Strung Out - Mephisto Lyrics

One more time then I'll know
one more lie then I'll go away
pour another drink
and I'll ease myself into the comforts of your philosophy
try to understand your friend in need and I'm here to make it easier
you and I are one in the same
we're built alike in so many ways
you can't understand and you won't accept
your secrets are all safely kept here
inside we're so lost
I can be the one to find you
everything that you deserve
no request will ever go unheard
you're better off without me now
but without me here you're just better off alone
just wait and see
you're just like me
conversation's getting stale
a penny for your thoughts
one small betrayal
does no man know what he's good for
does no man want what he's asked for
it takes our design
I've spent a lifetime waiting for the chance to chase these devils away
but they always come smiling when you need 'em the most
so I'll end this night alone again
with nothing to offer and nothing to give conversations spoken in vein alone
so go away it's easier if I stay so go away it's easier this way

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Strung Out Mephisto Comments
  1. 720jlconner

    Another all-time favorite

  2. DaPatinador

    That last 30 seconds is straight crack

  3. Mike Graham

    I feel like Denial by The Slicks kinda rips off this song.

  4. NicoletteKrystle

    I LOVE this song, also vampires and scarecrow

  5. Ice Knight

    Brings back memories of playing ATV Offroad Fury.


    Ice Knight I forgot when it came out, I think 2002

    Ice Knight

    Nicolettekrystle this album came out in 2000. ☺

    Wheelie kid 420

    Ice Knight so much nostalgia