Stryper - Against The Law Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Day after day
I feel like giving up (yes I do)
I lived your way Was that good enough (not for you)

You've got to point your finger
You think you know it all
I want you to remember
I don't live for you
'Cause I'm against your laws

[Verse 2]
Can you hear me
I've just got to say (one thing more)
I'll say it clearly
Stay out of my way (that's for sure)

[Repeat Chorus]

We've still got the fire
Burning in our souls
But we're just rockin' harder
To make our music roll

[Repeat Chorus]

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Stryper Against The Law Comments
  1. Winston Wolfe

    This album was the sound-track of my early teens.... not by choice though - it was the only metal my puritanically militant christian parents would permit in the house :P

  2. Ramiro Davila

    Excelente work, love this album... Stryper ROCKS!!!

  3. edibadork

    Great album!

  4. Adlai Dannhauser

    i love this band. Gooo stryper!!!

  5. Norma Reyes

    Que genial temazoooooo

  6. sijjiin

    A much under rated album.

  7. Michael Wilson

    Against The Law never sold like it should, because it received little to no promotion by their record company....who were basically going bankrupt by then

  8. Johnny Davis

    cool classic rock