Strung Out - The King Has Left The Building Lyrics

Where have you gone and run to, where have you been
I've been doing some hard thinking and I've been growing thin
Well I've slept in storms and alleyways and broken princess hearts
Assassinated kings on Christmas day, I watch the world fall apart

Well I betrayed the world I sang
The freedom to the ones I left behind
And I ain't never going back
Empire, don't cry for me anymore

Now who have you gone and become, who are you now
Cause the home you left so easily is a memory now
I'm a stranger you have always known and never will forget
I'm the trigger on your trigger finger
I'm the only ride you got

I drank the wine, I parted seas and walked the mile
I betrayed you all with the promise I'd come back
Empire, don't talk to me anymore
When dust and ash will be all you are
You will know I was never really left for you

You hold me in your heart
As you raise hell in my name
Dissect me, tear me apart
For all you know are names
All you know is pain
All you know is what you've lost

Empire, don't cry for me anymore
When dust and ash will be all you are
You can let go

One thousand armies, one grain of sand
One whispered prayer, one burning hand
In black heart fields of gold
One people's shattered history
One people's blind faith in me

The king that would never
Could never, ever
Show them all, be salvation

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Strung Out The King Has Left The Building Comments
  1. Dave six

    the original Lyrics says: "well I've slept in storms" and we can hear only for inform,anyway thanks 4 the song and the lyrics :)

  2. Dead Man's Party

    “Ash has left the building”

  3. Shia Hemahrahsh

    I'm probably the only one here coming from Legends of Tomorrow

    Afflicted One

    nope nope :D


    aaahaha ye

    Guilherme Silva

    I don't remmember which episode it was but I bet it was awesome with a music like this


    Shia Hemahrahsh nope

  4. Aaron Veenkamp

    dropped out of h-school, lots of drugs, now 39 with my mba/killing it and this is the shit that keeps me going...dont misunderstand punk, its all about making life better...didnt see face to face on the list :(

  5. Justin Lawrence

    punk fuckin rock

  6. Martin M.

    Jordan`s drum solo :))))))

  7. Leo G

    @MegaIlikechickens No problem friend, thank u for watch, punk still lives!

  8. MegaIlikechickens

    Thanks for uploading this in HQ