Strokes, The - Call It Fate, Call It Karma Lyrics

Close the door
Not all the way
He don't understand
We don't understand
So don't you wanna remind me
I don't know a thing
And some of us remember
And some run out of place

Can I waste all your time here on the sidewalk?
Can I stand in your light just for a while?
I've waited around to wait in a room
I made up more time watchin' you

You got it down now, don't you?
I wanted to understand your face
So don't you wanna remind me
I don't know a thing
And some of us remember
And some run out of place

Can I waste all your time here on the sidewalk?
Can I stand in your light just for a while?
I've waited around to wait in a room
I made up more time watchin' you

I needed someone
I needed someone

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Strokes, The Call It Fate, Call It Karma Comments
  1. Alexander Irvine

    Enjoyed this song, truly I did. However there is this sub harmonic frequency that sounds like swishing and hissing mastered into this track. Its loud enough I can hear it compete with the vocals. Very distracting. Like the sound of those solfeggio frequencies people will play while studying in the belief it will have some physiological effect. Try listening for it by playing the track loud. It's very apparent to me.

  2. CloudyVirginia

    everyone’s talking about how they want this to be played on their wedding and how it’s so nice and pretty, and while it is i still cry to it like it’s a sad song and i don’t know why

  3. David Wharton

    can I wither and die, right in the sidewalk?

  4. Jedimindfunk

    I met a beautiful girl at a festival and took her to my house. I always wanted to share this song in a deep way. So, we listened to this song with high quality over the head phones together(on acid.) We started dancing, and suddenly we were kissing... and then one of the best moments of life. I hold this song so close to me.


    Reading this makes me feel jealous. I don't think something like that will ever happen to me, and it's close to what i most yearn for

  5. Yonkai

    The introduction reminds me of Smoke on Water

  6. Pohaku Kahuanui

    Sounds like a serial killer song

  7. Bella Epperson

    This song is so euphoric

  8. wii3willRule

    in an old car, looking out the window and this plays on the radio

  9. Q T

    imagine listining this on repate and hybenatin on moonrock

  10. Megal0lbanana

    julien please i cant hear you.

  11. Niti Mittal

    anyone sure about what the third and fourth lines of the chorus exactly are? there are diff versions on the internet but it sound like this is the one that got closest- "ive waited around to wait in a room having a hard time watching you" but idk if that makes sense

  12. chipped nailpolish

    Such a gorgeous piece

  13. Rufis uwu

    Its like if you had tuned a radio station in the 70s idk why but it sounds antique and nostalgic

  14. Ayla Mush

    my best friend provided so much light in my life, and now she's just distant

    i wish i could waste all of her time

  15. Miguel Campos

    Pon esta canción antes de dormir y podrás escuchar como tu corazón se rompe

  16. aliya

    I miss you, and I will always love you tony

  17. UltimateRage

    I want to slow dance to this with someone special. Just once.

  18. Eu to procrastinado Me tira daqui

    Me desculpa Bia, me desculpa mesmo, eu ainda te amo...


    Imagina se ela ler isso algum dia?

  19. whats poppin

    getting some zipper vibes

  20. Private Munchkin

    Peaceful song, souls of the 50/60'

  21. keith love

    I'm in a small Mexican cafe, and when the waitress puts down my drink, our hands softly touch. She looks at me, and I look up into her beautiful face. She wants out of this town, and without a word, she knows I will take care of her forever.

  22. Nick Hickling

    If only The Strokes went from The Voidz to a sound similar to the Buddy Holly era that would be wicked

  23. Kevin Romero

    I just found this song like 3 days ago and yesterday I did Shrooms for the 2nd time in my life I was TRIPPING then while I started to listen to this song WOow it make me feel like I was in heaven ❤️🎶


    I feel you on this one. This song is right to my soul. And the album is also INSANELY Good while tripping. Chances man. The. fucking. layers. on that song is mind loving.

  24. Александр Дугин

    Привет от психопсины

  25. ʙᴀʙʏɢɪʀʟ ᪥

    this song isn’t on SoundCloud so now I’m sad. 🥺

  26. Just Cosmo.

    This is like R&B with Lounge.

  27. María

    Ouuuu Julian que escondes

  28. Jicksoon

    a great example of Julian’s falsettos

  29. Fiore Deste

    incredibly beautiful and a great album closer

  30. vanilla milkshake

    Asthma brought me here

  31. lilgod

    did brockhampton sample this


    Dvshie zipper i think

  32. James Leonard

    Wow that chorus is... the loveliest thing I've ever heard, so so beautiful

  33. To be U

    I just sent this song to my major crush and blocked him so I wouldn’t have to be disappointed because this song really has to no better parallel response

  34. Wally Iverson

    I feel like im in a smoky lounge in Las Vegas in 1980

  35. diegoisarockstar

    I get the doors vibes

  36. bRuH

    this has more views than the actual artists upload of this song which is really sad

  37. haytham kenway

    Anyone know similar songs? PLEASE REPLY ASAP

    Fiore Deste

    the only one that seems slightly similar to me is this boy by the beatles, but still not close enough

  38. othmane ahm

    so fucking awsom thank you strokes for this one

  39. Mixonx Talk

    Is their a genre for this kind of music? Please tell lads

  40. HamQM

    50s/60s vibe. And I dig the 50s/60s...

  41. Monie Mahogany

    close the doornot all the way

  42. Monie Mahogany

    I love this song <333

  43. Jamie

    Emma chamberlain brought me hereeeee

  44. Sacred Wahine


  45. Galactus Sweet

    la nuit comme un bijou cassé dans le vent *

  46. Kristian Berg

    These are the actual lyrics:

    Close the door,

    Not all the way,

    We dont understand

    We dont understand

    So dont you go and remind me I dont know a thing

    and some of us remember

    and some run out of place

    Can I waste all your time down in a sandbar?

    Can I stand in your light just for a while?

    I've waited around (do-da-do-da-do-do)

    Having a hard time watching you

    You got it down. Now dont you?

    I wanted to understand your face

    So dont you wanna remind me I dont know a thing?

    And some of us remember, and some run out of place.

    Can I waste all your time down in a sandbard

    Can I stand in your light just for a while

    I Waited Around (do-da-do-do-da-do)

    Having a hard time watching you

    I'm in trouble

    I Needed someone.


    Thank you!

  47. Kristian Berg

    this is what i hear

    "Can I waste all your time down in a sand-bar?
    Can I stand in your light just for a while?
    I've waited around (doo-da-doo-da-doo)
    Having a hard time watching you. "

  48. Kristian Berg

    Have the lyrics for this song ever been officially released? If so can someone point me in the direction of the official source?

  49. Unknøwn T

    If anyone see's this, i get a LBP feeling from it.

  50. Gamen Snootdroop

    pretty sure im maniacal but what do i know

  51. Gisselle Iniguez

    Inlove with this song .. anybody have any good recommendations similar to this song


    80s comedown machine is pretty similar to this

  52. Corvo Bandz

    everytime the chorus hits I get an uncontrollable urge to start hula dancing

  53. James Leonard

    This chorus = epitome of loveliness

  54. Jade

    I want to drown to this song

  55. Jade

    This reminds me of under water music

  56. sexc beast

    who's here bc they're an *actual fan* of The Strokes and not bc of emma chamberlain


    This is was just randomly recommended to me on spotify

  57. Alessandro Augusto

    I don't know how to explain how much I love this song

  58. fatt re

    I can imagine a streetside café, rainy outside, much gloom. Inside I'm sipping. Couple of melancholic dudes also looking through the window, and then this song starts to play.

  59. Mia Love

    this is what gets me in my feels

  60. Michele Boateng

    Rachel Lott if you see this you know

  61. Nada Alamoudi

    I want more song like this pls

  62. Silvio Bastos

    This song is fucking good. I think this album so underrated

  63. hazel wong

    the first time listening to this song, I thought it was in french?! good song 👌

  64. joanna i guess

    okay but 0.75x on speed.

  65. feels like wednesday

    This sounds like a song I'd listen to while high

  66. Mcdonalds Sandwhich

    Who is singing in the second part

  67. Voice of Reason

    I thought the title was, "Is it fate or Karma?"

  68. Tea uwu

    The lyrics and tune give me major vibes of Interlude with Ludes by Them Crooked Vultures

  69. leonardo h

    This is basically a Devendra Banhart song

  70. DapperBoy24

    I imagine this being played over an intercom at a grocery store on a really dark rainy depressing day. A janitor starts slowly mopping the floor, hating his job and his life. A drug deal being made in the other corner of the store. A homeless man begging for money at the entrance. Everything just looks depressing when I listen to this song. I find it so cool how much of an impact music has on your emotions though. This is one of those songs that just puts me in the right mood on a rainy day.

  71. Nicole Binder

    This makes me think of an old silent movie, with fuzzy visuals, soft grays, and swirly scripts- this song is made for insomniac nights. Just imagine a glowing full moon, velvety black sky, an enveloping silence pierced only by the soft warble of this song. Damn.

  72. Ellen Kalda

    The ending sounds like a cartoon from the 30's

  73. Luz Aurora

    Listening to this while It’s raining and I’m sad

  74. Lara Farhat

    I'm gere because of emma chamberlain i love her

  75. That Shro8

    Emma Chamberlain brought me here

  76. César Marrujo

    cortese el pelo gei

  77. andreh

    idk WHY people hate this album it is such a bop

  78. Daniel Torres

    It blows my mind to hear people rip on this album. Love this album from beginning to end. It's no "Is this It" but you can't compare albums. They aren't always going to be the same and frankly I like that.

  79. sarim haq

    Fate sent me here


    Who's here because of the luisito girlfriend video?

  81. Christy Hardy

    Ugh.. it's not even fair 😢

  82. Dizzy Stabler

    I used to get tons of free EMI Cds before they came out to the public in my dads work and I remember getting the strokes first album and thinking “yup, they are gonna be huge”. Same with cage the elephant.

  83. Alex B

    Beyond awesome song!!! Takes me back to being in Hawaii just watching the beach and relaxing. Masterpiece!!!

  84. Sam

    don’t you wanna remind me

  85. Meu Canal

    it got me some No Quarter vibe

  86. XSoCuteR

    What i always understood of these lyrics was

    Can i wiggle you down, just for a second
    can i stand in your light, just for a while
    im waiting around, for youou ou ou ou
    I made up more time watchin’ you

    kinda like that one :P

  87. Kamila Moura

    this song played in the cafe after i got stood up, felt like fate

    שלו שושי

    Kamila Moura ....or karma

  88. Harold Beltrán

    Man, the feels...

  89. Alpkan Cakici

    Great Happy/Sad mash-up. Hard to listen without feeling awesome.

  90. abcdefg

    first listen was high.. gorg

  91. Ellie !

    Julian Casablancas is one of the best singers of all time.
    Here he sounds like a girl and in Heart in a Cage his voice sounds so masculine and deep
    This song is so melancholic and beautiful btw

  92. Dana The Baguette

    I don't believe that I just found this song. I'm obsessed

  93. Caroline G

    a song that moves your soul <3 love you julian

  94. İbne Piçin Tekiyim

    Where is that sample at the finish of the song is from? Sounds familiar.