Strung Out - Calling Lyrics

The wings that take this sparrow break with this weight of mine,
Another message lost into the void of time,
Is anybody out there get the message that I send?
Would anybody read it then send it back again?
A call to mend connection lost through memory and bone,
A call to find a new way to communicate and grow!
I sold my voice to pay for my security
Now I write my sentence on its walls

I'm calling, is anybody else out there?
Is anybody tunning in?

One thousand years that I've waited for a sign
A dream may last just seconds changing you for all times
Frantic incoherent just a reach in the dark!
A message for my lonely thoughts a sparrow for my heart.

I'm calling, is anybody else out there?
Is anybody listening? Can anybody hear me?

The wings that take this sparrow break with this weight of mine

I'm calling, is anybody else out there?
Is anybody listening? Can anybody save me?

The wings that take this sparrow break with this weight of mine,
Another message lost straight from this heart of mine
A message out to anybody tunning in
That this whole world is slowly caving in!

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Strung Out Calling Comments
  1. Stephen Tot

    One of Strung Out's great songs

  2. Facundo Cejas

    ALGUIEN EN 2019?

    Viviana Molina rojas


  3. Sirius Cranel

    2:43... Holy Shit <3

  4. Trojann Perez

    This is good posthardcore

  5. Oh Cyrus

    Nostalgia, Guitar Hero <3

  6. Joe Handoko

    Such an underrated punk-metal gemstone! Awesome!

  7. Ewerton Marques

    Vim Pelo Guitar Hero '-'

  8. Pamella Meireles

    Vim pelo guitar hero

  9. Christopher Timm

    Amazing song by one of my favorite bands! Great Video too!

  10. Daedalus

    I hate to say it but this is bitten from Refused


    Guitar hero?
    Another reason?

  12. One Two

    2018? :)

  13. fenris jr

    Good but misfits are still better

  14. Reda Lhioui

    Fuck you Guitar Hero plebs for ruining this song

  15. DaN

    Es Bellísimo :''o

  16. Justin Fish

    Had no fucking idea strung out was on guitar hero . They are my hero’s . 25+ years! They kill it .

  17. Nadia Morales


  18. exotic butters

    One of the best songs on guitar ever in history...

  19. Arowil91

    A guy who looks like Jesus with a bulletproof vest and has screens in his room. Did they predict Eli from Far Cry 5? xDD

  20. dopoulos54

    Apocalipsis zombie

  21. Matias Chinao

    Vine por guitar(?)

  22. Adam Kennedy

    okay, okay!!!

  23. Dame PC

    MXGP2 Brought me Here :v

  24. nate8930

    Fat Wreck Chords brought me here :) These guys rock!

  25. Talon

    Mx vs Atv super cross anyone?

  26. rogacien666

    "the wings that take this sparrow break with this weight of mine another message lost straigh from this heart of mine. A message at anybody tuning in is the world slowly caving in?" Man that's some deep shit!

    Nathan Grundmeier

    that this whole world* its not a question, its a warning but still... deep

  27. Vaquita Hardcore

    Fuck you 40 stars GH6

    Vaquita Hardcore

    So, now I can do 40 stars in BWOLP

  28. YourEverydaySpeedrunner

    And live they suck


    LuraxThunder they're amazing live. saw them with the darlings and voodoo glow skulls in Anaheim couple years back. one of my favorite bands.

    Daniel Cervantes

    Must have been the sound at the venue, not the band.

    B. Ryan

    They are well known for sounding even better live.

  29. Connor V

    When I look at the gutarist and drummer, I was like, they can do that???

  30. Taz

    MX vs ATV Suoercross :).


    Taz G still play super cross?

  31. Ishaq Salleh

    MX vs ATV brought me here


    fritz578 same brotha


    fritz578 you got an Xbox one and supercross still?

    Ishaq Salleh

    Talon great game hahaa

    Ishaq Salleh

    Talon I still do have the game but I'm on PS4 my friend

  32. Avery Hamilton

    what fucking rock do all of you live under folks? im sorry Jake,ROB,chris,JORDan,and,J. they just dont know.

  33. Justin Fisher

    Almost sounds like Thrice. Great Band

    Avery Hamilton

    +PBAFan12 great band but youre way off bro

    Mark Fryer

    +PBAFan12 You mean Thrice almost sounds like them

  34. hnueeeungg

    omfg that dual solo is brain melting

  35. Ramoslamo

    sounds soo much like avenged sevenfold, i love it

    Andreylson Silva

    Ramoslamo Vdd cara

  36. donado xie

    What is the BPM of this song?

    Aiden Meredith

    @donado xie 191. seems to change slightly throughout the song though

    Nightcore Productions

    @Aiden M it would be better if they made it 210

    Aiden Meredith

    @Nightcore Productions Why 210?

    Nightcore Productions

    to me it woul make it better

  37. evyxita

    first time ive heard this and i loved it <3

  38. Leandro Martins

    Que solo é esse pqp!!!!!

  39. The Nile Ue Ue Fly

    Wow, someone in this band loves Iron Maiden.

    Trevor Wilson

    @Condiment Refraction Not trying to be a no shit sherlock but Im pretty sure any hard rock/ metal band tries to be like their ancestor.

    Reda Lhioui

    Nothing to be too surprised about, even mainstream pop fans love Iron Maiden

  40. Jordan Sankus

    Absolutely love the guitar in this! Anyone else sharing this thought?

    Kieran Monachopsis

    Jordan Sankus I love the variety, flamenco intro to punk verse/chorus in to a metal as fuck solo

  41. chokevic

     1 of the Greatest Punk Songs I've Ever Heard:

  42. byrangers9632

    Love this song love it so much *.*

  43. Dirrtbox34

    Guitar hero brought me here

    Mr. Elegante

    @Eradication Of The Unworthy Infants yup

    NEStalgia BR

    Guitar Hero versão java me trouxe aqui

    Jared Canter

    Same but that was a decade ago and I FINALLY discovered the song title the other day

    Christo Du Plooy

    Guitar hero 3 on mobile before smartphones existed. Might even be before Facebook.


    Twisted By Design brought me here 20 years ago

  44. Lfthm98

    The Best Solo! 

  45. Lancero el Falangista

    Gonna be honest, This is the only strung out song I've heard and heard it on guitar hero but if the rest of their songs are like this, I think i might really like this band.

    For the hell of it

    Check out vanity its there best song

    Travis McCarley

     her name in blood but for old stuff the exhumation of Virginia Madison both has vanity beat

    luxette boutique

    they are! theyre so great

    B. Ryan

    Black Crosses. Black Maps. The Kids...


    @B. Ryan yes!

  46. RedDragonAutomaton97

    That dude hauling the that Jesus?

  47. Hayde

    Best . Song . Ever .

  48. GamerAnalysis

    this much more an alt-metal/post-hardcore song than your traditional dumbed down punk rock Strung Out

    Dan Flewelling

    Strung Out is simply in a league of their own. No other punk band compares to them.

    Matthew Nolan

    Have you heard exile? gtfo

    Reda Lhioui

    Lmao what

  49. Hayden Roberts

    _Strung Out_, my favourite punk band. *Since forever*.

  50. PrestigiousK96

    I'm more of a metal guy, but recently, I've been listening to a lot of punk, and this just rules

    Conor S

    strung out definitely blend punk and metal very well. the whole dualing guitar thing they do is awesome


    Ben If you're a metal fan, but diving into punk; I strongly recommended a band called POUR HABIT.. their album "Got Your Back" to be specific, the guitar licks, and double kicks will give you earboners.

    Reda Lhioui

    Eww imagine being a metal guy

  51. Angels_could_be_bad

    Guitar hero!!!! :D

  52. Kyle M

    Seriously one of their best songs

  53. Rashaad Henderson

    I love the acoustic intro

  54. Mx GilTl3r

    ya se tocar guitarra XD

  55. Gabriel Baier

    You have to understand the video to make out what this guy is singing about..

  56. Melodic Guitar Rock/Metal GuiltyGearRockYou

    awesome solo :D

  57. dave whlmus

    ya because it's on guitar hero and u never heard the rest of the album the groove sucks on this song

  58. TheChronofix

    i disagree this is easily the strongest so on blackhawks over la

  59. Selina Corredor Angulo

    Amo esa cancion es genial mi sueño es aprender a tocar guitarra electrica y que me enseñen o aprenderme a tocar esa cancion

  60. rorschach775

    For some reason people are under the impression that 'real fans' listen to music in secrecy, never telling anyone when they hear something cool, because only they know how to properly appreciate good music.

  61. MsOnlyusemeshotgun

    This is a amazing if the rest of the shit is soft like how muse is ill kill myself.. I dont listen to this type of stuff I love buckethead

  62. Lemmonsinspace

    well, alot of people are saying it's shitty. but i say its awesome.

  63. Jake Dietrich

    Nothing at all. IMO, one of the best songs ever made.

  64. Lemmonsinspace

    Whats so bad about this song. Honestly.


    What's so bad about this song is that it ends

  65. dave whlmus

    this is just a shitty single thats all

  66. finalcutjay

    No sure how you can say this is one of the shittiest songs of the album as it has some killer riffs. It's actually pretty challenging and fun to play. And something tells me you don't have the record sales to talk shit on this song. lol Haters gonna hate.

  67. spik453

    nitro circus brought me here

  68. dave whlmus

    actually all strung out records are good but this is one of the shittiest songs off this album.

    songs like mission statement are a fuckload better than this song.

  69. Luis Ontiveros

    1. Click (Show the comment)
    2. Prepare for an adventure

  70. dave whlmus

    sure man sure i been listening to strung out since 1975 i a tru fan lmao

  71. dave whlmus

    good mainstream music is a thing of the past.

  72. Jordan Belcher

    Good lord I came to listen to a song an got stressed out seeing the dumbest argument ever Dave your just mad because your insecure and want to feel cool by acting like you know everything g an only listen to cool music there is good mainstream and underground I've been listening to strung out since they came out and I'm sure tere happy they have fans regardless were the fans came from

  73. dave whlmus

    This songs off strung out's worst album pretty much.

    Maybe if the people were actually commenting on good songs i wouldnt talk shit.

  74. AnOldTowel

    oh my Christ, everyone dislikes you, just go away. Almost every comment on here is someone taking a stab at you (because you wont shut the fuck up) and then you throwing a corn-hole conundrum and calling them posers or faggots. Congrats you made the entire community of people whom listen to the same music as you dislike you, feel proud dick tit.

  75. Adam Fromohio

    How can you listen to rock music and not know the fuck pantera is? Lol what are you like 13 years old or something? Lmfao! What a joke....

    Micah Misanthrope

    Because Pantera sucks and Dimebag deserved to get shot

  76. dave whlmus

    just so you know poser the song swan dive is about strung outs dead bassist jim cherry that helped write their very best songs like i mentioned below.

  77. dave whlmus

    listened to pantera in 1990 before they became mainstream and strung out in 1997 before they became mainstream.

    strung out sucks without jim cherry their original bassist who's now dead he wrote their best songs.

    songs like radio suicide,king alvares,somnombulance.

    strung out's good but pantera-cowboys from hell full album go listen to it destroys strung out lol.

  78. Oscar Madison

    Ha, ha... Who's the tool... how can you talkabout Strung Out and Pantera in the same breath... who sucks... you suck Dude... you are just like the rest of the people you criticize... you are a mainstreamer... Ha, ha, ha,ha, ha... Pantera... and do you like Robbie Williams too???

  79. Oscar Madison

    Who is Pantera? Some sorry shit I guess...

  80. dave whlmus

    they're still posers only know one song lol...just like some poser only knows walk by pantera

  81. Oscar Madison

    we are all glad you came...

  82. Oscar Madison

    All hail the punk rock elitists...for they are the Masters of Music...

    Beware those who have not the right to liketh the JAMs, for they are the Harbingers universality...

    They shall incur the awesome wrath of the 'dave whlmus'

  83. Oscar Madison

    It's just a game, Money... my kids play it.. are the false fuckers and idiots... take yourself a little less seriously and you will live longer, man..

  84. Oscar Madison

    OK, ok, Dave... you are being kind of a Jerk... but you are probably cool with being kind of a jerk so that's cool...

    Stay cool, Jerk.

  85. dave whlmus

    youtube . com/watch?v=e8RrbPDN7fo

    Moto XXX 1997^

    strung out somnombulance......starts at 10:36

    You play dumbass shit like guitarhero you dont deserve to listen to strung out.

  86. dave whlmus

    Arent the type of people who should be listening to strung out.fuck offf.

  87. dave whlmus

    people who play guitar hero are fucking idiots that's why

  88. Oscar Madison

    I wonder if I am a poser cause I heard this band the first time in like 1995 on a comp. tape from my friend... These guys have really paid their dues... who cares how they get exposure...

  89. Oscar Madison

    I wonder if I am a poser cause I heard this band the first time in like 1995 on a comp. tape from my friend... These guys have really paid their dues... who cares how they get exposure...

  90. MANU4EVER189

    All those who are being ignorant dipshits and hating on those who discovered this band through Guitar Hero, please stop. I personally found them through Guitar Hero and I am now completely obsessed with them. So stop being pricks and be happy that the game actually helped widen the fanbase of the band.

  91. BlackTea7

    this is how I feel when my internet connection is down.

  92. Jonathan Leonardo Rivera Vega

    WTF!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!

  93. Immafishstick

    Anyone watching hockey right now will find the irony in this title haha

  94. Cláudia Lucas

    I love this song !

  95. popoflabbins

    all these people hate on guitar hero when in reality it not only boosts awareness of some bands that are not well known but it can also help with hand eye coordination a lot, I had to figure out how to play bass and sing backup at the same time and i used guitar hero to help me so I can keep my eyes forward when I play. Also, guitar hero is fun to play with others, and we want fun right?!