Strung Out - Anna Lee Lyrics

You hold this place inside my head you're a symphony of hurt
The daylight passes through me To another crippled verse
Been here once before and I know exactly where it ends;
Right back where we started pain dead flowers on the bed
Anna Lee don't you cry for me
You're not as strong as you wanna be
In the dark we all see what we know
It's the space that scares us so
You lead me to your garden where only dead things dare to grow
You convince me I deserve the thorn you've tried so hard to show
Normalness escapes me to the point of no return
The memories around this place keep us from movin' on
Anna Lee don't you cry for me
You're not as strong as you wanna be
In the dark we all see what we know
Its the space that scares us so The endless balmy air we breathe
This city's startin' to get to me tonight
I'll take the metro anywhere that isn't here
I find the comfort in the pain I always cause...all night
She says she might wait around for me
To come along with a promise and a dream

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Strung Out Anna Lee Comments
  1. Annelee Klein

    Love songs with my name in it. Most unique names out there...

  2. The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri

    he has a cool signature bass

  3. Travis Lussier

    strung out is one of the best bands out there, their music is about life and sometimes how to deal with been listening to them since i was a teenager and their music evolved as they got older just like life in general

  4. StealthNull

    ....First exposure to this band. pretty damn good fucking music!

  5. Kole Nurse

    Seeing them on the 27th in Vancity!!!!!!!

  6. leboomnoir

    My name is Anna Lee :)

  7. Maxwell Senf

    @Deadmilkmen1 Yeah, I have to agree. I love Rise Against, but their fans are annoying as heck!!! However, I think if Strung Out were to become more famous, their sound is just a bit too edgy for neon colored skinny jean wearing MCR fans to catch on.

  8. FireDog8181

    @feedthetrolls AND ME!!!

  9. Deadmilkmen1

    @xXCelerysticks19Xx they ARE as well known as they should be. Everyone into this scene knows of strung out. Everyone else.. well.. we dont want them becoming aother rise against do we? I prefer to keep the tight pants wearing kids and the girls holding signs saying "OMG TIM YOUR SO HAWT MARRY ME" well away from me.

  10. bringthemead

    Im an extreme metal head...

    and this shit is still rockin haha

    Bo Jangles

    bringthemead listen to there early stuff. Definitely a band influenced by metal.

  11. jskf21

    CUz they stayed true to their roots and didn't use radio or tv to promote themselves. Just puttin out amazing music and touring hard is how they created their following

    NERVEDOWN Entertainment Design Studio

    fuck yeah!

  12. Croup7

    Such a good song.