Strung Out - Velvet Alley Lyrics

You can't make me see what you think I should know
you don't understand where I'm coming from
we're passing through worlds no perception in time
I'm not the same as when I began

Show me don't tell me
what's going on inside your little world
You say we never landed on the moon,
you heard we never reached the sky
then shed some light I'll lend a patient ear

Don't let me down I gotta know
if something good could grow out on this rock
save me one more time
and I'll be free from the way I think it ought to be

Babble on
Could I be wrong

A silhouette of you and me
just negative space and time
just reference to a simpler history
I'd sacrifice a million nights for a moments peace with you
reflections to dissect reality

It's all in what we hold as being real
when the symbol kills the substance then we've lost
save me one more time
and I'll be free from the alleyways of my heart

(you can't make me see what you think I should know)
I'm going nowhere
I'm going nowhere inside this head of mine.

(you can't make me see what you think I should know)
we're going nowhere
we're going nowhere inside this head of mine.

sit and stay awhile
talk to me about the things that make you real
let's forget about all that make you and me surrender

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Strung Out Velvet Alley Comments
  1. Dave Bloom

    fart sound at 1:15

  2. Guilherme Reis

    Best Strung Out song!!!!

  3. Kevin Smith

    Whoever disliked this video is seriously fucked in the head.

  4. Just ForToday

    I just seen Strung Out the other night when they opened up for Pennywise, fantastic show!

  5. Kris Upton

    Lol these guys are big and have been for 20 years lol what do you consider famous?

  6. Elsa Barahona Bravo

    I dont understand why this band not is very famous...


    Idk either, but they are somewhat popular in the independent scene


    +Elsa Barahona Bravo Seriously. I think their singer's voice is a bit too undefinable to be popular or some bullshit. Amazing band though.

    Gretchen g

    Their the agents of the underground 😍

    Jeff Russell

    Because they are/were ahead of their time.

    Tory Swanson

    Idc...makes them even better in my opinion. Only us in the "know" get to appreciate this art.

  7. Jorge Tirado

    i like balls

    anne nonymous

    best comment on youtube ever

  8. Barbero Atracero

    I've probably watched this video ten trillion times

    Tory Swanson

    A trillion?? Wow....that's a lot!

  9. tiggerddd

    rockfest 2014 quebec!! these guys killed it....come back!!!

  10. zeus storm

    Jason Cruz = best voice in punk rock , followed by Zolli then Greg G


    zeus storm, dont forgett tony sly <3

  11. yiyopifia1


  12. Greg Hosken

    had a smoke with jason, christchurch new zealand

  13. ~poddy~

    1:38 my Tattoo ~ I want their shirt with that on it~

  14. Andrew Steven

    It's been a VERY long time since i heard this. Reminds me of 2003 :)

  15. toastersXftwX

    CTFxC yet again!

  16. MormonJew

    lets go flyers

  17. Daedalus

    ur sister rocks

  18. peterprlt

    CTFxC sent me here =P

  19. Carive Productions

    No way. I met them. Jason was so fuken cool. He came and introduced himself on his own. Super nice guys. Sick ass show!

  20. dirtytoenail45

    2:16 = best

  21. gero8909

    de que habla la cancion??
    what it's talking about this song??

  22. Funkbobble

    I think that saying its about a crush is a little over simplistic.

    I think the misconnection is really what hes elaborating on. Not really the romantic side of it.

    The significant other and himself are torn apart by different states of mind, whether that be drugs, life events, social pressures, whatever. They are star crossed. Hes singing about the endless cycle of breaking down the barriers that keep people apart, and the hopelessness he hopes to overcome.

    Of course all my opinion.

  23. Deus Ex

    First time I see a slideshow on here that isn't absolutely horrific :)

  24. Jose Luis Montoya Guzmán

    this is the best band that i ever hear, strung out, please come to colombia please !!!

  25. Ben Willers

    i got it on my leg

  26. Ben Willers

    Definately know what ya mean about thier lyrics. Its like fuckin poetry!!

  27. Lukehausherr

    Oh. I didn't know this was a popularity contest. So he has to be a nice guy in order to make good music? I bet you that there are many people in many bands that aren't very nice... So did you want him to take you in the back room and give you a little somethin' extra or what? Why don't you elaborate on his "true" colors before you go spreading ambiguous rumors of shit.....

  28. suspendmeassholes

    I have that atom tattoo on my arm. Showed it to them in London and they were really happy, gave me their picks and lots of free shit. haha

  29. poscoepete

    Whatever. the singers a total asshole. I used to be a real fan until i saw his true colors.

  30. Joafu33

    So sad. On the surface it's just awesome, but the grief of wanting something that will never be is ripe within the song. It's like the "Layla" of our generation. Was this song written about anyone specific in one of the band members' lives?

  31. Callum Braithwaite

    It isn't a sad song! It's fast! It's punk rock! It's rad.