Strung Out - Blackhawks Over Los Angeles Lyrics

Curfew tonight in Hollywood
As the insurgents drawing near
Helicopters and ecstasy
And the shot heard round the world
The camera shines for channel zero
As the cool kids running scared
The army has got a brand new toy
And they're just waiting for the word

Tonight it begins so lock your doors up tight
Blackhawks over Los Angeles

The civil strife between the left and right
As the occupation falls
The homeless have taken Beverly Hills
And there's smoke from city hall

We never have seen it coming down this way before
Blackhawks over Los Angeles

And on and on they drone
In the spotlight glare, this is crazy
All broken glass and panic attacks
Silicone and pillbox hat
There's panic in the streets tonight

Curfew tonight in Hollywood and all the sirens drawing near
Gonna call down an air strike as the shock reins clear
There's panic in the streets there's a calling on the wire
And the cameras got it all as we walk on through the fire
As a crowd begins to gather...a shot rings out

We never have seen it coming down this way before
Don't really know where else to hide

And on and on they drone
In the spotlight glare, this is crazy
All broken glass and panic attacks
Silicone and pillbox hat
There's panic in the streets tonight

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Strung Out Blackhawks Over Los Angeles Comments
  1. Llama lover

    I forgot how epic this song was!

  2. Yawny_Cash

    The intro reminds me of "Polyamorous" by Breaking Benjamin

  3. TheGokuAndSonic

    Now this is good and I'm not complaining, the whole BOLA album is on here, but am I just supposed to accept the fact that I won't hear the original Calling track with the acoustic intro? Yes we have the music video, but the audio is clearly and noticably brassy and different, the 16-17 second helicopter intro and the last 6 seconds of silence at the end is clearly from the music video, and the original track used to be here until it was removed for some reason, now there's just no acoustic or the music video version

  4. Lance

    I love this.

  5. dave whlmus

    Band hates dumbass posers only buying one song from guitar hero on itunes.

  6. dave whlmus

    motoxxx go watch the video on youtube dumbass i knew about strung out since 1997 poser

  7. AG1RLG4M3R

    Guitar Hero Warriors Of Rock brought me here and this is an amazing song so many people are fans of Strung Out now then before just because of Guitar Hero :-)

  8. Ronnyzero100


  9. dave whlmus

    no it's for real punks

  10. Ronnyzero100

    Nope it's for all who like's it :3

  11. waylon tibbs

    I'm in for strung out. Sure guitar hero bright me to listen but I'm here to appreciate not hate.

  12. Mozes

    Nerds? Define the meaning of "nerd"

  13. Fowler Joseph

    I seem to be the only one here from hearing this song on Nitro Circus.. Guitar Hero.. What a bunch of nerds..

  14. TheCo6ak

    after playing GH: WoR I bought guitar and now I can play this song's theme :D

  15. MrKshesho

    same here man \m/

  16. minecrafteddminer


  17. minecrafteddminer

    ive managed to plsy thid guitar hero... now to the real guitar!

  18. lamsh92

    guitar hero is so much more difficult ;´D

  19. Eddie Pate

    warriors of rock! woot

  20. Alex Kaow

    Lol me too

  21. chaos king

    i love this song :3

  22. David Delgadillo

    Thumbs up if you simply have good enough taste to get here.

  23. wrestlingpunk94


  24. Shaquina Karg

    I love that beginning music it's AWESOME

  25. TheIndoortreehouse

    cool , have you been to any of their concerts?

  26. AKRIS MC

    am i the only who was ther fan iven before the Gutar Hero game'!?!??! D:

  27. Hakeem Shrief

    GH:WoR made me come here just to know some cool music it doesn't matter fuckerS!!!

  28. スミスウイル・


  29. MrAwesomedude96

    @LastManStanding4098 can't take out the ultimate power of a dude and his game... right on, bro!

  30. Jesse Johnston

    Fuck those who are dissing guitar hero. I play both guitar and guitar hero. It also shouldn't matter if a game brought people here, at least they are listening to the music now and appreciating it. Well, Pce off fuckers.

  31. camerojl

    I heard this song on guitar hero at a bit and i've now bought all of their albums :D

  32. Sarnatuile


    Why? I want to play a GAME, not a GUITAR.

  33. Ikari

    Thumbs up if your goddamn dwarf friend showed you this song :|

  34. ZeddBloaxigan

    @bettersensehc Hey man, heard of stuff called fun?
    Yeah, Guitar Hero is just that.

  35. Daniel Herrera

    awesome song

  36. warning signs punk rock

    Burn your Guitar Hero games and learn to play an actual guitar. Anyway, long live Strung Out!

  37. BlushinBunny1

    i 100% this song on hard and 99% it on expert and missed 3 notes

  38. Jetebonton

    thumbs up if you love strung out just because they're fucking awesome

  39. thakillerduckjwz

    12 guys thought the advert the music was ;')

  40. MrAwesomedude96

    who agrees: I don't care what Guitar Hero did... Strung Out is still amazing and would still be even without Guitar Hero!

  41. DeadHour

    @TheOJmartin Guitar Hero is the source of all my rock knowledge.

  42. wrestlingpunk94

    Nitro Circus got me here :D

  43. henyyhi

    @chomik9944 You know song satch boogie? I was first on Xbox's leaderboard on that song ! SO SUCK MY BALLS !!

  44. luisangelgs

    where the fuck is the acoustic intro?

  45. aleckes4321

    I never heard it from GH, I heard it from Nitro Circus before that. :p

  46. J3dininja101

    I heard this song before GH...
    I guess that makes me one old 15yr old x3

  47. troodon2

    the fuck is wrong with you all! are you all that lazy? i mean, looking down in the discription doesnt make you tired does it?! if you have a fucking problem or you want more information or simply need to find lyrics THEN READ THE FUCKING DISCRIPTION! always being a bitch about completely nothing, cuz its already written in the discription! just point your eyeballs slightly downwards to find the discription, i know its exhausting but if you want something you gotta work hard for it, assholes!

  48. Jim Featherstone

    I know this from huevos 10

  49. Usernamenotpresent

    IDGAF I found this on Guitar Hero and I like it so stfu up on where you found or known this song/band!

  50. Leroy Koh

    Thumbs up if you love Strung Out because they're an amazing band, and not because of GH.

  51. Kolbe Bright


  52. Kolbe Bright

    @7mathboy i know this is retarded hard

  53. 7mathboy

    dude i fail when i play this song on guitar hero 5 but i dont fail on hardest song lolz

  54. slfc1996

    @LungsRR138 they are in the description. i thought the sam3 but then looked in the description

  55. IEatDirt441

    This is what Chuck Norrs listens to when he warms up his round house kicks.

  56. Goku Son

    @LYNX564 try playing it on the real guitar now thts epic

  57. 8ghoster8

    @ownedbybread lol, try fury of the storm with that one xP
    Oh and this is not the hardest song at all :P

  58. Oliver Martin

    thumbs up if guitar hero got you here :)

  59. Beircheart Nollaig Seamus MacÉoin O'Murchu

    Wheres the classic guitar at the start..? Not that it matters or anything but still. Where's it at..?

  60. Erick Nuñez

    TY GH :D

  61. Cabbage

    8 People can't hear them calling.

  62. Hoskins1206

    @EverydayAdventures Facebreaker - Divine Heresy, nice double pedal there

  63. Galhenig Guyshenig

    8 people are calling but no one hears

  64. MikeNair

    @twandeman666 Hell yea

  65. Kyle M

    One of the best bands ever. Perfect blend of punk and metal

  66. Jake Hansen

    @zpskevplayer It's not hard you know?

  67. twandeman666

    tumbs up if you love strung out coz of GH:WoR

  68. Anton van Haren


    I was talking about Guitar Hero x'D

  69. Anton van Haren


    I wish I could play this song on hard :<

    Can't fix the part after the intro x'D

  70. Daniel Camacho

    wait no acoustic solo? thats the best part.

  71. nynjahbajur

    @heat4yoass you think the song sucks, yet you listen to it anyway. makes sense

  72. Espyyyyy

    Why is the beginning of the song cut away? It´s like 1 minute missing...

  73. pjecki

    this song totally sucks after 3:36

  74. Moony Moon

    @Hoskins1206 - I know, it's just an unfunny joke. It's fun to associate the number of dislikers to the lyrics of the song itself.

  75. Hoskins1206

    @Enzo000000000 That's crap .... So is all the like and dislike things envolving Bieber

  76. Moony Moon

    2 people are calling, but no one can hear them.

  77. Hoskins1206

    @chrisdemo188 I know .... result

  78. heat4yoass

    i heard this on guitar hero 6 and it sucks

  79. DarkImmortal198525

    @Gamer4LifeXD well u get ur wish this song has been put into GH Warriors of Rock

  80. Restless Nomad

    The drummer RULES.

  81. AxleManiac412

    this is a sweet ass song... Love it and want it.

  82. xsevrinx

    i found this song by listining to nitro circus

  83. Darrien Craven

    @MrSkylarker89 noo waaaay. Well some of them I can see him using the slide-technique, but the long-term ones have to be double pedal, like during "I sold my voice to pay for my security..." prechorus.

  84. Metalblader83

    @ThatGirl0800 you should hear the rest of their songs, awesome!

  85. Metalblader83

    @ThatGirl0800 you should hear the rest of their songs, awesome!

  86. raul maldonado

    @ThatGirl0800 same with me they showed that episode yesterday and i found this song to be awesome

  87. Shelby Oli

    Lol Woot! Nitro Circus rules dude!!

  88. Shelby Oli

    Lol thats how I found it I was watching it and herd it and looked it up on Youtube its a good song

  89. Shelby Oli

    I herd this song on Nitro Circus! And I love it!!

  90. Julie Sørby

    love this song <3

  91. Gamer4LifeXD

    they need 2 put this on GH or rock band

  92. Dan

    i love the intro it sounds so cool

  93. Darrien Craven

    Wow nice double bass pedal in there.

  94. jacobuj

    You fail. GFY.

  95. GewdLookin

    holy shit these guys sold out! They used to be PUNK! look at em

  96. InFamous5823

    good shit