Strung Out - Her Name In Blood Lyrics

Mother Mary, bury me in a place they'll never find
I kill only what I love and what I love was never mine
Suffocate you outta me, you're the darkest of my sins
You're burning through my head, don't know where I begin and where you end

Your breathless violence open veins in silence and devotion,
sacred and divine
In this love that makes me it's the hurt that moves me to betray you
every time you pull me near

Give it away, give it away, ride this bitch to hell

And blow a kiss
When you only think of me
Hold my hand and fuck away this blankness of expression
And all sorrows in between

Her name in blood and her eyes on me
Her deepest secret lies in front of me
A whisper now is all that remains of me

You're the center of my unholy shrine
Scar tissue in time you're all mine
You're the last hint of self-control
My last chance just walked out the door

Drown out your artery, straight through a love that would never be

Her name in blood and her eyes on me
Her deepest secret lies in front of me
A whisper now is all that remains of me

This sacrament is our punishment
I am the worst part of you
You are the only thing left to burn

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Strung Out Her Name In Blood Comments
  1. Casey Ryburn

    Not EMO.

  2. Lou Mont

    Strung out the goat

  3. Michael Le Sieur

    Their Cali kids like me. String Out is one of the GOAT bands.

  4. Unkl Dee

    great song. too bad they declined. been listening since '02.

  5. Isaac Ortiz

    Damn good!

    jeremy gilmore

    words will not describe how incredible this band the people in it the people that support it and everyone who listens to it............pure.........Awsomeness! thnks so much!

  6. gary prichard

    dis song sounds lik fartz frum muh nutz. tums down partna

    Isaac Ortiz

    Stupid, but funny.

  7. bigtaz 760

    this will always be a favorite!😁

  8. Robert Jennings

    my favorite strung out tune hell yeah!

  9. Matthew Young

    My favorite song on my favorite CD...

  10. Wilhelms Cream

    Strung Out is fucking incredible

  11. j blze

    still such a dope song

  12. murdah ella

    this fxking band has gotten me thru some shit!!!..ive posted here a few times ova the years...❤..thank you.

    NERVEDOWN Entertainment Design Studio

    Me too!

  13. Steve Laubach

    love this track

  14. RedPill TheNormies

    Jim Cherry was the best songwriter in the band.

    Rayna H

    no disrespect to jim, but they have done more albums w/ him, and they keep getting better. they grew, drew from past experience, and have continued to put out amazing albums, lyrics and all.

    S'mores The Husky

    I do like Jim's stuff better (sad that twisted by design was their last).

  15. Denial Not Accepted

    Strung out is nothing without Jason's unique voice. Although all the band members are very talented. This is one of my favorite songs.

  16. massimo ghezzi

    jason have a wonderful voice.

  17. Timothy Rankin

    Best song besides VM

  18. Dan Flewelling

    Best band ever!

    Monashee Roofing

    the nforcer that is a given. No question

  19. Stave Brentski

      Exile in
    Oblivion    DonDoLore

  20. Xuxa Jurassica

    THE best ...

  21. kushasaures

    What about thrice? (early ONLY of coarse, they changed later)

  22. dee11unnoticed

    This song is so good its unreal...

  23. Faulther

    best rock/punk band to come outa the 90s....... love them

  24. melissa chaya

    he's so hot!

  25. Martin Sullivan

    we are beautiful :')

  26. zeus storm

    Chuck in Ignite too bruz !

  27. zeus storm

    man i know this is a late comment but that sounds like a kickass concert !

  28. Brooks Bonkoski

    Sick show dude! I Four of my favorites!

  29. Spike Trajesty

    i dont know how i feel about these guys, but there playing with the vandals, guttermouth, and the misfits so I guess I should listen to a some of there stuff

  30. Lara Max

    milioniti put slusam i nikada dosta

  31. kushasaures

    The warped tour was a shell of it's former self by that time... mid and late 90's warped tours were fucking awesome.

  32. Travis Lussier

    I love this song!!!!!! Thank God Fat Mike knows real talent!!! Never forget the warped tour in 04 sick all i got to say!

  33. naturalshadow

    Best description of melodic hardcore is probably 88 Fingers Louie, but I agree with you. Too many sub-categories. When you hear punk, you know it.

  34. Manley Cates

    This song should play in one of those fancy hallmark cards when you open it.

  35. Cullen Hedrick

    love it

  36. Franz Kafka

    Divine intervention...

  37. habs13

    Emo is weeping, boohoohoo music for pre-teens to slice their wrists too.

  38. appletreepear

    this sounds more like a blend a melodic metal and skate punk than typical emo. Strung Out, i love your music, new and old

  39. YEApopcornBABY

    this song is amazing. I just found this band, and this tune has literally been stuck in my head for a week. Loving it!!!!!!!

  40. ghoztmode

    why there is more than 2 minutes whitout music???

  41. woodlefoof2

    @rayeefoxer oh alright xD i thought you were offended by that i was " o-O wtf why is a strung out fan acting like a pop singer fan?????"

  42. unitshade

    @woodlefoof2 Get back under your fuckin' bridge you troll before I drown you.

  43. pongsitchingy

    @konata736 not really emo

  44. Foxer

    @woodlefoof2: It's not offensive to me. It's offensive to Strung Out. Linking them with any aspect of emo 'culture' is like telling that they are shit.

  45. woodlefoof2

    @rayeefoxer offensive??? its a band dude, if that offends you id hate to see what happens if someone insults you personally

  46. Foxer

    @konata736 Telling that Strung Out sings emo is very offensive. Go away with this shit!

  47. BlackTea7

    @steamer705 Strung Out sings Punk, Emo, and Metal. They are epic at sing all 3. but Strung Out is mostly Punk. they could make anything sound badass. also dont bitch, cause like i said STRUNG OUT SINGS ALL 3!

  48. dbrn84

    @steamer705 he must be extremely retarded

  49. DedReign

    Hard to say for sure, but I think this is my favourite album.

  50. Jetebonton

    they rock live so badly i bought their t-shirt after first song

  51. Leo G

    More punk.. /watch?v=nj6SvqUN7mc&lc=GbkrJYUKAv_I5xMF_pgAL9-1Z4S-l04k2TdfNjpWMa0&feature=inbox

  52. BlackTea7

    strung out is punk and emo MAKES THEM BADASS i love this band but does this band still make songs?

  53. switch1337blade


  54. skweekrboy94

    @Jimmypik its strung out bro what do you expect? ;D

  55. pongsitchingy

    @DonDoLore Exile In Oblivion

  56. pongsitchingy

    @RonPaulIsiah yes.

  57. BakerKC

    @DonDoLore Exile in Oblivion, I think

  58. Til M

    great Song *__*

  59. stompnuts3030

    unlike most punk bands strung out just keeps getting better over the years

  60. Anfuego Eggo

    luv it

  61. sahlertz8


  62. dolorodon

    which album is this from?

  63. shane morales

    UndoneB4Broken!... was here! 29/5/11! OOOORRRAAAH!

  64. Anfuego Eggo

    F*** all other bands this one is the best!!! I love this song!

  65. Jacque Cormier

    I can't even believe this is the same band who made "Twisted by design."

  66. johnbesselievre

    give it away give it away ride this bitch to hell!

  67. blk7088

    i think this album is pretty much the epitome of a perfect record. every single song is perfect

  68. Leo G

    @DeadCarni666 4shared

  69. Nick Duhaime

    her this song by accident, thank fucking god for accidents.

  70. shane morales

    FUCK THIS BAND HAS GOTTEN SO AWSOME OVER THE YEARS! many bands sell out after time. this band is like a fine wine they only get better!

  71. Matt Woo

    @oregonflatland yer dumb.

  72. i SoTwisted

    Where can i get this song ahh!!!

  73. Chris


    punk rock my ass. what the fuck is this metal shit? suburban teenage wasteland and another day in paradise are their only good records.

  74. Snipefest23

    epic punk rock band, next to NOFX, unreal lyrics. good times

  75. Ted Bundy

    @ThePirate808 the best in punk

  76. Al Goody

    I just dont get how people dont know these guys! Great drums, guitar and vocals, add cryptic lyrics that arent cookie cutter. I wish more of the world knew them...

  77. ordep ordep


  78. warren dimapilis

    this song sounds like MUDVAYNE...........LoLz

  79. isaac breault

    i fucken love this band and thiss song i also like analog and katatonia my fav band of all time and i have to give kudos to jason he has an amazing voice

  80. Jesse Ray M

    Strung Out played on my birthday

  81. Darrien Craven

    I love how they turn from a very punk theme to a much more light-hearted feel in a matter of beats.

  82. tiggerddd

    just good lyrics man........and amazing punk sound!! strung out emo hahah go fuck yourself~~

  83. Carive Productions


  84. alexarw1

    emo but very good

  85. ted klein

    too bad that there emo now just like AFI

  86. rage54956

    I think he's just kidding.

  87. david eriksson

    This song <3 me

  88. PrayforPlagueshXc13

    explain yourself. I will cut your fucking entrails out right fucking now. I will hang your family by their intestines from trees and burn them slowly from the feet up. I hate your guts.

  89. poscoepete

    the singer is a dick face

  90. J Bravenboer

    this song is fucking great i loveit!!!!

  91. Matthew Young

    IMO this Exile into oblivion and Live in a DIve are their 2 best cds. As for songs there are just too many for me to pick from. Right now its this but tomorrow I might listen to Blueprint of the fall and think thats my favorite or I might put in LIAD and decide that I am not afraid(is that song on any other cd cause i can't find it on any of the other ones)I wont even go onto their other cds just too many 2 pick is my favorite song they are truly an amazing and talented(and underappeciated)band

  92. sillydillydokieo

    LOL at your favorites.

  93. jskf21

    I dunno. Twisted by Design is fuckin amazing!!!

  94. jethrobuxton

    her name in blood and analog are their best songs!!!!!