Streisand, Barbra - My Pa Lyrics

My Pa can light my room at night
By just his being near
And make a fear for dream all right
By grinning ear to ear
My Pa can do most anything
He sets his mind to do
He'd even move a mountain
If he really wanted to
My Pa can sweeten up a day
That clouds and rain make gray
And tell me funny stories
That will chase the clouds away
My Pa's the only one on Earth
I can tell my troubles to
His arms are house and home to me
His face's a pretty poem to me
My Pa's the finest friend I ever knew
I only wish that you
Could know him too...

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Streisand, Barbra My Pa Comments
  1. Denise Simpson

    a little static-ky

  2. Nellie Sky

    I love this song ! Rip too my father ! I miss you dearly !!

  3. linda hodges

    my pa was all that's sung in this song

    Shanelle Ford

    love it

  4. Eileen Farrar

    Perfect for Father's Day--always makes me think of my dad.

  5. margaret Jensen

    one of my favorites

  6. IJustLoveYouBarbra

    you are welcome :)

  7. Vgirasol

    Thanks for posting this. One of my favorites. Always makes me tear up.