Strung Out - Bloody Knuckles Lyrics

This phalanx that we are with hearts up on our shields
We are holding
But not for long
One by one we fall only here to rise again
In fields of armor we remain
Our bodies twisted by the words we can't explain
Bloody knuckles stain the walls and poison fills my lungs
As the beauty of your voice cuts me down
And though we weave in motion through the passing of our days
We are devotion
We are the pain
We are beauty
That lost its way
Broken hearts we sing along to
The hymns of our devotion
We gave it all and we lost our minds
We don't need to be forgiven
It's like falling on our swords
Just for taking a stand
It's the journey of love
That we'll never understand
Beauty in our union like a fire in the void
Serenading the hopeless like passing of days
Through it all we knew we'd stand like the brave
No beginning
No end
With Like names old as days
Without solitude
Without thought
Without feeling
With bloody knives
And razor blades
We die for our devotion
We gave it all
We lost our minds
We don't need to be forgiven
Forgiven you never asked to be alive
Forgiven for all the hell that you survived

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