STRFKR - Hanna Lyrics

I, I never fall in love
I never fall in love again
I love you

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STRFKR Hanna Comments
  1. Hanna Struve

    My name is Hanna and I am offended this doesn't have more lyrics lol

  2. ih8ustupid1

    Make a longer version please

  3. Anthony Vargas

    Dream girl.

  4. Sour Pig

    god why is this album so relatable (why are they all) and why is this song making me feel so sad ha but so fucking happy

  5. introspectiveindigo

    I, I'll never fall in love
    I'll never fall in love... again
    I love you

    The lyrics are very short but this hits me hard ahahah w h y

  6. introspectiveindigo

    i'm getting the chills :-)

  7. McKenzie855

    Uh this sound so much like Summer Twins- Blinds