Strung Out - Your Worst Mistake Lyrics

Shotgun kiss from me to you and nothing more
its strange to hear you sound like you don't need me anymore
but hearts and thoughts in the cradle fall apart and melt away
no time for a reaction just the say
once again I've done my job of pushing you away
its the rise and fall of the beginning and the end of another day
the traps I set the risk I bet the one that got away I sit,
down to wonder why
the weight of the world
is all I ever have to give
so write me off
as just another mistake
that you once made
digging to get nowhere, I surround myself with good luck charms
useless and intangible, I keep it moving straight ahead
assess the situation, make a decision, execute and crawl
Aching to move on
the weight of the world
is all I ever seem to give
so write me off
as just another mistake

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Strung Out Your Worst Mistake Comments
  1. Chuck Nicholson

    This and lots of alcohol and narcotics are soothing the pain of being cheated on after 12 years.

  2. Mick Butler

    The ending FUCKING KILLS

  3. Pilot-[ICARUS]

    my favorite is the live in a dive lost motel :D and six feet/speedball together

  4. Dannyhargreaves23

    One of my faces ;)

  5. Raptor X

    Brings back the memories.
    Pure lyrics can only be found in underground these days.

  6. Charlie C-K

    Favorite Strung Out song, along with Wrong Side of the Tracks


    IoI....Yeahhhhh !!!

  8. Erik Tingle

    luv this song, heavy felt deep in the soulest chambers of the chest..... album...Prototypes and painkillers...

  9. F.y.F. Bicycle Club

    good shit

  10. Synax Four

    @megustalaverde haha me too! they define epic.

  11. megustalaverde

    its a toss up between this and everyday for my favorite strung out tune.

  12. Tony Sly

    nope. it was on fat wrecks compilation "uncontrollable Fatulance".

  13. AEgamesFtw

    Thanks for posting

  14. jody barrett

    Fucking Amazing Song.

  15. karen smith

    Basically lyrics to my love lfie right now ;/

    Shotgun kiss and all

    David Wainwright

    no kidding.. damn

  16. firemedwill

    yea, really hard to find. it will be on "Prototypes and Painkillers" coming out 3/31/2009... iTunes said it is released on 3/1/2009, though official SO website said 3/31. Thanks for posting!!!

  17. spins321

    most ridiculous song ever....

  18. DJ Noble

    A great song that many Strung Out fans don't even know about. Glad to see it on here!

  19. Iccullus

    Yeah you cant find this many places.Thx for posting!

  20. Oran Gyves

    Finally someone posted this, impossible to find!

    jeremy gilmore

    hey dude nice to finally put a face to the soul. have a great moment this year one love