Strung Out - Bark At The Moon Lyrics

Screams break the silence
Waking from the dead of night
Vengeance is boiling
He's Returned to kill the light
Then when he's found what he's looking for
Listen in awe and you'll hear him

Ha Ha Ha Ha

Years spent in torment
Buried in a nameless grave
Now he has risen
Miracles would have to save
Those that the beast is looking for
Listen in awe and you'll hear him

Bark at the moon!

They cursed and buried him
Along with shame
And thought his timeless soul had gone
In empty burning hell - Unholy One
But he's returned to prove them wrong, So wrong
Oh, Yeah Baby!

Howling In shadows
Living in a lunar spell
He finds his heaven
Spewing from the mouth of hell

Then what he's found what he's looking for
Listen in awe and you'll hear him

Bark at the moon!

oh, Yeah Bark at the moon!
woah, Yeah Bark at the moon!
woah, oh oh yeah Bark at the moon!


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Strung Out Bark At The Moon Comments
  1. Scott Sarin

    Punk Rock MBA sent me here

  2. Tavo Trujillo

    I still have this album its awesome

  3. ninetyfive300zx

    Damn I remember this from like 2003 lol


    Right... 04-05 for me.... on a nostalgia kick.
    Good riddance, strung out, penny wise, thrice, early AFI..... damn it’s taking me back

  4. Neeshie Huhu

    this made me spinkick a nun

  5. 2k Framed

    play this at 1.25 thank me later

  6. demolazer

    Great punk remix

  7. Dexter Dog

    드디어 찾았다!!!!!

  8. Cam

    completely destroys the original. so good.

  9. John Staus

    Just bad, Shadows Fall did this waaaay better. Cant beat the original though


    @John Staus to be fair... you should find a better quality audio track of this... Strung Out did a pretty good job with this cover but this vid's audio quality is all sorts of just shitty.

    Shane Vargas

    @John Staus Dude zach wild even thought this was the best cover he heard! They made there own!


    Zakk Wylde

  10. Antidisestablishmentarianism

    This is way better than the original and unlike the other bands on this compilation, Strung Out can actually do metal.


    I don't do what fascists tell me to do and I'm not sure if rock gods per se are entities that actually exist in reality, except for as they may pertain to the notions of the minds that choose to worship them.  I like the solo better here.  I prefer the style of drums and the tone of the instruments and think that this vocalist is far more expressive and capable than Sir Ozzy.

    AliceInChainsRushPearlJam ZeppelinMaidenMetallica

    wow ur soo punk...lmaoo i like the cover concept, but seriously how could u compare


    It's really not that important.


    bigwig kills it on this album


    Yeah it really is so much better than the original. But then Strung Out are better than any other band who've ever played rock music, so it stands to reason.

  11. Weadfreek


  12. Ruan Avila Ribeiro

    the drums is very fuck awesome

  13. Pityu Iam

    Awesome song, waaaay better than the original...i hate harmonics

  14. Sean Anderson

    The 1 person that decided to give this a thumbs down must be completely tone def.

  15. dirtymartinikisses

    love this version Strung Out kicks ass!