Stud, Mike - Real Friends Lyrics

Let me tell you something 'bout it
I got friends, she got friends too
We should all get together do what friends do
I got friends, she got friends too
Get my Jordan's from the Jordans that's a man's move
Jeffrey tatted YNK so they sent two
Then I buy a couple more 'cause that's what friends do
I came up and brought the homies, yeah they been true
They're the only fuckers that know what I've been through
Win or lose we did it right cause that's what friends do
Cause that's what friends do

Real friends, real friends, yeah I'm talking bout some real friends

Lost people that ain't lost, that ain't dead, that ain't gone
They right here, like right there, got the same face, but it ain't there
With a blank stare, I thank God, I take off, I take mine
I take a loss with a grain of salt, a tequila shot, never take the lime
What I need and want is some back rubs, some fat blunts for the whole squad
Cold beer, no cares, no cars, just boast dog, I'm ghost dog
That's goals dog
'Cause fuck sake, fuck this place, Hollywood update
Most of the guys ya'll praising either faking or they cupcakes
On the Gram they got it all worked out but in real life they in tough shape
That's a tough break, lot of good nights, lot of rough days
Hit the gym a lot, but her butt's fake, haha

Mama called, said remember why you started
Pops taught me, when shit get hard to just go harder
All the things I used to want I went and got 'em
Starting to think that I was better off without 'em
Mama called, said remember why you started yeah
Pops taught me, when shit get hard to just go harder
Yeah, all the things I used to want I went and got 'em
Yeah, what I got is all I got, at least I got em yeah

Real friends, real friends, yeah I'm talking bout some real friends
Real friends, yeah I'm talking bout some real friends

I got friends, she got friends too

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Stud, Mike Real Friends Comments
  1. jillian jones

    This flows fucking sic as fuck

  2. Joey Avila

    1:23 are we gonna the fact he's packing that guys fudge

  3. Castiel

    Steve* ;)

  4. Joshua Linnell

    This song is under rated love it listening in October 2019

  5. LC Miller

    Dear Mike,

    Bring your fine ass back to the bull city sometime;)

  6. Nico Dinamyte

    Master 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  7. m r

    remember why you started

  8. Alex Garcia

    We need that song @ the end please drop it...

    shlump sclumpump

    probably on next album!

    Alex Garcia

    shlump sclumpump for sure I’m pretty sure this next album will be 🔥

    shlump sclumpump

    @Alex Garcia Yup he's got songs with Post Malone too! Gonna be a huge album!

  9. Tyler Crawford


  10. Diego Ortiz

    This song goes so hard

  11. Jawad Serroukh

    Mike Stud the Furry?

  12. Alex Garcia

    Hell yeah this shit bangs

  13. tausif mallik

    the song at the end?

    shlump sclumpump


  14. TaylorV

    I really hoped that this last track is on the 4thehomies album :(

  15. Miklik Cz

    I want last song , pliiiis :(

  16. Caleb Hastings

    She got friends too...

  17. rusty_ 101

    Who here is from shots YouTube outro?

  18. Pauly Omelia

    I blare my speakers to this everyday this song dont get old to me. Love you mike stud I look up to you.

  19. vyshnavi Nagalla

    This just reminds me of Real friends by Karob
    Thank me later!!

  20. Pow

    Shots brought me here,who else?

    Aidan Dunnahoo

    Siebe martens me lol

    GudRapMusic 101

    Pow what is shots?

  21. Joshua Linnell

    Been listening to mike stud for 3 years now and he’s helped me out with some hard times with his music love his label this shit is hard

  22. Anthony Aeon

    When we gonna get more of the end audio💣🚀🔭🐧

  23. Enrique Rodriguez

    Yall sleeping on mike stud fam..

  24. CatchThisFade White Boy

    Lol Mike stud turn into a white mumble rap version of Drake??

  25. A. Charles

    If just one person reads this, it'll honestly make my day. I'm an artist from Jersey & I know people write this all the time but I believe I'll be the one you'll be happy you listened to. If one person could give this a thumbs up, you'll be one step closer to helping a man's dreams come true. I swear I don't suck and you won't be disappointed. Just give me one chance and 3 minutes of your time. Thank you

  26. life of the nichols

    Damm I need to look into getting some real friends

  27. Dilly Dilly

    All I see is “ what’s the ending song? Bruh😂😂

  28. BakeNLikejake

    This shits fire 🔥

  29. Jimmy Skoog

    This shit is crazy, dude. I love this.

  30. Zack Sohayda

    Mike Stud

  31. Cory Apple

    Whyyyy is this song not more popular?!

  32. Sil3nt Drip

    I fuckin love this song bro!


    Fr bro!!

  33. What To Watch When I'm High

    from 2:55 there comes a different song? anyone knows? the name or is it just another part of this song? help pleaseeeee

    shlump sclumpump

    its a unreleased song of his, he put that in to tease us for whats coming. Its from Mike, just unreleased.

    What To Watch When I'm High

    thanks bro! that preview sounds lit af!

    shlump sclumpump

    No problem, his upcoming album has 30 songs. He has recorded over 70 songs, so theres plenty of unreleased material :)

  34. Sebastián Horváth

    Hype!! More hype!! 💥💥

  35. Eddie J.

    Omg 🔥

  36. merrymango 01

    this is bangin

  37. spectre

    I got one real friend

  38. life in focal

    Now that you got that audience you being your own music which is lit but bring back a catchy one brotha!!!! We all hungry for mike stud 🔥🔥🔥

  39. HAFLife Entertainment

    is the white drake thing intentional?

  40. Krystian CIN

    Wykurwiste !!!!
    Pozdro z Polski !

  41. ShivaTrap

    The Vid is Sick Dude! Nice Work!! <3

  42. uncle bobo


  43. Sil3nt Drip

    That needs wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! More love then its getting 👏💪

  44. NoPeinNoGain

    Too many people be sleeping on Mike

  45. 2munkey2

    My nigga stud back on it #respect


    tits out for the boys 💖💖💖

  47. Reggie Gonzalez

    Wack ass masks

  48. VirusHVEVO

    Hmm, very catchy. 😉

  49. Massive Mike

    1:44 the way u switched the flow an the beat dropped #GODDANMSON 🔥🔥🔥🔥💣💣💣💥💥💥

  50. Lola B

    This dog I saw he at Trap Paris 'sMV

  51. Soulsil _

    Dogs digging a hole to bury their mortal enemy.
    The mailman.

  52. YT Koiosz

    Put yo ass to sleep like it’s bed time

  53. Squishyyy panda

    This music video truly shows dogs make the best of friends

  54. High Middle Low

    Issa vibe!

  55. Caserpier WC


  56. Dylan Bauer

    It’s mike stud homie

  57. Jordan Cassar

    beat goes hard af🔥🔥


    Dude it does!!

  58. Fabian Glynan

    Banger after banger. Keep it up!

  59. Lamar Miller

    Mike always gives me that drake vibe/style but I love your work man. Keep the music coming I support you! 🔥

  60. Noah h

    Loving this new style. Flames for sure

  61. Michael Wayne Prange


  62. Ryan Smith

    i want that song at the end to drop

  63. XxGucci TrashxX

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 as always!

  64. Justin Stone

    Keeps getting better

  65. Will Thrill

    Damn, song bumps.

  66. Kirsten Smith

    I feel like you’re selling out. I use to love listening to you and this came out. Sounds way to main stream. I miss the songs like out here. Let’s go back to those days.

    CatchThisFade White Boy

    Kirsten Smith fr hes changed his whole style up n now hes borderline mumble rap

  67. Christian Zamudio-Nunez

    Damn is the guy with the husky mask alr that shit look like it hurt

  68. gary laurie pree

    Never disappoints ☝☝☝

  69. MartiMicFly

    Such a banging beat!

  70. rosalie.

    My life in one clip.. and posted on my bday? Oh maan:D thx

  71. _ YEEZY _

    Show Mike Save Brazil!!

  72. universalsheep

    six six si...i mean. real real real

  73. Believe

    "All my friends" from hoodie allen is better than this :))

  74. James Dudley

    Bro what is that song at the end? Please help 😫

    shlump sclumpump

    its an unreleased song of his, he has 70 songs that are unreleased. We bout to get a lot of Mike.

    James Dudley

    @shlump sclumpump I need it😫

  75. dizzy's legacy

    U a REAL FAN if you know who is who in this video . Without looking at the description

  76. Iván Le Redent


  77. Siimon Tinn

    This is fucking fire☄️☄️☄️

  78. Mihok Gabor

    The beat hard af💎

  79. theriseofIYIZ

    Mike Stud leading the way

  80. Austin Caine

    my boy versace

  81. giovane casi

    This is good, but I prefer the Kanye's one

  82. David Torres

    I think this music video is my favorite so far

  83. Tim O'Connor

    Possibly the worst song ever made?

  84. Justin Miller

    Honestly I hate all his new releases. They all sound like new garbage Drake. BRING THE OLD MIKE STUD MUSIC BACK!! Get the hell off all these sing song trap beats!

    chhehehhe lopiksda

    Justin Miller cry more

  85. Lyrics Boss

    This shit is on fire <3

  86. CTAPE

    dope track and video mike keep it up man

  87. Retexz

    I see there's progress, straight firee!

  88. Scottie K

    Video inspiration from the band Real Friends??

  89. djloozinit

    Shoulda had DMX on the track. "Where my dogs at?" haha

  90. Darian Wallace

    My mans definitely deserves more credit, underrated as hell 🔥🔥

  91. MentallyRetired

    When me and my real friends are on our way to the furry convention. #squad

  92. Travis Wilson

    Scholar. gentalman. badass. lycisist. Stay on the rise home boy I will support you through thick and thin yaddida mean!!! Yeee


    the wanna be drake


    lol he better

  94. Tane Thomas

    Good work man!

  95. Juwan Rohan

    Glad he didn’t crash

  96. CL129

    Mike Stud AKA White Drizzy Drake

    Jerry Coveau

    CL129 stud way better then drake imo

  97. Troy Trav

    nah, i need that song at the end.


    what the last song?