Strung Out - Katatonia Lyrics

Impoverished and bleeding
hope here something fast receding
dead light holocaust
I check this body in tonight
cross my heart and hope to die
to never leave this place alive
I'm burning right in front of you
I break myself against you I lay still

Your penetrating glances
dead stop all my vain advances
to another place
where I can truly be myself
respirators kicked on high
life support keeps me alive
to forgive I will never do
one last kiss is all I need from

(You ride)
Salvation going under
(They say)
They say I won't survive you
I wish I never knew you
your name is katatonia

(You ride)
Salvation going under
(They say)
They say I won't survive you
(Your name)
Your name is sanctuary
I call you katatonia

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Strung Out Katatonia Comments
  1. Carlos Ivan


  2. phil lafferty

    Best Strung Out album, the best written, and most technical, and the feeling it gives is off the charts!

  3. Garret Young

    On The Pipe anyone?


    Fuck yea buddy!!!

  4. faded420sdkjsafh

    porn porn porn porn porn porn porn porn porn porn porn porn porn..

  5. TheMango121

    Heh he got me into this band...

    Glad to see people remember :)

  6. sid derrick

    Nice, 89 likes an no dislikes.

  7. hector moreno

    Love this band. Freaking awesome music. Whoever dislikes this song doesn't know good music or what a awesome band sounds like.

  8. Anfuego Eggo

    i love this band

  9. TheMango121


    Always... Fond memories my friend... Games ruined now.. Too casual.

    Thanks activision! for ruining another great game by making it too casual and mindless.

  10. Rusty Bartholomeo

    this band kicks ass youtube ESCAPING THE FLESH

  11. A. K. Barnes

    @solodude45 uh no

  12. Squishysforbreakfast

    Hmm, it's funny how many people thought this was Katatonia, I admit I thought it was only because that's what the MP3 said, I never knew of the band Strung out before this video. I think the vocalists sound similar, but that's just my opinion.

  13. solodude45

    @4London4 no katatonia si the name of the song, and the name of a band.

  14. Lucas V

    I used to think this song was by Katatonia, and wondered why it sounded so different from their normal stuff.

  15. henkzawd

    Exile in Oblivion, a bit late maybe. :p

  16. Cybertrip21

    Actually, Strung Out is the band, Katatonia is the title of the song :D

  17. Mortyee

    It's a heavy disorder. Look up catatonia. Very interesting fpr the lyrics.

  18. queenxinying

    Total awesomity.