for the quest
Game time, bring my best
Fam tatted on my chest
Vibes up, never looking down
How many times have you seen me frown?
Standing out, never fittin' in
On top, my position is
And lately
Got baby mom with me daily
They can not test me or phase me
The deals comin' in, they are crazy
I stay on the move
I keep it true
With my team I cannot lose
Want me to play by the rules
But trust me I do what I choose
Pops sayin' he miss me
Wish things were different
But he made me this way
Yeah they talk but I don't listen
Work smarter than them
Designer on all of my friends
They fake and I never pretend
Give family all my ends

[Mike Stud:]
Take it how you wanna
Got a lot of things on my mind
So take it how you wanna
I'm a do me every time
Take it how you wanna
Got a lot of things on my mind
So take it how you wanna
I'm a do me every time

As the clock ticks the plot thickens
Only got hits, you got misses
I don't talk shit, I talk business
All the gossip, I'm not with it
No false shit, I'm no gimmick
And the room stops when I'm in it
And the Jordan five's is authentic
But you couldn't walk a mile in 'em
Yeah I walk like a ball player still
I don't play 'cause I play the field
And I don't take shit, or the deal
Everything I say, you know it's real
And all the shit we used to dream about
Is just a normal evening now
We came up and we've be down
Trust me it evens out
It's still Mike Stud, homie
Fuck the shade they throwing
I'm no dice, can't roll me
And I just got the Rollie
So they see what time it is
Used to dream of all of this
What you see is what you get
Yeah, I stay me through all of this

Take it how you wanna
Got a lot of things on my mind
So take it how you wanna
I'm a do me every time
Take it how you wanna
Got a lot of things on my mind
So take it how you wanna
I'm a do me every time

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Stud, Mike Take It How You Wanna Comments
  1. Batam Life

    Love so much Mike Stud

  2. Sebastian Horvath

    One of the best!!

  3. Ricardo Sousa

    I'm glad I found this.

  4. Im Nqwrz

    hey people i started uploading on youtube and got no views so i deleted them all and quit then i uploaded again a few weeks ago and only the video stuck at 15 views and i cant get subs i dont know what im doing wrong i just need more subs. Sub please, sorry for trying to promote my channel on other peoples channels... Just need subs.

  5. Jacob Hansen

    All time favorite song, it's so good. the flow, the tune, just everything is amazing.

  6. Tia Stee


  7. Rs2Ridiculous

    Bro I love your style so much man. Shit is so fire

  8. Vincent Paz

    This shit hard af 🔥🔥🔥

  9. Çãm

    Mini G-Eazy

  10. Drew Vigil

    anyone know where hoodie has been? ha he's irrelevant


    Idk, considering he went on tour with Wiz & fall out boy a couple years ago and released an album last year I'd say he's somewhere enjoying life working on his next project.

  11. Troop The not so savage

    One question to ask. Is mike stud going to be better than shady? They should do a song together

  12. Kyle Zere

    I'm probably the only person you can here from Harrison nevel

  13. Kyle Zere

    This shit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. Brandon Browne

    Blue Jay fam✌

  15. Martin Roldan

    Waitin' for this to drop on iTunes...

    Promoting Sounds

    soon according to mike!

  16. Kaiikea KM

    here before a milly.

  17. Ceannatritanphaedra Cloud

    This mf never upsets me

  18. Michael- Bedolla

    perfect combination will be mike stud & Russ ,Markus is bomb too

  19. Laced tha K

    should've edited the hollywood sign too when it said hollyweed 😂

  20. Hailey Mendenhall

    m stro and m stud are the best oml

  21. Chuckie R. Doty

    Ridiculous Mike N company!! Fuck..💯💯💯

  22. LIE

    If it's mike stud it's a immediately like

  23. Jordan Sager

    Strowmans part is straight fire

  24. John fisherman

    damn Stud was in!!! of his best verses imo. also fuk rosenberg that corn ball

  25. KeemMufasa

  26. Adam Madani

  27. Raymond Cerda

    Hey, I'm new to this, and I just dropped a couple new tracks on my channel. Feel free to check them out. It would be greatly appreciated. On another note, this is song is heatin' up, yo. My first time I heard him, and I'm already diggin' it.

  28. Rob Rundle

    This song is dope. Every song Mike releases is straight vibes and he goes hard in every song and it's all the truth not any of that mainstream bullcrap

  29. Eric Errl

    Shit slaps 💯 Stroman is getting a lot better too

  30. G R

    Take it as it wanna is so bad thats a number one

  31. Almighty Blaze420

    drop a album love your songs

  32. Allen Connor

    Bruhhhhh! Fireeeeee! Stro Show and Mike Stud always delivers!

  33. TheMindOfAlex

    In love with this song!!

  34. Crash Gunnaz

    My boy Stroman!

  35. Jade Lynn

    yeeaaa mike. you sound good af!!

  36. DannyGotClout

    God bless Mike & Marcus 😩🔥

  37. Jo-Remi Saada

    Please tell me this is on Spotify

  38. Synqad

    I made a remix of this song on my channel, pls check it out!

  39. Jacob Norton

    the moment I've waiting for a grip!!! have a good afternoon and night promo!! keep the fire coming bro!

    Promoting Sounds

    and you too my man!! i got you for sure

  40. Damian Mercado

    you guys should make one on location by Khalid

    Promoting Sounds

    big fan! trying to get permission, ill keep u updated :)

    Damian Mercado

    Promoting Sounds thank you that new Kyle song is pretty good :)!

  41. Ambrose

    This is a really good song. As good as anything on the radio

    Promoting Sounds

    facts, deserves to be huge

  42. seungkvwn

    this goes hard😍

    Promoting Sounds

    you already know 😍sooo much fire

  43. CareyTV_

    Mike is my boy!! Always dropping bangers

    Promoting Sounds

    every time its some fire!

  44. Cody Bonner

    everything these guys make a song together it's amazing , we need a whole album

    Promoting Sounds

    so true, a Strow x Mike project would be flamesss

    William Hays

    Promoting Sounds yes they need to do a whole mixtape at least. It would be so lit

  45. Kamuel


  46. Dante S

    im a 17 year old rapper/producer from north carolina inspired by jcole and russ

  47. Typical Tracks


  48. j.p.

    they needa album together


    jp kinsella ok, I've seen you four times for the past 12 mins. I guess great minds think alike xD.

    Promoting Sounds

    lmaooo you both know the tunes


    Dylon Lopez lol i guess so

  49. Samuel Dingui

    Been waiting for another banger I'm hype ...

    Promoting Sounds

    so happy they dropped more fire on us

  50. DEREK

    Peep at my new music video I bet you'll fuck with it

  51. Powderkeg

    White Drake is back


    Powderkeg drake is White Lmao

  52. Gurjot Uppal

    go blue jays

    Promoting Sounds

    mike reps them hard!

  53. Kelly Hryniuk

    Dang this needs a video asap!!

    Promoting Sounds

    facts! too fire not to

  54. Nika. Moyer

    Killin it love Mike Stud! Thanks Promoting Sounds

    Promoting Sounds

    my pleasure! glad you dig it :)

  55. DavidoffNvX

    Congrats for all of your subs broo, keep the good work going!! :D

    Promoting Sounds

    thanks so much! will do for sure <3

  56. Jan Mikkelsen

    Mike always delivers! :)

    Promoting Sounds

    every single time i swear!

  57. Supreme Kyle

    What would it take to get pinned on my favorite music channel on YouTube?

    Promoting Sounds

    hahaha i promise you will get one, keep commenting! ;)

  58. LastHopeForWorld ™

    Mike! he's still in my top 15 music artists <3

    Promoting Sounds

    good choice! whats your fav song from him?

    LastHopeForWorld ™

    Promoting Sounds Oh this is hard to pick... here some of my fav songs from him: Brand New, Closer, Jack Daniels, Out Here, These Days, Through The Night and Young King :) I listen to his music since 2012/13 :)


    Promoting Sounds I think Brightside is by far his best song

  59. Shawn Klemme

    omg stud hype 😍😍

    Promoting Sounds

    killin it!

  60. Dilly

    i love mike stud!!!

    Hot Pocket

    Dilly ur cute af


    Hot Pocket you taste good 😉

    Promoting Sounds

    lmaoooo this conversation

  61. Anish Saha

    stud season is back boysss

    Promoting Sounds

    Anish Saha bout to take over the game 🔥

  62. Omar C

    Finally Mike 🙌

    Promoting Sounds

    Omar Castro he's that dude 💪

  63. Stay High

    *What do you have to do to get your comment pinned by the best music channel on YouTube* ?

    Promoting Sounds

    hahaha next video i got you brooo ;)

  64. Dominos pizza

    Mike stud my #1 for best rapper

    Promoting Sounds

    hes gotta be climbing up everyones list! hes making moves

    WhudUP Do

    Promoting Sounds Russ kaan and Mike stud all cuz of SamueL

    Evan Woodske

    WhudUP Do since when is russ a rapper

    Promoting Sounds

    hahaha youre the man, always love brooo

  65. Nick P

    All i can think of when i hear Mike is when he made that video for gas pedal and had that white booty clappin at the childrens play ground lol.

    Promoting Sounds

    LMAO, hes progressed so much that was lowkey fire though

    WhudUP Do

    Promoting Sounds high-key lit? some may say Sam? lol jk, but if you ain't fuckin wit Mike you hardcore sleepin

    uPENGUiN x

    Nick Peace same😂😂

  66. -*Triggered*-

    g eazy x Mike stud - if you ever uploaded something like that it would break your channel

    Promoting Sounds

    hahaha what i'd do to see that

    melissa smith

    they did lady killers together but they need another song for sure

    Mathieu Wasylak

    melissa smith that was Hoodie Allen, big BIG difference

    JJ Martinez

    TheLegend27 DUUUDDDDEEE agree 🔥 🔥


    TheLegend27 or drizzy and Mike collab??

  67. Tbocayuva

    Just because birthday week wasnt good enough! Thank you again bro!

    Promoting Sounds

    hahaha youve had some bangers bro! ;) these artists raining fire on us

  68. Timmy Wise

    Mike Stud goes hard af

    Promoting Sounds

    his verse tho...

  69. ayy dude

    Ayyyy yeah! Mike Stud ♥️

    Promoting Sounds

    what a hero! <3

  70. Curtis Mutter

    highlight of my week

    Promoting Sounds

    happy to hear that bro! always incredible with more mike flames

  71. OG Kenji

    "I don't talk shit, I talk business" fuego!

    Promoting Sounds

    what a line, never expect anythign less from these guys though!

  72. drwning

    I was just listening to mike stud on Spotify and I got this notification 😂👌

    Promoting Sounds

    hahaha no way, more mike fire is always welcome ;)

  73. -*Triggered*-

    dude go crazyyyy !

    Promoting Sounds

    really does!


    Promoting Sounds how do you find all this new music so fast?


    Promoting Sounds isn't it copyright?

    Dominos pizza

    TheLegend27 holy shit it's the one and only TheLegend27

  74. Zach Hudson

    Aye 🔥🔥🔥

  75. RelaxPain

    First view and like

    Zack Kirk

    Robert Brooks great, who cares?

  76. Dalton Stamper


    Promoting Sounds

    so happy they dropped more fire for us!

    Dalton Stamper

    Promoting Sounds I know I've been waiting for more songs from them!

  77. Promoting Sounds

    Brand new from Mike Stud and Stroman! What a combination

    WhudUP Do

    Promoting Sounds falcons got it, no doubt : ) my Broncos won it last year, take it how you wanna ;)


    I made a remix of this song on my channel, pls check it out!

    Prophet Mufasa

    Promoting Sounds PS, I have some friends with a few songs, one in particular I think will fit on your channel well. It's a remix of thim slick and its extremely well done. How would they go about trying to get it on your channel?


    they license the songs fucking idiot

  78. Lol

    Strow show

    Promoting Sounds

    he murdered it!


    Promoting Sounds honestly he did but it sounds like Mike wrote his verse.