Streisand, Barbra - Love Light Lyrics

Love Light shine on me
Make it last this time
'Cause I think I might find out
That there's no rehearsal
And, I don't want to miss one bit if this is it
Here's my prayer
We can make it last
If we learn to tell the truth
And to trust each other
And be unafraid of what we'll see
With time and love we learn
When we accept each other
That's when our lives can come together
Let him stay by my side
If it lasts this time
Then the shadows of the past
Will remain behind us
And finally we will be free
With time and love we learn
We have this chance to grow
We have this chance to know each other
Time, all we need is time to feel
All of the love inside us
And then our lives will come together
I know with time and love
Shine on both of us tonight
With love and light
Nothing's gonna change our love tonight
With love and light
Shine on me tonight
With time and love...

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Streisand, Barbra Love Light Comments
  1. Chris74

    What a song !

  2. Denise Rayner

    Adore this song .... adore Barbra!

  3. Sheila Johnson

    I have always loved this song!! I used to sing this along with her!! Lovely song!!

  4. Francesca Onida

    Bellissima canzone, grandissima Streisand...per sempre!

  5. 2gfm

    Thanks to you I found the most important and wonderful woman after a horrible time in my life and that was in 1995 Thank you Barbra

    Noena Burnell

    2gfm similar for me, only 1976! I worship her, have done for 41 years...and I still get the goosebumps everytime

  6. Jenn Rudy

    good song

  7. Anthony Marra


  8. Master Shaman PaLiChee

    Listened to this when I was in six grade, in the early 90's....I was young but I loved it so much and understood every word of it.

  9. Stephanie kriiger

    Sou fã incondicional dessa grandiosa, cantora; minha juventude foi marcada com momentos inesquecíveis ao som desta voz inconfundível, única deusa maior! Barbra, não vivo sem!

  10. Angel Gabriel Lopez Rodriguez

    Todas las Canciones de Barbara son PRECIOSAS.

  11. Pedro Chavez

    Hermosa cancion, con la calidad que siempre ha caracterizado a mi querida barbra.

  12. grooverunner

    Beautiful trumpet solo from the great Chuck Findley

  13. failolegendkiller

    I find here more Carlole Bayer Sager than Bacharach. Anyway good song.

  14. emerybayblues

    never heard this great song before. I really enjoy it.

  15. pedro zafeliu

    hermosa cancion,como casi todo lo de burt bacharach,y esa voz......

  16. Beatrice de Son Bages

    It's my favorit song at all! Bacharach, Barbara, everybody who created this great son - Gracias! Also for posting to Asy D.!
    Beatrice de Son Bages -

  17. William MacLellan

    Till I Loved You is one of Barbra's best pop albums she has ever recorded, I think. She's simply the best! :)