Strung Out - Jackie O Lyrics

A warm Dallas breeze floats naked through the air
As a million hungry faces watch the king
And his parade on show for the world to see
Prime time America nineteen sixty three
And you were by his side
I still remember pictures, that look on your face
The king had been forsaken and his country died
In three seconds that would last an eternity

O Jackie-O
I wonder what you could be thinking
Now your mixed up little head has been left alone
In a world so cold
Just a foot note in history book full of lies

You're such a good girl
Keep smiling make 'em happy
All is well in the land of make believe
As soon as the bullet left the chamber
On that calm November day
You knew the world would never be the same
The killer in us all
Just victims of ourselves looking for the perfect death
Trigger happy patriots running from ourselves
You knew it would never be the same again

O Jackie-O I wonder what you're thinking
Now you've been left here all on your own
In this land a world of make believe
You get back what was taken from you and go moving on

O Jackie-O
I wonder what you could be thinking
Now your mixed up little head has been left alone
In a world so cold
Just a foot note in history book full of lies

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Strung Out Jackie O Comments
  1. mike uwish

    best album before sonic defiance

  2. mike uwish

    when the world died

  3. Athletik Federation

    ATHLETIK FEDERTION - AUTOCRATIK political organization

  4. Unkl Dee

    again another timeless song.

  5. Ted Bundy

    This is more than love to me.

  6. rigoleum

    The riff sounds very similar to the song: Working Class Whore By: Pulley. Strung Out is one of the best fucking bands period!!


    Maybe because same musicians wrote it?

    Derek Martinez

    Fun Fact: The guitarists of Pulley learned from the guitarists of Strung Out

  7. Er Sl

    "Just a footnote in our history book full of lies"

    mike uwish

    our whole life is a lie

  8. Jason Casey

    50... RIP

  9. Robin French


    Ratko Martinovic

    Yea,our Marsal Tito(Yugoslavia)has been last who see him alive.So sad!FUCK VIETNAM WAR and Mell Gibson "heart touch"We were ass you were KILLERS!Vietnam Folks were heroes.

  10. rlbigfish

    If the vocals were just a liiiitttleee bit louder.

    Ross Cypert

    Vocals are perfect. Every other song is wrong. This one is right. In my opinion. Which ain't worth much :)

  11. FlammableDonkey

    Simply great lyrics. I visited the sixth floor museum a few years ago and this was in my head the whole time. You can walk right up to the window, it's fucking surreal...


    Really now? Hate to be the naysayer, but ever since the 6th Floor Museum opened that window has been blocked off out to about 15-18 feet by a plexiglass wall. You can look at it from across a room, but you can't walk right up to that window.

  12. NixonAddict

    ...I still like the fearless flush sampler version "Jaqueline" just a little bit better...

  13. Hank Williams Fan

    Still love this song 10 years later.

  14. J.P. O'Keefe

    @ZEROGRAVGHOST it's actually about Jackie O", his wife.

  15. Amaranth666

    I haven't listened to this album in a lot of years and just got goosebumps when it started.

  16. Holmes Glenn

    first was on the fearless comp, then re-recorded for this EP, this EP was strung out at their best

  17. questor842

    This was a staple of mine when I did radio back in college

  18. punkman30

    damn this song is so fuckin sweet

  19. Takumi Sugiyama

    wow...awesome!!! ]

  20. jacobuj

    @anarchyrabbit It's on the Element of Sonic Defiance EP. It came out following my favorite Strung Out album of all time, Twisted by Design. This band never ceases to impress me. Best band ever.

  21. anarchyrabbit

    What album was this song on? Some demo perhaps? I see it's on their latest compilation, "Prototypes and Painkillers" - 2009. Glad it's been rereleased, every Strung Out fan needs to hear this song!!! Prue medlodic brilliance!!

    Brandon Sutton

    The Element Of Sonic Defiance, EP (more or less)

  22. dmgoforth1

    man, this song takes me back.

  23. Godfather

    Remember that Jackie Onassis had her kids so she wasn't completely alone !!

  24. Godfather

    Goose bumps !!!!!

  25. tiggerddd

    this song is sooo bomb!!

  26. Brotherogre

    Nice pickup on that! the song talks about his Wife, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and JFKs assassination but yeah good job!

  27. Gabriel Flores

    lol first time hearing this song too i heard 1963 and that the country died i was like OMG JFK

  28. PunkyCB7

    i waswaiting to see this comment ! good job dude !

  29. Gabriel Flores

    Its about JFK