Strung Out - Analog Lyrics

Through the coolest haze
of this dreamlike maze
it has begun
and all I wanted you near

With these wounds I bled
a perfect tone of red
in isolation
through the swollen eyes

Of the dying, and my waking dreams
we're all dying to become what we swore we never would

Now I watch and mourn in bloom

You take the way you know
I'll take the road unknown
and meet you there
at the end of time

We are frequency
we are tragedy
we are the love
we need to keep us here

We are the dying, we are the hungry ones
we are the waiting forever faithful
when I see you on the other side
I will not be the same
as I was when I was yours

How I wanted you near

We are the dying, we are the lonely ones
we are the heartache forever waiting
when I see you on the other side
I will not be the same
as I was when I was yours

We've got the anger, fear and isolation,
exiled to this place.
We've got the pain, separates the tragic years
I've gone through all this waste
and when we finally separate ourselves,
the world we choose to leave behind
I will not be the same
as I was when I was yours.

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Strung Out Analog Comments
  1. Superfaste 183

    "You take the way you know I'll take the road unknown and beat you there" senior quote

    Superfaste 183

    I know its meet but beat is cooler

  2. Sidney Mosley

    Tell me why I got this song from an old X-Men Next Dimension combo video.

  3. K5 Guy

    i miss the good, un-gay soundtracks from the older motocross and racing games.

    YAMYAM 711

    so true. P.S Love the k5 I have a 89 k5:)

  4. MrFlashmn

    Im always waiting for the supercharger whine of a cobra mustang on the beginning of the lyrics ;D

  5. DIO

    The drumming is legendary

  6. ELra McGnarly

    pure fuckin awesome

  7. nuno ferreira

    Tension 8...

  8. Milko Milkovich

    u know whats even sadder than this song but then it makes me laugh at ya clowns is that none actually gets how big of a masterpiece is this fucking song man fuck motocross games or any games this song is so not about a game

  9. leetex

    2018 and still rockin

  10. Fuck and such

    Seeing them live in March aaaah I'm so stoked

    Aby R

    Nate Guy im seeing them tonight

  11. Reda Lhioui

    Eww sounds like Metallica


    Reda Lhioui good

    Pixel Mario

    what'd you say about freaking metallica!?


    How do they sound like Metallica

  12. Jake Tarabanov

    cut the intro? wtf?! get wrecked brah!

  13. LemonSauceX

    ooo this shit brings me so many memories

  14. Swaginator Pro

    On the pipe 2 still smoking anybody?

    Chance Napier

    Oh yea and otp,1 kotonia

  15. snakek_940

    I always played this song on mx vs atv when I free road in the Alaska level in the snow at night with the northern lights


    Riding my Yamaha yz 250



    tails.. I didn't know you rode dirt bikes .... or listened to this kind of music Lol

    Pixel Mario

    you mean the "Northern Lights" track.

    Bradley Corson

    Fuck yeah!

  16. AtariFireGaming

    Randomquestion, but anybody know the name of the girl in the album cover art?


    @Chemical_kid25 She either doesn't exist, or is so ordinary with an ordinary job with an ordinary life. it's a painting and shes eating herself.

  17. Sean Mcmarr

    I really miss it.😂

  18. Sean Mcmarr

    That was the best motocross game ever.

  19. Tominator6123

    We are the dying!

  20. Trump Bin Salman

    Full Auto 2 Battlielines

    Rock it

    Journey awaits

    One of the legit most underrated games of all time, to me it was better than Twisted Metal, now we have no good car action games

  21. wespeakinechoes

    Where the hell is the billie holiday intro? Whack...

  22. wandy paulino

    Mx vs Atv Unleash

    Chinchin lovs

    +BlountDucks9 fuck yeah

  23. Brandon Ferrell

    He's always sung like that. Why does every band have to fit into some cookie cutter genre. This band is one of the best. Enjoy it


    Umm no he hasn't. Vocals on Another Day in Paradise are sung in a much lower, deep and kinda tormented manner, and that sounds great. He sounds just as good on Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues, and on Twisted by Design he slowly starts dropping towards that sissy singing style he presents on following albums. I don't care about genres, but i simply cannot listen to a band when I hate the vocals, and the way he sounds here is just awful to me, it's like his voice lost all the deepness and emotional charge it had earlier, now it sounds weak, generic and uninteresting. I know i'm kinda ranting here but it's like all bands I like completely change their style after 2/3 albums and become something i don't enjoy at all.

  24. TheTorment

    This album just seems so shitty... previous ones were kickass punk records I really loved and all of a sudden BOOM this weird screamo crap. I mean, what's up with all the punk bands going into that high-pitched soft-sounding sissy singing style? The same thing happened with Lagwagon. First two albums were to die for, and all the rest is so crappy i couldn't believe it's the same band. I'm not trying to be a hater, but it's just so disappointing to me, every new band I find starts off awesome, and then changes to something i just cannot listen to...

    Brandon Johnson

    Punk is good, but music tastes evolve over time, and this type of music takes much more skill than punk does.

    Brian Brittain

    Brandon Johnson: the "punk" they performed on Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues OR Twisted By Design were NO WAAAAY BY ANY MEANS albums that didnt require skill to perform!! i loved this band while in my early high school days & for some strange reason just fell outta fandom... im just now checking out more of their catalog after those first 2 albums

    Brandon Johnson

    I don't even play guitar and I could probably learn their entire Suburban album in a few weeks. Their alternative metal stuff is way harder to play.

  25. Bezos' Anti-Bullying Agency

    MX VS ATV! Ahh the memories of my childhood! Fuck Yeahhh!

  26. JustDubstepS2K

    Full Auto 2 Battlielines <3 childhood memories <3 :)

  27. k9jp8406

    there was only like 3-4 good songs on the game and this was my favorite

  28. kxbrap

    MX VS ATV. Who else listened to this song when they played it?

    Brandon Jimenez

    kxbrap me

    Pixel Mario

    still have it, still play it, still listen to this

  29. soto6769

    Best 240 quality out there man c:

  30. draguzzmaster

    bad cut at the end of the song :`(

  31. Simo Siitonen

    <3 awesome

  32. Braulio R.

    Never thought anything my teacher said would actually lead to something awesome :D

  33. ghoztmode

    @Furydragon7 or Maybe The Last 2 laps in a long race n.n

  34. WishesSailorMoon

    The absolute best!!!!!

  35. YamBlaster240

    @YamBlaster240 anout the game that is :L

  36. YamBlaster240

    @zoroita95 same!!!!!

  37. Bobby Rough

    I went and saw them a few days ago and when they played this song live, the whole floor was moshing. Amazing <3

  38. Juan David López Sánchez

    "I will not be the same
    as I was when I was yours"
    Fucking eargasm! :P

  39. Erich kendrick

    this is a song to play left 4 dead too and halo 3

  40. Mars8

    Just herd this on Charles Trippy's live vlog!!

  41. Justin Barden

    Damn song cuts off too soon. Good song, though. :-D

  42. Mundt4994

    best part 1:40-1:50

  43. Malik Sayadi

    what are some other bands likkkke strung out!!??

  44. ÐЯΛКØ

    wow VAYA CANCIÓN !!!

  45. LadyDeathStrike123

    flippin sexy song

  46. Zimzy

    @sqw33k my life in a nut shell but with more death meal but this is the fucking shit

  47. sqw33k

    Listen. Ejaculate. Clean up.

  48. Josh Haugen

    This brings back so many memories haha

  49. Alex Kim

    Strung out never disappoints!

  50. brenden sultana

    @megustalaverde bro it's a good song but I can name hundreds of bands better than these guys... Just saying.

  51. megustalaverde

    best band of all time.

  52. Alte McCrae

    cussing on the internet, twice as original.

  53. Alte McCrae

    hur dur gloating on teh internet is original.

  54. xXshad0wolfXx

    yeah this is one of the best intros that i have heard in my life. listen to the rock!

  55. #Kaikono#

    best intro ever wow.....

  56. João Gamito

    this song is so cool