Strung Out - Population Control Lyrics

I kneel to you when you preach to me
you're my god you're my TV
you control what I say you control what I hear
you control what the fuck
My whole existence revolves around this cable to my mind.
it's thought parole, population control
it's slavery of mankind.

Under their control!
You're loving their control!


Don't question the forces that govern your miserable life.
don't seek out the answers that void your empty life.
cause this melancholy vision is just a brief episode
in this game called reality.
It's something I've been trying so hard to figure out.

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Strung Out Population Control Comments
  1. RedPill TheNormies

    Another Day in Paradise and Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues are their best albums by far.

  2. TheTorment

    Man this song reminds me so much of some Propagandhi's old stuff. And I really like that :D

  3. martin latreille

    27 juillet 2012 au NATIONAL a MTL !! :)))

  4. iammysilverwearkit

    fuckin drums are sweet 1:31

  5. martin latreille

    @BoffoFive stung out sont toujours la !!! go see them in show !! :)))) they never stop to
    rock !!!!

  6. Collin Hanes

    old strung out is so kick ass!