Streisand, Barbra - When I Dream Lyrics

When I dream
In a world that has no time
In a world that pays no mind
To a heart such as mine
I can be
Out along the stars somewhere
All alone without a care
I can be anything
When I dream
By myself
All I want to do is find what
It's all about
I'm reaching out
Knowing that there must be more
I imagine when I dream
What I've never known
Or felt before

(when I dream)
I can turn reality
Into anything I see
All at once I can be
On the sky or on the ground
Of the earth but not earthbound
I can be anything
When I dream

Thinking back it seems I've
Spent my life
Sacrificing what I felt inside
Never thought I could have in my life
The dreams I have denied

When I dream
I believe there's someone there
Someone else with dreams to share
Someone willing to care
He could be
Out among the stars somewhere
Someone gentle, someone fair
He could be anything
When I dream

When I dream
There's no posibility
That I can't begin to see
There's no voice telling me
Not to be
Out among the stars somewhere
Feeling free, I'm free to dare
And to be anything
When I dream
For beyond the fantasy
And the harsh reality
Suddenly I can see
We could be
Out along the stars somewhere
All alone without a care
We could be anything
When I dream
Ooh c'mon and dream

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Streisand, Barbra When I Dream Comments
  1. EZ Writer

    There used to be this great radio station in LA, KUTE (known as "Cute 102") that played a really eclectic and wide variety of sophisticated jazz-flavored pop. They played Sade a year before her first album was released in the U.S., and did the same with Simply Red. Anyway, this was one of the songs I remember hearing on that station, along with "Heart Don't Change My Mind" from the same album, and "Pretty Woman/The Ladies Who Lunch" from The Broadway Album.

    When 94.7 The Wave came to town, with its bland, cookie-cutter, focus-grouped so-called "smooth jazz" format (which has since completely died as a radio format, and good riddance), it killed KUTE. Shame, because it was SO much better than The Wave.

  2. bouchenoire barbara

    i love mutch

  3. JD Diggy

    Is it because Barbara is singing this or does this one sounds like it could be in a musical number about a girl trying to achieve her dream's to become some big Hollywood star or something LoL!!!!!!!

  4. Leonela Ruben

    Grazie Barbara Grazie Dio 🌈🎧🎙️🎼

  5. billyboylb

    Great track:)

  6. ce hayes

    Maurice White's magic all over this track, including "Heart Don't Change My Mind" !!!

  7. Kevin Crona

    Sooo beautiful

  8. Reginald Styles


  9. georgina adriana roman de la o

    Querido Hermano está es una de tus preferidas, donde quiera que estés te llegue con todo nuestro cariño tu hermana.

  10. Claude Renaud

    This was one of the last pop efforts before a return to Broadway and the American Songbook. Loved this track especially! Used to soar down Sunset Boulevard in Beverly Hills in my convertible listening to this! Such memories!

  11. Patricia Skiba


  12. Chris N

    Maurice White should have produced this entire album, still it's one of Barbra's most satisfying pop efforts.

  13. Kevin Stuckey

    Maurice white all over it!

  14. islezeus

    si, estpy de acuerdo de ti.... I never understood why critics panned this album. Love it


    islezeus They panned it because they couldn't accept the fact that Maurice White had a hand in it. Special Shout Out to Maurice White; "Thank You for producing such a beautiful song! R.I.P. Brother Maurice!!!! 😢😢😢😢

    ce hayes

    kncox81 The “REAL” killer part is they remixed the album behind Maurice’s & he didn’t find out until the record was released !!!