Streisand, Barbra - Letters That Cross In The Mail Lyrics

Last month
While thinking of love
I wrote him some words and mailed them away
But the next day
I found at my door a letter from Spain
He'd sent long before
And it's not read
I haven't heard from you in weeks
I must assume that you no longer care
Too bad that's it, goodbye
It's just amazing
How loving can fail
From letters that cross in the mail
A life, a love, a chance to win it all
Can pass you by, in the far gone seen
And you think you'll find your fate tomorrow night
And he finds somebody else in-between
I sat with swords in my heart
And pen in a hand I wrote
I'm glad that we're through
Full of hate I mailed it
But then in a week a letter arrived
With love did it speak
I loved the tender words you sent
It seems I wronged you please forgive me
I'll return by ship real soon
But I know now that he'll never sail
Our letters will cross in the mail
It's just amazing
How time brings a loss
And loving can fail
Like letters that cross in the mail...

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Streisand, Barbra Letters That Cross In The Mail Comments
  1. LaVoce Devine

    After all these years, this song came to mind this morning and rushed me back in time and to "Letters That Crossed In The Mail."

  2. HydeAndSeek

    Her voice is the best that has ever existed or ever will. Whoever arranged this song was a genius, so beautiful. That voice, this song with this arrangement together; wow! Magic.

  3. Sharkey Knows

    Wow, what a cool song. And I can hear it so much better, for some reason. Also, I love the picture! Those eyes. And that halo of curls w/ the back light I know she prefers. This is such a treat.Thank you.

  4. Francisco Lukban

    Song was written by Rupert Holmes.

  5. Chaz Macrina

    love this song!  was listening to this album all weekend.

  6. Annette Ford

    Its just the most beautiful song especially Barbra singing just wonderfully

  7. Robert Lee, Countertenor

    She has such a vulnerability in those eyes

  8. Robin Iveson

    Never heard this previously. Agree with all comments expressed by her fans.

  9. Keith Lee

    Now it'd be called "Phone Texts Lost in the Cloud"

  10. Kevin Adams

    One of her hidden treasures.  Love it. 

  11. Ty Nash

    Years ago my friend Rocko told me to listen to Barbra Streisand. When I first heard this, I was completely floored. I just love her voice. The instrumentals are extraordinary, classic, and timeless. So beautiful, it's stuff like this that helps keep us all going through our lives just a little bit better.

    Robert Cadalso

    As a Cuban refugee of nine, we had finally bought a record player. Columbia would send us 1 record each month to purchase. The first record Columbia sent was The Second Album. I heard her voice, could not understand the words, but I knew she was extraordinary special singer. I've been hooked ever since.

  12. Ty Nash

    Very Fine! I Love This Song!

  13. florin2901

    It's my first time I heard this song...... Impression? Stunning, same warm unforgetable voice. I love all your songs Miss Barbra.... I thank you for all moments I listen your songs.
    Regards from Romania!

  14. Marcus Allison

    i've loved this song by our Barbra for so many years, it's perfect!

  15. claudia

    well i have to say lazy afternoon lp is a gem

    M.J. C.

    A terrible LP. Widescreen and letters save it.

  16. claudia

    my long time favorite song

  17. SkidMunro

    Nobody sings a story like this woman. Just lovely.

  18. tearmann

    rupert holmes is a great lyricist - this is is great. later he wrote "answering machine" which is in the same vein; interpersonal communication that doesn't involve interpersonal communication! will he write something now about texting? :-)

  19. pgh45rpms

    @grooverunner Rupert added the closing verse just for Barbra. His haunting version can be found on the "Widescreen" lp.

  20. Wayne Brasler

    I don't know anyone who wasn't absolute knocked out by this record the first time he or she heard it. Just astounding--a woman play, not just a song. The whole album is one of the best and not to be missed!

  21. grooverunner

    Rupert Holmes not only wrote this song but he also arranged & produced the album, :"Lazy Afternoon" (IMO, one of her best)! I wished that they would have had more collaborations. Rupert Holmes really understood her voice. Great song, thank you!

    Robert Lee, Countertenor

    grooverunner Rupert Holmes wrote this? NO WONDER IT IS SO GORGEOUS! Sheesh he also wrote Mystery of Edwin Drood and You Got It All by the Jets!

    Anthony Lucca

    Actually, they did collaborate again. They worked together on some of 1976's 'A Star is Born' tracks. He also produced and arranged some songs for her in 1988 for an abandoned Broadway album sequel ('How are things in Glocca Morra?/Heather on the Hill' is one meddly now available on 2012's 'Release Me'). 'Make Our Garden Grow' will appear on a future volume of 'Release Me'.

    Lee Browning

    I agree! This is one of her best albums. I first heard it while in the Army. I use to visit the base library and listen to it on Cassette tape.
    I simply felt all the emotions

  22. oriac1212

    These are the types of songs that feel like cinema -- a perfect match for her gits!

  23. teed lassen

    I can only think of one person..................

  24. Bri ban

    Love it!

  25. Joel Kulenkamp

    The pina colada guy wrote it? Gedoudatown already!

    Haven't heard this in decades!!!
    On of my all-time faves!!!!

  26. funnyguy52

    These lyrics are so sad and haunting. Streisand's vocal control is amazing here!

  27. Phillip Watson

    I actually mixed Rupert's original with Barbra's version. It made for a great give and take exchange! That was so long ago that it is on a cassette!

  28. Connie Carter

    Barbra, You're just like butta!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love You!! What an angelic voice, huh?

  29. William MacLellan

    Beautiful song, beautifullly sung... this enitre album is one of her best, without question :) Love you Babs!

  30. divolino

    Wow, new year gift! Thank you, this is just what i want to hear. Thanks. And happy happy new year.

  31. UnLoKoDesnudo

    Beautiful words, music, incredible voice, and beautiful picture