Stryper - Two Bodies (One Mind One Soul) Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Too many days go by
When we don't see eye to eye
We hold the key that will open all the doors
I just wish that we could give just a little more

This time we've gotta stick together
Can't let our hearts turn into stone
We'll win this fight if we never say never
As two bodies, one mind one soul

[Verse 2]
I swore that I'd never give up on you
And you said that you would see this through
So let's light the fire that will burn the wall to the ground
Let's find what we thought could never be found

[Repeat Chorus twice]

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Stryper Two Bodies (One Mind One Soul) Comments
  1. nic bic

    great song

  2. Felipe Medina Miranda

    Very catchy song! One of their best

  3. Deodatus Gonzalez

    Amazing song

  4. 음좋

    정말 좋은 에너지가 느껴짐, stryper 곡 중 가장 좋아함




    그리고 난 기만

    GetzGoth 3113

    That's what I was thinking!

    nic bic

    me too!

  5. Thiago Lucena

    2:37 one of the bests leads of all the time... Very sweet and agressive....

  6. Eugenio Garrido

    Mike Sweet was definitely born to sing.

  7. barbaloka

    I am front Brazil!!! This song is a true HARD ROCK CLASS!!! This song makes me fell so alive when I heard it first time!!! 🤘🏻😭 song of against the law HARD ROCK song ever made!!! 🤘🏻😭...after guitar solo: this time we’ve got To stick together...can’t let our heart turn into 🗣STOOOOOOOOOOOOONE...🤘🏻😭

    Thiago Lucena

    É noiz Mano.... Striper ta no meu sangue... Fez parte da minha vida e faz até hoje, não tem como nao se arrepiar ouvindo... Fora esse solo q pra mim é um dos melhores de todos os tempos haha...

  8. lxlandia

    I have the full Stryper catalogue: official releases....but I still choose Yellow Black Attack and Against the Law as my favorites. That lead guitar break at 2:37- 3:24 is badass earcandy.

  9. shawn lauderdale

    My favorite song!


    only 822 views.... wow...
    Most people are dead inside... lve accepted this fact

  11. rbagel55

    This whole album is very good.