Streisand, Barbra - Where Is The Wonder? Lyrics

Where is the wonder that I once felt?
Watching snowflakes melt as a child
Where is the wonder that I once knew?
When the sky of blue turned wild?
Where is the magic that thrilled me so,
Watching flowers grow in the spring?
Where is the magic that filled the sky?
How did robins fly and sing?
Where are the marvels that I marveled at?
What changed the kitten to a cat?
Where are the mysteries that I couldn't solve?
What made the world revolve?
Where is the wonder that years conceal,
That a child can feel now and then?
Oh, where is the wonder of long ago
That I'll never know again?

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Streisand, Barbra Where Is The Wonder? Comments
  1. sobebenj

    This is probably my All-Time favorite Streisand song!

  2. Whitney fan

    This is bullshit!! 13.000 views????..fck this world 😫

  3. theblueangel28

    her vocals here are so stunning...there is no one to match her

  4. mzmiller52

    Gary smith created this magic for Streisand and few years later destroyed the divine miss m, making her Bette Midler.

  5. Chris N

    She was touching areas of complex emotion with that otherworldly voice and instinctive acting ability that other singers could only dream about. She was as revolutionary in her field as the Beatles were in theirs.


    So glad you were honest with the tense you used. “ was”. No one can come close to what she did til she headed west.

  6. Binkle Babe

    Damn! If only she didn't clone dogs. Rescue dogs need us so badly. She is amaaaazing.

  7. Oldworker99

    I DO NOT LIKE the USA singers of the 60-th - 80-th! THE EUROPE RULED in THAT TIME! till the 90-th!
    After 2000 again NOT the usa- The Australia & Europe!

  8. lwc1029

    She'd still got her pimples.

  9. Werner Matrisch

    Incredibly great!

  10. nancysrios

    Talent like that is God given!

  11. Joseph Lemerise

    here is where Barbra proves she is stunningly beautiful

  12. Noe Berengena

    A reviewer of these early TV specials once wrote that when Barbra Streisand is on the screen it is practically impossible to take your eyes off her. Here is proof positive of that. She is intriguing to the max. One other interesting thing about the photography in this sequence: when Barbra is standing up behind the toy piano (01:49) her head-to-body proportion is 8.5 heads high. Clearly there is some camera manipulation going on here because adults have a standard ration of 1:7.

    Xisco López

    There was no camera manipulation. That was an ames room. They cleverly used it to record both takes, when Barbra becomes a child, as well as when she becomes an adult. Watch.

  13. Patrick Ramsey

    Great singer.  Great song.

  14. ThadJameson

    This is one of Michael Barr's and Dion McGregor's best songs.  A real classic.


    by Michael Barr and Dion McGregor

  15. Manuela Mauger

    Where is it